On her lunch hour Joslyn was stretching in the Corporate Workout Room when she was joined by Gina, a Corporate Sexfighter she had never met. Joslyn took a long look at this sexy Italian beauty and declared, "I can out-fight you, out-fuck you, out-finger you and out-French kiss you!" Suddenly, the sexfight was on! Joslyn is a veteran of 8 previous sexfights, and for Gina this was only her second sexfight after her painful and humiliating loss to Faye in CF01. Pain and humiliation were on the top of Gina's list of things she wanted to teach Joslyn!

This turned out to be Joslyn's roughest sexfight to date! Gina hurt Joslyn with more hair pulling, ass spanking and solid face-slapping than she had ever felt! Gina whispered her threats at Joslyn throughout this painfully mean sexfight! They deep-fingered each other and pinched each other's pussy and tried to grind out an orgasm pussy-to-pussy! When their lunch-hour contest was over each wanted more! They returned after work and resumed their mutual punishment!

They fought on pussy-to-pussy, biting, slapping and spanking! The dirty trash talk continued as each woman fought sex against sex! Joslyn experienced the roughest trib of her veteran career and tried to give Gina back as much pain as she got! Gina loves it rough and dirty (just ask Faye) and she really took the sexfight to Joslyn! For her part, Joslyn stepped up her game and matched Gina slap-for-slap!

The deep-fingering and pussy-pinching in this classic sexfight hurt both women! They squirmed and moaned as they gritted their teeth and endured the pain! Gina was determined to erase her one loss to Faye with a victory over Joslyn, but Joslyn wasn't going down easily! Gina employed hard pussy-spanking, a trick she used effectively against Faye! Every time Joslyn felt Gina's hand slap her pussy she felt more of her energy drain!

They pulled each other's nipples out and started to pinch and squeeze! More threats were exchanged as they twisted and pulled and punished each other! Both women pulled hair and stuck their hands down each other's panties, pinching above and below, neither woman gaining a clear advantage! By this time each woman had forced an orgasm out of the other! They were both beginning to fade and each wanted to end it with the win!

The final showdown was nearing as both women continued to punish the other! This had been Joslyn's toughest sexual test to date and she had to draw on her considerable sexfighting experience to keep from losing to this Italian bitch! The two women finally locked up pussy-to-pussy in the scissor-trib position to grind out a winner! This sexfight was the first of three sexual competitions that Gina and Joslyn would share! This is the sexfight that started it all between them and each was dirty mean, dirty painful and dirty hard-fought! This is a classic sexfight!