CANDY narrowly lost to FAYE in their sexfight during CF11 and immediately she started plotting her revenge. What better way to learn how to defeat your rival than to challenge the woman who just recently defeated her? JOSLYN evened up her score with FAYE when she forced her to orgasm over and over in CF08. CANDY figures that if she can defeat JOSLYN she will move another step closer to defeating FAYE. It was with that thought in mind that she issued the challenge to JOSLYN. "If I can beat you in a sexfight then I can beat FAYE!" Watch as CANDY and JOSLYN find out which woman is the better sexfighter!

JOSLYN is used to dominating, especially newcomers like CANDY. But, CANDY is a very determined woman who HATES to lose, especially in an erotic competition like this! Both women used skillful fingers to generate the maximum amount of moisture between the legs of her rival.  The sounds of that moisture are very evident throughout the sexfight. JOSLYN would become so frustrated by CANDY'S expert fingering technique that she would try ANYTHING to make her rival orgasm against her will! Nipple pinches and pulls were traded back and forth!

CANDY escaped JOSLYN'S torture and met her woman-to-woman! JOSLYN loves nothing better than to test her pussy in a contest of pain and pleasure! CANDY didn't disappoint and matched her stroke for stroke! The sounds of their two wet pussies slapping and grinding together was like music... and their breathing and trash-talking was something to hear! Listening to their clits rub and hearing them call each other the filthiest of names was too exciting for words! The women were bringing each other closer and closer to an explosive orgasm!

Both women tried every trick in her book, including some DEEP fingering, which was very effective in gaining some sort of control over her opponent. Once that line was crossed it got even dirtier and the name-calling increased! Before long, they were head-to-toe and toe-to-head spanking and fingering two extremely wet pussies! How long could this continue? Watching a very close and hotly contested sexfight is one of my favorite things to do, especially when they are evenly matched and both naturally competitive! CANDY and JOSLYN were a perfect match for each other and the advantage shifted back and forth!

This video has it all! Face-sitting, kissing, hair-pulling, nipple pinching and twisting, pussy-to-pussy bumping and grinding, deep fingering and PLENTY of TRASH TALKING! Neither woman shrinks from the other. Both women are skilled with their fingers. JOSLYN is a seasoned veteran of many sexfight encounters. CANDY is the up-and-coming rising star who shows up to sexfight and does! Both women are determined sexfighters who LOVE to mix it up!

These two BEAUTIFUL women are sexually charged and relentless in their approach! Neither woman seemed to be scared of the other and we look forward to their rematch very soon! You will marvel at the sights and SOUNDS of two very wet pussies in the dirtiest of female erotic combat!  There can be only one winner, unfortunately, and the forced orgasm that ends this sexfight came strong and hard! You will have no doubt as to the outcome of this classic sexfight! The ultimate YOU!