TRACI contacted me about becoming a sexfighter and I passed her name and number over to NAKITA. NAKITA invited TRACI over for an "evaluation." As her first assignment, NAKITA challenged TRACI to a sexfight. So, both women took to the mats and faced off. The winner would be the woman who could force the most orgasms from the other.

Almost from the start these two women tried to pin the other to the mat. For those fans who have been begging me for more wrestling action you will not be disappointed. They wrestle hard throughout this video as neither wanted to lose. The fighting is "in close" as they rarely separated except to catch their breath.

The strategy seemed to be to try and hold the other woman down while using fingers to stimulate intimate areas in the hope of forcing an orgasm. They rarely disconnected and chose, instead, to work each other over by prying each other's thighs apart and using their strong fingers on hard clits.

Their fingers explored deeper and deeper as their pussies grew wetter and their clits stiffened.  The excitement grew as their breathing increased. Swiftly they assumed a 69 position and carefully peeked under each others' panties.

Once underneath their panties they began searching for the elusive "G-spot!" What was once wet became much wetter and their moans and groans grew louder. Hair pulling and neck-sucking were techniques used to try and force a sexual submission.

TRACI captured NAKITA in a position where she could use her fingers on NAKITA as deeply as she could, but not for long, as NAKITA was able to escape and hold TRACI down. Once on top she sucked TRACI'S nipples and held her underneath for a little "payback" of her own.