Q: What do you get when you put 4 women on 1 bed?
A: You get 3 complete sexfights and more alliances formed and broken than on your favorite "Reality Show!"

In this video we have FAYE and JADE interviewing new applicants CANDY and NAKITA. First JADE sexfights NAKITA, then CANDY attempts to sexually conquer FAYE. Finally, with only 1 job and 2 prospects, CANDY sexfights NAKITA to determine which woman gets hired.

JADE is a crafty veteran of many sexfights, but what NAKITA lacks in sexfight experience she more than makes up for with energy and aggression! It's not long before JADE begins to wonder if she has bitten off more than she can chew in this all out SEXFIGHT!

NAKITA is a woman filled with raw energy. JADE is a formidable sexfighter who has beaten both FAYE and JOSLYN. In fact JADE holds the record for the quickest victory over FAYE in CF03.  Since then no other woman has defeated FAYE as quickly as has JADE. This fact alone should attest to JADE'S sexfighting prowess. NAKITA is wild and strong and determined not to be beaten!  She was not afraid to pull hair and grab pussy, as JADE found out all too quickly!

CANDY and NAKITA still wanted more so the lone available job was offered to the applicant who could force the other to orgasm against her will! This was another rough fight with lots of pussy-to-pussy contact! NAKITA would not go down easy and pulled CANDY'S nipples hard! The hair pulling really hurt and both women grabbed at will! Both CANDY and NAKITA want to sexfight again! The ending might be different!