This REMATCH was LONG OVERDUE! JOSLYN, convinced that TAYLOR was avoiding her, demanded another shot! Their first encounter was a MARATHON 90 minutes to a SINGLE ORGASM! This time it would be different. A 2 out of 3 FORCED ORGASM format (it goes ALL three!)

Joslyn said, "I didn't go down easy last time! It took you nearly 90 minutes to beat me!"
Taylor replied, "This time I'm going to beat you over and over again!"
Taylor added, "We'll open up for each other! No defense whatsoever! You give me access to your sex and I'll give you access to mine!"

Those of you that own CF07 know that these women are extremely competitive! In this video they rarely disconnect! Joslyn has had many sexfights since she and Taylor first met. She has learned many techniques! But, Taylor is a natural sexfighter and is very STRONG willed!

They started off pussy-to-pussy but quickly got into the same position where their FIRST sexfight ended! Side by side, each searched for the other's "G-spot!" They made each other squirm, as you will witness as their hips quiver, and the sounds of their probing fingers invading the "wetness" is evident throughout!

Those of you who have been wanting to see kissing will LOVE it! It is also for those fans who crave DEEP FINGERING! Each woman locates her rival's "G-spot" and attacks! Two extremely competitive, beautiful and sexy women take each other on and do their best to force each other to orgasm against her will!

Both women manipulate the other's most vulnerable "spot" and you will witness THREE FORCED ORGASMS! This is one of our most incredible sexfights to date! Experienced and mature SEXFIGHTERS making each other squirm and moan with pleasure and frustration, as only ONE woman can be the WINNER!