We assembled in a hotel room. SASHA and DAKOTA had never met. SASHA was late. Very late. This video starts shortly after Sasha walked into the room. Two hours LATE!!! The format is most forced orgasms with a 60 minute time limit!

This sexfight has it all. Youth versus Experience. Two DETERMINED sexfighters. One woman ends up NUDE and the other woman ends up TOPLESS!

It didn't take long at all for BOTH women to start DEEP fingering. There is plenty of kissing and pussy-to-pussy. Neither woman wanted to lose... One woman wanted it MORE!

It is 60 minutes FULL of ORGASMS. I was surprised at the outcome of this sexfight. Neither woman put up a defense! Their legs remained wide apart most of the fight!

Whenever they brought their pussies into contact it didn't take long for an orgasm to emerge!  They traded orgasms and each took a toll! There is even a mutual orgasm shared by these two sex-warriors!

Fans who are into kissing will love this video! Those of you who prefer deep-fingering will be VERY pleased!