This was a first-time meeting for NAKITA and JOSLYN. NAKITA had been absent since her tremendous OIL SEXFIGHT versus CANDY in CF15. NAKITA claims to love sexfighting and was curious to find out how she compared to another sexfight lover, JOSLYN, so she issued her a challenge. JOSLYN quickly accepted and it became YOUNG versus OLD. Unbridled ENERGY versus years of sexfighting EXPERIENCE! The format is most forced orgasms with a 60 minute time limit!

This sexfight has a lot of WRESTLING throughout. It is because NAKITA was determined to stay on top and in control. This technique forced JOSLYN to wrestle more than she is used to. JOSLYN is a sexfighting veteran and she loves nothing more than to deep-finger her opponent and grind pussies with her to earth shattering forced orgasms!

BOTH women used dirty tactics like a nipple-pinch or a hair-pull to gain an advantage. The pace of this sexfight rarely slowed down for long. Neither woman wanted to lose and it went the full 60 minutes without a break in the action!

For you fans of pussy-to-pussy trib action you will not be disappointed. However, it is PAINFUL TRIB as both women used their sex as a weapon in some of the hardest grinding ever! You can see the pain in their faces as their legs remained wide apart throughout the fight. After it was over BOTH women had trouble just standing!

Swollen pussylips, lots of deep-fingering, and no defense as each woman spread her legs and presented her pussy to the other! They traded forced orgasms back and forth! This video showcases two sex-warriors each with something to prove!

What do two determined sexfighters do when they finally take a rest? They lean back and use their TOES to provoke even more swelling to sensitive pussylips! The deep-fingering was deeper and more forceful than either woman had ever experienced!