SARAH is a beautiful and athletic Southern California blonde. JOSLYN is our MOST EXPERIENCED SEXFIGHTER. Her beauty is featured throughout our website! These two meet on the stairs and agree to "Push some papers" after work. The only "pushing" they had in mind was of the "pubic" kind!

This encounter features lots of Pussy - to - Pussy contact in a 2 out of 3 sexfight. They invented new ways to bump and grind their pubic bones together. Each woman took her turns on top! Spanking and hair-pulling was traded frequently. Not since her sexfight with TAYLOR has JOSLYN had so much FUN!!! When two women as BEAUTIFUL and SEXY as these get "Erotic"..... Watch Out!

It was very exciting watching the two women "open up" to each other while offering NO DEFENSE. Their fingers invaded, explored and attempted to locate that elusive forced ORGASM. The whole time TRYING to ignore the IDENTICAL INVASION by her opponent! SARAH and JOSLYN were very evenly matched! There is plenty of give and take. It was EROTIC from the start and ALL 3 ORGASMS were hard fought!

These women enjoy erotic competition... It's obvious! Whenever it comes down to EXPERIENCE vs STAYING POWER it tests not only the FOCUS but the DETERMINATION of each woman!!! These two spent so much time panty-crotch to panty-crotch! They certainly spent much of their 3 sexfights in direct contact!!

Many of you email me saying you love to watch beautiful women engage in a good ole' sixty-nine. Will seeing them in a COMPETITIVE SIXTY-NINE with an ORGASM AT STAKE be too much for YOU? Their FINGERS kept busy!!! A well timed "wedgie" can add fuel to any fire!

THREE ORGASMS... TWO WOMEN... WHICH WOMAN WINS? SARAH establishes herself as a SEXUAL FORCE to be reckoned with! JOSLYN never disappoints!