The first time these two met was at "The Conference" (CF11) with FAYE and JADE. Both women were told they were competing for a job. CANDY defeated NAKITA but not without help from the non-combatants who were watching from the sidelines. Now they meet up again, CANDY from the Executive Floor and NAKITA from the Mailroom and THIS TIME there will be no outside interference!

These women are about the same size and nearly the same age. NAKITA, with her long, blonde hair has energy to spare. But, CANDY is a determined woman who HATES to lose! There is plenty of trash-talking, spanking, breast squeezing and nipple pinching and the pussy-to-pussy bumping and grinding is, at times, pretty rough. Each woman took her turn on top of the other!

Their pussies were constantly under attack! They called each other the filthiest of names!  And the wetter they made each other the more they talked trash! It will be obvious to you that neither woman backed away from her rival. They granted each other total access to their most intimate areas and each gladly took up the attack while leaving herself open for counter-attack!

These two continued to sexfight! They whispered the foulest insults in each other's ears!  They tried to distract each other by kissing and nibbling on the neck! Their outfits leave little to the imagination! When the angle is just right you can see right through! But the frantic actions of their fingers and pussies will take you over the top!

There is quite a bit of hair pulling as each sought to gain the top position where the dominate woman can look down into the eyes of her rival and tease and torment her verbally trying everything to gain the deciding advantage! It is most competitive when they position themselves on hands and knees facing opposite directions, knees spread wide and open, no defense and both attack simultaneously until one is forced to break away!

They challenged each other constantly to fight dirtier and dirtier! The woman with the stronger will on this day would not be denied! And the next meeting between these two could end differently, they were THAT equal! If you are a fan of dirty, trash-talking sexfights then this video is for YOU! If you are looking for a more gentle type of competition you probably won't like it. However, you will witness two young women who LOVE to sexfight and HATE to lose!