Gina and Joslyn first locked sex in CF18. It ended in a draw. Each woman forced two orgasms from the other. This time they would meet and settle once and for all who had the stronger sex!  This sexfight begins with a long stand-up sequence where pushing, shoving, spanking, hair-pulling, crotch-grabbing and face slapping set the tone! Gina loves hurting women and today Joslyn is her target!

"You think you can make me cum?" said Joslyn, "I just don't think you're woman enough to do it!"  Gina replied, "You're the #1 whore!" Both women whispered threats and engaged in serious titfighting. If you love fingering and titfighting, especially tit-squeezing, grinding tits and nipples then this video is perfect for you!

This sexfight features 18 competitive orgasms, most obtained by fingering. Gina and Joslyn stab their hands between each other's thighs and grab and squeeze a handful of tender flesh!  "What do you say we take this down to the mat?" offers Joslyn. "Spread your fuckin' legs!" The thin fabric connecting them is wet with anticipation. Four of the orgasms in this video are the result of trib!

Gina grinds Joslyn, pussy-to-pussy, pausing, briefly, to collect the wetness from in between her pussylips as she offers it up to her competitor. Joslyn quickly returns the favor. Then it's back to full-on intimate sensual combat between two sexually confident women who aren't afraid to trade pain along with their pleasure! "I'll bet I can fuck you better," said Joslyn, "better than any woman has fucked you before!"

Fingers disappear beneath panties and a round of deep-fingering begins. The orgasms were beginning to drain each woman. Joslyn asks Gina, "Do you want it, bitch?" Gina says, "Still wet?"  "You're dripping..." snaps Joslyn, "your panties are all wet, soaking right through!" Bras are removed and breast fighting fans are treated to several competitive exchanges!

These are two sexually confident women competing for bragging rights! Gina says, "You're so wet!" as they explore each other in the 69 position. Joslyn fingers and licks her tormentor answering, "You're wet, bitch!" Their first sexfight ended in a dead-heat, but this encounter ends with a clear winner. This was an extremely hard-fought sexual competition and it sets the scene for their third and final match! Dirty sexfighting over 60 minutes!