I have had more requests for this rematch than any other in memory.  In their first sexfight (CF020) SASHA and MONIQUE stripped each other NUDE IN SECONDS and traded FORCED ORGASMS back and forth for 53 minutes to a DRAW.  This time I convinced them to leave their clothes on a little longer and asked them to pick up where they left off, but I wanted them to continue their sexfight until one of them could ORGASM NO MORE and had to submit.

Well, that is exactly what you will find on this video.  Everything you loved so much about their first fight is back again, crotch-to-crotch, deep fingering and even deeper kissing.  Both are young and full of energy and have ORGASM after ORGASM after FORCED ORGASM until the winner forces her opponent to say, "I can't cum anymore!"

The most amazing aspect of this video, to me, is how one woman gains an advantage over the other and then loses that advantage almost immediately.  They tried keeping their own score but they lost count after awhile.  You try keeping track of YOUR multiple orgasms and see how easy it is.

This sexfight was non-stop action packed and showcases two beautiful young women who are extremely sexual with energy to spare.  Their technique for FORCING ORGASMS is as frenzied as it is relentless.

You will see swollen pussylips and VERY COMPETITIVE SEXFIGHTING from two women who were HUNGRY FOR EACH OTHER!  This is one of those rare cases where the sequel might be better than the original.

The looks on their faces show the determination and willpower of two beautiful and competitive sexfighters.  Many of you have asked if the running SCORE could be posted.  I have included it throughout this video.  One of my favorite videos.