KEY WEST was the setting for this EROTIC CONFRONTATION. Shot during FANTASY FEST 2001! CANDY and NAKITA were there and BOTH were itching for a SEXFIGHT REMATCH!  The audio is not the greatest on this video because on the day of their sexfight it was very windy outdoors but the ACTION is what you would expect from these two SEXUAL TIGRESSES!

We have had many requests for an OIL SEXFIGHT and the reclusive, laid-back island of Key West seemed the perfect venue! The girls couldn't wait to get their hands on each other! There is a lot of FACE SLAPPING in the video and you can hear it over the noise of the wind!

One of the unexpected bonuses of sexfighting in oil is what the oil does to the nylon bodystockings... The oil turns them TRANSPARENT! This video is as close to NUDE as we have gotten, so far, and BREASTS slipped out time and again!

There is plenty of NIPPLE STIMULATION and DEEP FINGERING plus SLAPPING and HAIRPULLING! Even though the wind was very strong that day you will have no problem hearing the MOANS these two force out of each other!

NAKITA and CANDY had a hard time holding on to each other so fingers and legs were constantly searching for a grip! I am very interested in how this video will be received...? If you like the "OIL CONCEPT" we will try it again, but if not then this might be our last OIL SEXFIGHT!

One new SEXFIGHT HOLD was invented. CANDY and NAKITA used their TOES to invade each others' most PRIVATE and INTIMATE places! Both women have natural breasts and they each gave the other's breasts a good WORKING OVER!