ANGEL felt she performed well against JOSLYN in their sexfight and has ambitions to become the BEST SEXFIGHTER of ALL. She finds JADE relaxing in the break-room and shares a quick HAIR PULLING tip. Soon, they meet each other in a BEST Two-out-of-Three Part SEXFIGHT!

ANGEL and JADE are almost the same size. I was surprised at how aggressive JADE was feeling that day, like during her sexfight with FAYE on CF03. How many ways can one woman force another woman to orgasm? JADE and ANGEL take turns finding out as they work each other over top to bottom!

After standing face-to-face they moved to the mats. It was there that these "kittens" bared their claws! They looked into each others' eyes as their pussies meshed and pubic bones bumped! Breathing quickened as the sexfight started to HEAT UP!

There was plenty of NIPPLE PINCHING and CROTCH GRABBING! Both women attacked and counter-attacked! Their primary goal was to discover which woman could inflict the most pleasure and, at the same time, withstand the erotic sensations being delivered by her opponent!

Once they locked up PUSSY-to-PUSSY the rubbing and grinding increased! Switching positions again and again, each searched for the advantage! The sexfight continued until ONE WOMAN cried out in ecstasy and defeat!

There are THREE COMPLETE SEXFIGHTS included on this video! Each woman wins once!  Only ONE WOMAN wins TWICE! ...which one?