The video begins with a look at the rules and my introduction of the women. Neither woman spoke to the other from the time they arrived up until their sexfight began. They didn't like each other before Joslyn's loss and they liked each other even less on this day. Joslyn really wanted this rematch after being humiliated by Amber in the Inaugural Submission Sexfight. Amber was very confident that she would humiliate Joslyn a second time. While I was making introductions Joslyn stared at Amber the entire time. Amber looked away sensing Joslyn's anger. Joslyn made the first grab, pinching Amber's pussylips between her fingers. Amber quickly followed with a grab of her own. They shared a little pain while touching tongues. Joslyn added a quick yank to Amber's hair causing them to each pinch harder. There was so much pain traded in their first Submission Sexfight that it seemed logical that pain would prove to be administered plentifully throughout this fight. Amber yanked on Joslyn's hair in response as they continued to kiss-fight and pinch pussies. After a quick breast to breast back and forth Joslyn grabbed Amber's legs and dumped her on her back. Joslyn positioned herself for Scissor Trib and Amber eagerly met her pussy to pussy. The sponsor had requested a clitfight and that's exactly how the women fought. More grinding than pounding, although the pounding would come sooner than later. Joslyn began to punch Amber's clit with her own.

Amber fell onto her back and Joslyn mounted her, pounding her clit into Amber's from above. Amber grunted from the pain as Joslyn continued to pour it on. Eventually Joslyn began to be affected by the pain and she leaned over, grabbing Amber's wrists, and held Amber down as a sign of her dominance. She continued to pound into Amber's clit as she flicked her tongue into Amber's. Amber is on her back and Joslyn mounts her from above. She aligns her clit with Amber's and sits back for Scissor Trib. Not satisfied with the clit to clit contact she straddles Amber and holds her in place by her wrists, pulling her clit tight against Amber's. Their clits swell and she forces Amber to cum twice. Joslyn seems relentless as she grinds clits from above. All Amber can do is hold on. She grabs Joslyn's breast and squeezes but it doesn't stop Joslyn's onslaught. Joslyn begins to pound her clit into Amber's wet pussy. Finally, they separate and sit facing with legs spread wide. They each grab the other's pussylips and pinch and squeeze. Joslyn feels the pain as Amber's grip is stronger. She pinches harder and causes Amber to wince in pain. Both women work the other's clit, continuing to trade pain. They scoot tightly together, pussy into pussy as another tongue fight ensues. They lean back for more clitfighting but it turns into a brief bout of pussy pounding. Not satisfied with this angle they roll over onto their stomachs and prepare for a more intimate battle.

The women align their pussies for another clitfight. The advantage of pussy grinding on their stomachs is that each woman can hold onto the other woman's ankle and force her in tight contact, and raising their outside knee and grinding together automatically spreads their pussylips wide apart so that only their wet, pink clits and holes can scrape together without any protection from their pussylips. They can easily scrape up and down length wise or side to side in a slashing motion. If one woman feels herself getting dry all she has to do is dip her clit into her rival's wide open hole for lubrication. Amber positions herself on her side and they battle clit against clit at a 90 degree angle, essentially stabbing each other from the side, like a plus (+) sign. Both women moan and orgasms are traded back and forth. Joslyn is able to roll Amber onto her back and she begins to pound her clit into Amber's. Amber suffers from the pain until she is able to shove Joslyn away. She turns and licks Joslyn's clit, holding her legs back allowing her to straddle Joslyn and hold her down with her knee on Joslyn's chest. Joslyn continues to fight punching her clit upwards into Amber's clit. They grind together until Joslyn breaks free. They briefly pinch pussies and ready themselves for another tongue battle. Holding each other by the hair they flick their tongues together before stabbing their tongues deeply into each other's mouth. Breathing heavily, they've obviously turned each other on.

Joslyn attempts to move into a 69 but not before Amber attacks Joslyn's left nipple. Soon, they assume the position and bare their pussies to each other with no defense allowed. Deep fingering, clit licking, tongue fucking all are in play as they attack each other feverishly. Breaking apart they meet again for a kiss. Joslyn shoves Amber to her back and mounts her, straddling her and slashing her stiff clit across Amber's vulnerable clit. now it is Joslyn's turn to hold Amber down with her knee firmly across Amber's chest. Amber is helpless against the onslaught of Joslyn's clit. Joslyn grinds and pounds away forcing Amber to cum against her will. Once she feels Amber cum she moves into a Scissor Trib and the women pound their clits into each other. The look on Amber's face speaks volumes as to how much pain she is in. They continue to pound away. For now it seems Joslyn is handling the pain better than Amber. They scoot together tightly and start with another kiss fight before grinding into each other bringing Joslyn to orgasm. Joslyn sucks Amber's tongue hard. Amber pushes her away and they stare at each other.

Amber's kiss is followed by a foot to Joslyn's crotch. Amber mounts Joslyn and slices her clit across Joslyn's clit. Taking long determined strokes she pounds away at Joslyn's clit. She plants her left thigh on Joslyn's chest rendering hr unable to escape. She resumes her attack but, by the look on her face, it is obvious that Amber is feeling some pain. Joslyn pushes Amber back and sits across Amber's stomach. She backs up until her pubic hair is just below Amber's clit. She scratches her pubes across Amber's clit and you can see and hear Amber suffer. Amber pulls Joslyn down tight and uses her finger on Joslyn's clit. Joslyn quickly backs off and they scramble to see who can grab the other's pussylips first. Its Amber pinching first. They finger clits and eventually slide into each other fighting clit against clit. Its Amber who is breathing hardest, clearly suffering more than Joslyn at this point. Amber begins to slam into Joslyn and, just that quickly, Joslyn begins to react from the pain. They pause to tongue fight and then resume their Scissor Trib clitfight. There are numerous forced orgasms and mutual orgasms.

The women separate from their clitfight. Amber gives Joslyn's pussylips a quick pinch and mounts her, trapping Joslyn with her knee across Joslyn's chest. She leans back and begins to stab and slash Joslyn's clit with her own. She gets very rough, bouncing up and down hard on Joslyn's pussy. Now it is Joslyn who appears to be suffering the most. They grab each other by the hair and pull into each other for another kiss fight. Joslyn is able to sit up and she initiates an assault on Amber's clit with her own. She seems intent on paying Amber back for the pain Amber forced on her. They kiss fight again and back away from each other. Joslyn is moving slowly now. Amber seems to have worn Joslyn down. Slowly Joslyn mounts Amber and grinds her clit against clit. At about that moment the battery dies on one of my cameras and I instruct the ladies to stop while I change all 4 batteries.