This was a first-time meeting for SATIN and JOSLYN.  SATIN was given the task to inventory all of the sexfight videos.  She perused the different titles and wondered what many of them meant.  SATIN had never heard of sexfighting before.  She knew what fighting was and she obviously knew what sex was, but sexfighting?  SATIN has a curious mind and a young, sexy body and an interest in all things sexual!

SATIN asked JOSLYN, "What is sexfighting all about?"  JOSLYN was only too eager to show her.   Both women took to the mats in their tight blue jeans and heels.  SATIN immediately met JOSLYN crotch-to-crotch and JOSLYN rolled her over and returned the favor giving SATIN a pussy grinding she would remember for a long time.

Both women took turns grinding pussies from on top until it was determined that their tight blue jeans and heels were preventing them from a more intimate contact.  Once the women had removed their jeans they continued to grind crotch-to-crotch keeping their pussies as close and tight as possible until the wetness gathered between their swollen lips.

For a "first-time" sexfighter SATIN proved to be a quick study.  She learned that what JOSLYN couldn't reach JOSLYN couldn't touch.  She frustrated the veteran sexfighter again and again.  When the two women DID lock up it was JOSLYN who showed her experience.  She kept the younger woman wet and near orgasm, but SATIN had a few tricks of her own.

The women ripped open each other's top and lay side-by-side fingering pussy and instantly JOSLYN took control and gave SATIN a lesson, showing her experience and skill.  But SATIN quickly realized she was at a disadvantage and she flipped the veteran sexfighter over onto her back and she began grinding her OWN lesson home.

JOSLYN loves to suck pussy and SATIN was an easy target as JOSLYN used her considerable "talent" to gain the advantage and retake control over her younger adversary.  But when they met pussy-to-pussy on equal terms the younger and less experienced SATIN showed her natural ability as a SEXFIGHTER.