I received an email from DAKOTA asking me if it was possible that she could sexfight JOSLYN. DAKOTA had just finished a BRUTAL CATFIGHT for another Producer and now she was ready to try something entirely different. She had never experienced a sexfight before and she was very anxious to give it a try! This video starts with JOSLYN walking in on DAKOTA. She announces that she is here to "train" DAKOTA in the finer points of SEXFIGHTING!!! The format is best 3 out of 5 forced orgasms with no time limit!

JOSLYN got things started by demonstrating a pussy-to-pussy grind. DAKOTA gave it a try and showed that she is an extremely "quick study!" Then they knelt face-to-face with their knees spread and proceeded to "get acquainted." DAKOTA seemed eager to prove that she could "equal" JOSLYN! Their breathing started to get heavy and they had just started!

Both women explored her rival's pussy top to bottom, inside and out! It was obvious to me that DAKOTA possessed a "competitive spirit!" JOSLYN tried her best to hold her emotions in check and, at the same time, show DAKOTA what a "forced orgasm" was!

Now both women repositioned onto their knees facing in opposite directions. Their juices were flowing and the wetness between their legs could be seen as well as heard! DAKOTA and JOSLYN were very evenly matched. Both women possessed a STRONG SEXUAL APPETITE! I began to wonder which woman's appetite was the STRONGEST?

This video will become a favorite of all those who love "deep" fingering. The sights and sounds of these two combatants working each other over with their fingers is erotic and amazing! I would compare this video to CF03 JADE vs FAYE because it is very much like a chess match in that neither woman disconnected from the other and BOTH women kept up the sexual PRESSURE!

If you are observant you will notice the wetness between their legs as they take turns bumping and grinding, pussy-to-pussy, in an attempt to force each other "over the edge!" There are 5 HARD-FOUGHT forced orgasms on this video and you will be anxious to see WHICH woman reigns victorious!