A SCRIPTED OPENING: Jessie was busy on the phone when Alissa entered to get her notes. Alissa could not help but overhear Jessie say, "Of course I like girls!" "Am I good at sex? I'm a 10 when it comes to sex!"  The more conversation Alissa overheard the more intrigued she became. When Jessie finally hung up the phone Alissa issued her challenge "So you think you're good at sex? I'll show you that I'm better!"

Jessie and Alissa approached each other and started their sexual contest with a deep tongue kiss! They grabbed and squeezed each other's butt and stuck their hands under their skirts! They began to suck on nipples as both women started to get aroused! When they could no longer deny their arousal Jessie suggested that they move to the Corporate Workout Room where they stripped completely naked and faced-off woman-to-woman!

These two tall, beautiful women opened each other up exploring each other's pussy with fingers and tongue! The sex hungry women locked in a sixty-nine and squealed with delight! This sexfight was extremely competitive as they traded orgasms back and forth! Each took her turn sucking her rival's hard clit until she made her scream in ecstasy!

Jessie was determined not to be beaten! She mashed her swollen pussy onto Alissa's and tried to grind her to a submission! But Alissa was not going to lose if she could help it! She used her own pussy as a sexual weapon and gave Jessie as good as she got! Back and forth they went, their screams grew louder and louder! They tongue-kissed often and rarely disconnected!

This is a "first time" sexfight between two very good friends! They have made love to each other before but never competitively! It is obvious that neither wanted to be the loser of her first sexfight!  They rolled, they tumbled, they wrestled and twisted each other into a ball! They got into positions I'd never seen before! When they locked pussy-to-pussy and started to grind I thought I would "lose it!"

This sexfight is one that you will watch over and over again! Alissa and Jessie both thanked me for introducing them to sexfighting and both women want to sexfight again! I can guarantee you that there will be a rematch because they both have boundless energy with libidos to match! Let me know what you think of these two beauties!