Joslyn was busy working on our website when she received a visitor. Alexis came looking for a SEXFIGHT. Joslyn showed Alexis her stats on our website. Alexis was not impressed! Rules were discussed and soon it became "anything goes..." "Show me what you've got!" was Joslyn's opening line.

Both women began to grind pussy-to-pussy until they could take no more and the sexfight began.  Alexis has done a couple of videos for other Producers and her experience showed. Her natural wrestling ability seemed to frustrate Joslyn.

There was much fingering, hair pulling and crotch grinding! The women took turns riding each other's pussy in an attempt to push the other over the edge. "I can feel your wetness on my leg!" said Alexis. Joslyn's reply... "I've been feeling yours!"

Joslyn used her deep fingering technique often but found that Alexis stayed right with her. Again and again the two women tried to out finger and out stimulate. Pussy lips quickly became swollen as their fingers explored the slippery depths!!

Joslyn tried to use her experience to tame Alexis... "You're a little pretzel, aren't you?" she said as Alexis twisted into different positions. The concentration on their faces told volumes about the sexual battle that was taking place! Each woman would kiss, lick and suck the other woman's neck in an attempt to drive her rival closer and closer to a forced orgasm. There are two complete sexfights on this tape and each ends in a forced orgasm!

Joslyn was "pushed" by Alexis in this video and you can see the sweat glisten on her body! You can also tell that Alexis has wrestling experience, more than Joslyn, in fact! Joslyn moved Alexis into a submissive position but every time Alexis would escape and quickly put Joslyn back on the bottom. There was a lot of strategy evident in these two sexfights! This video showcases two beautiful ladies in most un-lady-like sexfighting!