ANGEL is a woman on a mission. That mission is to beat JOSLYN in a woman-to-woman sexfight and make a NAME for herself among all of the other sexfighters.

JOSLYN, however, has other plans. She would like to make ANGEL another notch in her belt on her way to becoming the TOP SEXFIGHTER. Both women do their share of TRASH TALKING, as well as, PUSSY PINCHING, NIPPLE PULLING, FINGERING, and lots of PUSSY-TO-PUSSY GRINDING.

ANGEL is a little spitfire who refuses to go down easily. She frustrates JOSLYN again and again. Both women steadily become wetter and wetter! When they lay side-by-side and begin FINGERING EACH OTHER the COMPETITION REALLY HEATS UP!

This is a CLASSIC SEXFIGHT between two sexually confident women. Unfortunately, only ONE WOMAN can win. Which woman ORGASMS FIRST?