I know I said that my video CF038 was my best but I think I was wrong.  I knew that both Alissa and Joslyn were 5'7" tall, leggy, beautiful and very sexy, but I didn't expect them to be as competitive as they turned out to be.  Joslyn said, "By the end of this match you WILL be my little slut-slave!"  Alissa replied, "Not if I don't allow it!"  Then they locked up pussy-to-pussy in a scissor trib and just 3 minutes and 30 seconds later one of the women erupted in orgasm.

From the scissor trib they repositioned clit-to-clit.  Joslyn had discovered in her sexfight against Mishell how effective a clitfight could be and she was eager to teach Alissa the same lesson.  Both women stabbed each other with their clits and ground them hard together.  "I think I feel a little bit of juice down there, is that mine or is that yours?" asked Alissa.  Joslyn replied, "We won't know until we see who cums first!"  About 7 minutes into the sexfight and we have our second forced orgasm.

The women locked up over and over again pussy-to-pussy.  Joslyn said, "I'm gonna fuck that little pussy!"  Alissa shot back, "You fuck me... I'll fuck you back!"  The trash talking continued as each woman took her turn atop the other.  "Smack them together!" ordered Alissa.  "Grind that pussy!" replied Joslyn.  They positioned themselves butt-to-butt and pushed their clits into each other and fucked each other double doggie-style.

There is so much trib in this fight it is hard to decide which part is my favorite but I guess my favorite trib is a clit-to-clit fight.  Watching both women scrape and grind their clits hard will make your heart race.  They spread themselves open wide so that they can make maximum contact.  The result of this clitfight causes a shattering orgasm by one woman and then less than 30 seconds later a mutual orgasm by BOTH women.

I didn't expect Alissa to be as dominate as she turned out to be, and I knew that Joslyn would try every trick she had learned to try and tame Alissa.  The women forced orgasm after orgasm from each other until one woman opened up a lead, but then the other woman began to catch up, forcing 2 straight orgasms from her tormentor.  I didn't know who was going to win!?  There were a total of 14 forced orgasms in this sexfight and all but 2 of them come from pussy-to-pussy or clit-to-clit fighting.  I made sure there was much better lighting than in the last video and it was a good thing because the fight moved at a more frantic pace.

There is a clear winner in this fight but you probably won't care because these two women battled sex against sex and battled hard.  This is a clitfight-fuckfight battle that will become one of your favorites.  Competitive trib fans will think they've died and gone to heaven.  Trash-talking by beautiful, long-legged women with great bodies and insatiable sexual appetites, this has it ALL.  I have become a HUGE fan of clitfighting because of this fight.  I'll bet you will, too.