Taylor and Candy had never met until that day in the Office Kitchenette. Each had a couple of things in common. Both women loved sexfighting and both women had defeated Joslyn.  Each woman wondered if she was the superior sexfighter? They met during their morning coffee break and each put on a little "show" and when the talk turned to sexfighting Taylor proclaimed that she could force Candy to orgasm in less than 5 minutes!

They cut their coffee breaks short and headed for the Corporate Workout Room. Once there Taylor set a cooking timer from the kitchenette for 5 minutes. She learned that Candy was no pushover and that it would take her considerably longer to achieve her claim! Fingers worked feverishly as pussylips became more and more swollen!

Each woman used her strong fingers to search for her rival's G-spot in an attempt to force an orgasm against her will! The sexy sounds of well lubricated female flesh can be heard clearly on this video's soundtrack, especially if you wear headphones! The sexfighting became more primal and the trash-talking indicated that this competition had reached it's "dirty" phase! When one woman could no longer hold in her orgasm she demanded they compete again during their afternoon coffee break!

Later that afternoon they met again and reset the timer for another 5 minutes. That early morning's loser was prepared to prove that she could accomplish what her rival was unable to do, and that was to force an unwanted orgasm in less than 5 minutes! Once again fingers quickly disappeared deep into her rival's swollen sex. Neither woman wanted to lose this contest of stimulation, determination and willpower!

First one finger and then two and then a third finger invaded the most private and personal of areas with the sole purpose being to massage the g-spot and stimulate the clit! These two are so evenly matched and each was determined to prove her superiority! There was a different winner this time and they agreed to meet after work so that they could remove their clothing and really take their time and once and for all prove who was the better woman and the superior sexfighter!

Passionate kissing mixed with probing fingers has interesting results, their breathing becomes heavier and the trash-talking more frequent as they maneuvered into position and wrestled for dominance attempting to gain an advantage! They tried to out-kiss each other as their fingers continued to do damage. They repositioned themselves into a dirty sixty-nine in an attempt to finish each other off!