Their first meeting was one of the closest and most contested sexfights we've ever seen! This REMATCH proved to be just as exciting and just as competitive! JOSLYN is 5'7", a beautiful, SENSUAL WOMAN and self-proclaimed sexual dynamo!

FAYE is also 5'7", and is every bit as leggy, sensual and beautiful as her rival. FAYE proclaims herself MORE OF A WOMAN than JOSLYN! During their last sexfight JOSLYN felt FAYE cheated, using her fingers in a totally UN-LADYLIKE way!

In this, their second meeting, they included ONE ADDITIONAL RULE missing from their previous encounter, a rule with deep implications! How deep? You'll want to find out!

FAYE is an EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE WOMAN and HATES to lose! JOSLYN considers herself to be FAYE'S EQUAL in every way. You'll be amazed and impressed by the CHARACTER shown by these WOMEN!

This is DIRTY SEXFIGHTING! The women took it deeper than either wanted to go... or did they?!? You will see their FACES as they punish each other with PAIN and PLEASURE! ALL of our sexfights are GENUINE! NOTHING is STAGED once they hit the mats!  Over sixty minutes of non-stop SEXFIGHTING!

These women TRASH TALK and FIGHT DIRTY! Their PRIDE and DETERMINATION and WILL were TESTED. Only ONE WOMAN would reign SUPREME from their meeting! HEAR their BREATHING and MOANING as they DUEL with their SEX! You will DREAM of CHANGING PLACES! Would you want to trade places with FAYE? ...or with JOSLYN?