A SCRIPTED OPENING: Faye is looking for an intern and she has two worthy applicants. Sasha, in the black dress, is a young and sensuous Costa Rican who LOVES sex. Monique, in the burgundy, is a young Hispanic woman who LOVES sex, too. Both young women are given the opportunity to sexfight for the job.  At first, the format was best 2 out of 3 forced orgasms. But once they locked up in a series of passionate kisses the sexfight became a contest of SEXUAL ENDURANCE!

I am usually not a person who gets too excited during the videotaping. I save my excitement for the editing process. But when I realized that I had witnessed 3 orgasms in less than 10 minutes...! WELL! There are 5 parts to this video and there are 3 forced orgasms in Part 1. There are 5 forced orgasms in Part 2. Part 3 contains 7 forced orgasms of which 2 were a simultaneous tie!

In Part 4 Faye and I witnessed 5 more forced orgasms. And in Part 5 we saw 6 more which included another simultaneous tie! 26 FORCED ORGASMS in ALL! You will TREASURE this video!! As you can see by the pictures there is something for everyone. A passionate kissing contest, lots of trib action with naked pussies grinding together. This is our first NUDE video and we didn't plan it...  it just happened!!

Fans of DEEP FINGERING will be in heaven! The women sucked each others' assholes and TONGUE-FUCKED each others' wide open pussy! The fingering was more like FINGER-BANGING because they slammed one, two, three and sometimes FOUR fingers as hard and as deep as they could! It is an AMAZING sight to watch!

There was also nipple pinching, pulling and sucking and lots of hot 69 action, too! Both young women sucked the HOT LOVE JUICES from each others' pussy! I watched in awe as they kept forcing orgasms from each other! These girls KNEW how to make another woman orgasm and each girl wanted to force ONE MORE ORGASM than her rival!

You can see just how hard and stiff their nipples were. What you can't see from these pictures is their hunger for each other! You can keep a score card yourself and find out who you think is the winner! Personally, I feel that WE are the real winners because we can watch this video over and over and over!