A SCRIPTED OPENING: Recently I was contacted by GIANNI who asked if she could become a sexfighter! "Of course!" I said and then called JOSLYN and asked her if she would "evaluate" GIANNI for me. Lucky for us all JOSLYN was eager to "connect" with this sexy newcomer! JOSLYN explained her sexfighting rules to GIANNI, that the woman who has the most orgasms has the weaker sex and, therefore, the loser, and the woman who FORCES those orgasms has the stronger sex and is the obvious WINNER!

Before this sexfight began I could already tell that GIANNI was very sexy, very beautiful and very, very CONFIDENT! I wondered if she knew how experienced JOSLYN was! I wondered if GIANNI knew just how many orgasms her opponent had forced from between the thighs of the ELEVEN women before her! GIANNI was about to be the 12th woman to test JOSLYN'S formidable SEX!

This sexfight evaluation by JOSLYN became a DUEL! They dueled with their fingers and pussies, fingers on top, underneath and inside! Their pussies dueled clit-to-clit, hard grinding mounds melted into each other! GIANNI sexfights with a poker face. It is hard to tell her condition unless you listen to her breathing. She has good concentration and great willpower. They showed each other respect in this hard-fought, but friendly, sex-versus-sex duel!

JOSLYN has never looked more beautiful or more sexy! She loves to TRIB and grinds GIANNI long and hard until both women start to breathe faster! I could watch JOSLYN grind and ride GIANNI'S pussy forever! JOSLYN has now faced a DOZEN women, several more than once. In CF#008 she made FAYE'S pussy wet just by looking at her! In this sexfight she has no trouble making GIANNI wet either!

There is an ebb and flow to this sexfight as each woman gains advantage if only for a few seconds, as her opponent squirms to keep up and hold on! Allowing yourself to enjoy an approaching orgasm COULD grant your rival 1 point and weaken your willpower for the remainder of the fight! Both women score points with their wet and swollen pussies! Trib is my favorite sexfight duel and these two parry and thrust to devastating effect! JOSLYN loves mashing, grinding and bumping pussy-to-pussy and sex-to-sex!

The concentration these women show can be read from their faces! There is very little defense as each woman spreads her legs wide and forces herself to then endure! Two confident women using their sexual weapons against the other! Pussies grip probing fingers thrust deep inside forbidden wetness. Woman-to-Woman sexfighting at its BEST! \This is a friendly but competitive sexfight between two confident, beautiful women!