A SCRIPTED OPENING: These two models don't like each other much. They have competed in the past for modeling jobs and each wanted to prove to the other that she was the sexually superior woman.

Arranged by my Assistant, Nakita, the rules called for a 60 minute competition with each woman being able to call a "Time Out" if she felt she was creeping too close to orgasm. In retrospect this was a dumb rule and I should have vetoed it but I didn't want to discourage Nakita. This was her show after all.

Each woman fights to push her opponent over the edge. Both girls are in great shape and there is no shortage of energy as each woman attempts to out-grind and out-fuck the other crotch-to-crotch and clit-to-clit!

Beautiful, young, athletic feminine bodies locked in a sexual contest where each woman holds her orgasm as long as she can and hates to lose it to her rival.