A SCRIPTED OPENING: My Assistant, Nakita, stays busy, spending many hours on the phone talking with customers and vendors, plus all of the processing, shipping, website updates, etc. One of the "Fringe Benefits" she enjoys is scheduling and recruiting sexfighters. Joslyn is my "Top Recruiter" and I'd be nowhere without her. The day this sexfight took place she was filing her report on her latest recruit when Nakita called. Nakita was horney (as always) and quickly got Joslyn interested in a session of sexfighting in order to "sharpen their skills!" It was a great idea and this video captures it all! 60 minute time limit and most forced orgasms decides the winner!

Once on the mats their sexfight began with mutual fingering, hair pulling and taunts, friendly at first, then more spirited later on. They faced each other with legs spread wide. No defense necessary!  Woman-to-woman and face-to-face they fingered each other faster and faster!

JOSLYN, older and more experienced, gave her younger opponent as good as she was getting!  NAKITA fingered JOSLYN faster and faster trying to wear out her veteran adversary, but JOSLYN stayed with her all the way!

With left hands locked in each other's hair and right hands probing warm, wet intimate places both NAKITA and JOSLYN traded forced orgasms. I count a total of THREE Mutual Orgasms in this video plus a whole lot more! These two women LOVE to sexfight and they are out to become the BEST! In the future I hope to match these two sexfighters again and again! I've never met two women who LOVE sexfighting more than Joslyn and Nakita! You will not be disappointed if your "button" is the competition! This video delivers!

This sexfight features lots of TRIB in many different "flavors." There is missionary trib, scissored legs trib, Cowgirl trib, butt-to-butt trib, and more! These women love to grind their clits around and against each other. Some people refer to trib as "Fuckfighting" because of the pelvis grinding motions involved when one woman fucks another pussy-to-pussy and sex-to-sex! JOSLYN can "fuckfight" with the BEST and she proves it on this video! NAKITA is a powerful woman with the desire to beat the BEST! While sharpening her skills with JOSLYN she wanted to dominate!

This is the second time these two have met in a sexfight. The first time was fought on a bed. The extra room that the mats provided allowed both women more freedom to move around and find the perfect position that would align them sex against sex! They traded orgasms back and forth, sometimes sharing their powerful thrusts as they both arrived together! Slippery lips and stiff clits fought a frantic little war between their thighs!

This sexfight is now one of my favorites because of all of the various types of trib. However, fans of deep-fingering will love this part near the end where the women grab for a tube of lubricant. They lube their fingers up and engage in some mutual exploring! With their fingers slick and their pussies open they probed for the G-Spot! Nose-to-nose they stabbed their fingers deep and deeper! Which woman wins? You can find out!