TAYLOR'S first office duty is to follow up on FAYE'S emails. FAYE emails TAYLOR and inquires whether or not JOSLYN has "gotten any better at sexfighting?" so TAYLOR calls JOSLYN in hopes of finding out!

JOSLYN has been anxious to settle the score with FAYE for some time and feels that FAYE is a coward and has been avoiding her around the building for just that very reason! JOSLYN had been having a good day until she picked up the phone and heard TAYLOR mention FAYE'S name!

JOSLYN and TAYLOR decide to "take a meeting" at which time JOSLYN declares that she will "send a message" to FAYE, TAYLOR'S boss! To TAYLOR, the thought of meeting with JOSLYN herself is very stimulating, and the chance for her to test JOSLYN'S pussy causes her own sex to twinge with anticipation!

JOSLYN and TAYLOR meet face to face and decide that each needs to prove to the other who has the better pussy and the stronger sex! TAYLOR and JOSLYN bump, pinch and grind their hot pussies together in an attempt to force the other woman to orgasm against her will!

It didn't take long for their pussylips to become puffy, red and swollen and for their breathing to quicken and their tempers to shorten! If you are a fan of CF01 GINA vs FAYE then you will certainly love this CATFIGHT/SEXFIGHT complete with hairpulling and kissing!

They pinched nipples and ground their pussies together in a frenzied fight for sexual dominance! TAYLOR and JOSLYN attacked each others' pussy with a fury not seen before and it was necessary to "block out" some of the footage, otherwise it would never have been released! Some compromises had to be made in order for public viewing! After YOU view it you will understand why! Their fingers pinched and probed as each sought to inflict more pain! Clumps of hair littered the mats as each woman took this contest to higher levels!

This was a hard-fought catfight/sexfight and the hairpulling continued throughout! They rubbed pussy-to-pussy in every imaginable position! TAYLOR attacked and JOSLYN counter-attacked! Those of us in the Studio wondered if we would EVER see a winner emerge?

Their pussies ground together harder and harder and their threats and insults continued! The day after this video shoot I talked with both women on the phone and each stated that she was battered, bruised and very sore!