You tell me that SASHA is one of your most favorite sexfighters of all time and I agree! She attacks with ferocity and her appetite for sex is strong! DESTINY is young, beautiful, athletic, sexy and eager to force Sasha to ORGASM! Sasha LOST her last sexfight to Dakota in CF25 and she didn't like the feeling! She was determined NOT to lose to this youngster but DESTINY is an athlete who is used to winning... no matter WHAT the game!

Sasha said, "I lost my last sexfight to Dakota and I'm not about to lose again!" To Destiny she said, "Let's see what you've got!" The format was a 60 minute time limit - most forced orgasms determines the winner. Sasha learned right off that she had all she could handle! Destiny used her pussy, mouth and fingers to try and tame her veteran opponent! Fans of passionate kissing, deep-fingering and TRIB will LOVE this video!

The women kept score on a small grease board and after each forced orgasm the vanquished woman placed a "mark" in her conqueror's column as the tally continued to climb! Sasha was much more experienced but she had trouble keeping pace with her younger and more athletic opponent! Destiny learned quickly and opened a small lead over her sexual rival!

The women would POUND AWAY with their fingers HARD and DEEP! Their expressions betrayed their sexual frustration! Orgasms were traded back-and-forth and sometimes mutually shared!  Their lingerie disappeared piece-by-piece as tongues and fingers invaded! The sounds of unmistakable wetness can clearly be heard on the soundtrack and one woman even "SQUIRTS"... not once, but TWICE!

Once both sexfighters were NUDE they explored each other intimately. Spreading their legs open wide they mashed their swollen pussies together clit-to-clit and they proceeded to grind together! Each woman tried to push her opponent to explosive consequences! The sounds of their wetness "squishing" together will make your blood boil! Sasha tried her best to tame her younger, more athletic foe! Destiny proved she was up to the challenge as the give-and-take continued!

These two young women have beautiful natural breasts and more sexual energy and stamina than I've seen in a long while! There were times when I thought they would split each other apart!  The women continued to punish each other sexually, pounding away with their fingers and probing deeply with their tongues. You'll treasure this sexfight battle for years to come!