A SCRIPTED OPENING: When SHANNON showed up late for her interview with NAKITA she didn't think it was such a big deal. After all, she used to hold Nakita's job on the other coast! SHANNON is a top recruiter of female sexfight talent and she was not too impressed with her interviewer. It was when the two women compared their assets that the sparks really began to fly!

Soon both women were at each other's throat (literally) and a trip to the Corporate Workout Room followed! Once they hit the mats they wasted little time! They began to strip each other nude and attack each other's sex! First one woman and then the other would dominate! NAKITA was learning just how "talented" her new Recruiter was!

To say that both women sexfight "dirty" would be an understatement as fingers and tongues invaded private places! It appeared to me that neither woman liked the other enough to fight fair! There was much deep fingering, nipple twisting and pussy pulling as each woman tried to dominate the other! The "sloshie" sounds of wetness can be heard throughout this video!

SHANNON held on and gave as good as she got until she was able to pin NAKITA beneath her!  Even then NAKITA resumed her attack from below! It appeared to me that these two women were nearly equal as they continued to sexfight around the mats! I knew NAKITA'S stamina was good but I knew nothing about SHANNON!

When they maneuvered into a sixty-nine position it seemed that SHANNON had the edge in that department! It appeared to me that NAKITA was falling victim to a superior tongue! Both women knew how to TRIB as they took turns on top! First SHANNON and then NAKITA engaged pussy-to-pussy! Each woman tried her best to out-grind her rival into submission! When they weren't locked up crotch-to-crotch they deep-fingered!

This sexfight features some of the best and longest TRIB action to date! There is also passionate kissing, deep-deep fingering and MORE! This is possibly our hardest fought sexfight so far! Neither woman wanted to lose this day and there is only ONE forced orgasm! I can't wait for these two to lock up again because I fear the outcome may be different next time! I can't recommend this video enough! You won't be disappointed!