Gina and Joslyn first locked sex in CF18. It ended in a draw. Each woman forced two orgasms from the other. They tangled again in CF21 and Joslyn won that sexfight. Gina wanted one more shot at proving to Joslyn that her sex was equal or better. Joslyn was only happy to oblige her longtime rival. Fingering each other, they quickly became damp from the intimate contact.

Gina asked, "Have you been thinking about me?" "I have...," answered Joslyn, "...thinking about making your pussy cum." The mutual fingering continued punctuated by pussy spanking and wedgies. "Dirty little whore!" says Joslyn. "I'm going to stick my fingers in your fucking pussy!"  The first two orgasms in this sexfight were the result of deep fingering. This sexfight also includes face slapping and dueling wedgies.

After Gina is forced to orgasm for the third time Joslyn says, "You must have been pretty horny...or I'm just really good!" Gina says, "I know you want to cum!" She slides her fingers underneath Joslyn's white panties. "Oh, you're wet!" "Spread for me!" "Your cunt is so wet!"

Gina deep fingers Joslyn. "Take it!" she says. "How about three, bitch?" Gina pulls out her fingers and licks off the juice from Joslyn's pussy. "You're a nasty little bitch!" says Joslyn.  Gina finally forces Joslyn to orgasm. Joslyn says, "I still believe your pussy is wetter than mine..."  "...I can feel it drenching your panties!"

Gina asks Joslyn, "You want more, don't you?" "I always want more, I can't get enough!" responds Joslyn. Gina slaps Joslyn's pussy! Joslyn says, "Fuck you, bitch!" Joslyn slips her right hand beneath Gina's panties. "Your clit is all swollen!" she says. Gina traps Joslyn's hands above her head and begins to work on Joslyn's pussy. Joslyn is able to free her right arm as she reaches for Gina's crotch. "Give me your pussy, you fucking cunt! Give it to me!"

They trade slaps to the face and whisper threats. Joslyn throws Gina to the mats and mounts her in a rodeo trib. They try to out-fuck each other pussy-to-pussy! "Do you like it when I grind my pussy on yours?" asks Joslyn. This is the third and final meeting between these two sexfighters. Like the other two fights it is a battle of painful attrition and there is a clear winner!