A SCRIPTED OPENING: Jessie, Nakita's secretary, and Mishell, Shannon's secretary were busy working in the office! The phone rang. It was Nakita who asked Jessie to collate some files. Jessie grabbed the files and tossed them to Mishell saying, "Here. Collate these!" Mishell asked, "Why do I have to do YOUR work?" Jessie answered, "Because MY Boss beat YOUR Boss in a sexfight! That makes ME the Boss over YOU!" "Oh yeah?" Said Mishell. "Well, I can beat YOU in a sexfight!"

Once the Ladies hit the mats in the Corporate Workout Room the sexfight was on! Almost from the start both young women began DEEP-FINGERING the other! They traded orgasms back-and-forth as their fingers rammed in-and-out! Each woman searched and found the other's G-Spot! They traded orgasms like punch-drunk fighters! Their pussylips quickly became red and swollen!

By the expressions on their faces you would think they were in pain! Maybe they were, but they kept up their mutual assault! Both women used their fingers, mouth and pussy as weapons in a sexual war of attrition! They kissed and pulled hair! They mashed their wet and swollen pussies together in a hard grind as they "sucked" the orgasms from deep within!

They rarely disconnected as each wanted to prove that she was the better sexfighter! Sometimes it was a race to see who could make the other orgasm first! They used all of their willpower to hold off their own orgasms as long as they could! Nipples were tweaked, pulled and twisted! You can see from the pictures how swollen their pussylips became! Each woman was determined to prove that she had the stronger sex!

They moaned and groaned as they worked each other over! They taunted each other each time one felt she had gained the advantage! Back-and-forth they fought sex against sex! The sounds of the two women in heat was incredible! The sight of their fingers stabbing in-and-out was awesome! Their combined fragrance was intoxicating!

In the end Mishell suggested they try to fuck each other to sexual submission! She grabbed a nearby tube of KY-Jelly and lubed their pussies well! Then they closed their eyes and began to grind into each other! As I said earlier this sexfight is mostly about DEEP-FINGERING but the ending is pure FUCKFIGHTING! I highly recommend this sexfight! It is an instant classic!