A quick introduction to this clitfight leads the women into a kiss while working each other's clit into battle hardness. Then some breast squeezing just to check firmness. They begin their clit battle in the Scissor Trib position. Missy grabs Joslyn's thigh and pulls her in tight. You can hear their wetness as you witness it from above. The veteran Joslyn moves Missy onto her back and grinds clits Cowgirl Style. She places her hand around Missy's throat giving her a gentle choke. Back in the Scissor position they use their fingers to further engorge each other's clit. Joslyn challenges Missy to "show what you've got" and Missy obliges by grinding her clit deep into Joslyn's pussy. Joslyn responds and both women grunt each time their clits connect. Trash talking leads one woman to use her pussy bone as a weapon. Missy claims she can smell Joslyn's juices as they continue to grind clits from side to side. Now 7 minutes in you can hear their wetness increase as they grind even faster. One woman is getting close to "juicing" and her trash talking increases in an attempt to bring her rival along with her. But her dirty talk doesn't help as she is the first to spill her cum in this battle of clits.

Joslyn straddles Missy to scrape clit against clit. This position is very intense as it lifts the protective hood covering each woman's clit. Without the shielding their hood provides their clit is forced to endure full penetration as the tips of their clits slice together. The feeling is so intense that they must disconnect or give their cum to their rival. They reach for each other's pussy and finger each other's clit. Missy pulls Joslyn's hair causing her rival to lay on her back. Missy mounts Joslyn Cowgirl Style using her full weight to grind down hard. It doesn't take long for her to force an orgasm from the veteran. They reposition into Scissor Trib and their wetness is soon evident as they slap and grind clit against clit.

They reposition onto their stomachs and push their pussies into each other until their clits meet. Grinding up and down and side to side from this position automatically spreads each other's lips apart, exposing their clits into a position that ensures maximum damage. It is intense contact that brings them both too close to orgasm. Again they disconnect rather than spill their cum too quickly.

Moving from their stomachs into the Scissor Trib position. Missy rolls to her side, choosing to clitfight from there. Joslyn then sits up, grabs Missy by the hair and grinds her clit into Missy's, still holding her by her hair. Finally letting go, Missy endures Joslyn's continued thrusts. Soon, Missy decides to fight back and its now Joslyn's turn to endure Missy's clit attack. It doesn't take long for Joslyn to break away, slapping Missy's pussy in the processs. For a brief time both women finger each other's clit before scissoring and renewing their clit battle. They exchange kisses and continue the fight. Threats and name calling pepper their fight as they thrust into each other.

Moans signal an approaching orgasm accompanied by the sound of fresh cum as their pussies continue to slap into each other. Joslyn reaches for Missy's lips and pinches her clit. Pulling Missy onto her side, Joslyn spreads Missy's legs and thrusts her clit into Missy's clit. Missy mounts Joslyn, Cowgirl Style, and slices across Joslyn's clit with her own. Name calling ensues as Joslyn taunts Missy to grind harder. Each woman grinds into the other. Every time a woman throws her head back it signals that her clit made hard contact with her rival's clit. Both clits are getting more sensitive and an orgasm is forced, but the clit war continues.
Joslyn tongues Missy's clit before straddling her a second time. It's a diagonal attack this time as Joslyn slices her stiff clit across Missy's equally hard weapon. All Missy can do is take it and try to endure Joslyn's onslaught. Another orgasm is forced followed by a mutual orgasm. Joslyn licks Missy's clit again and suggests a contest to see which of them has the stronger pussy. So begins the double dildo gripping contest.

The women fuck each other, with each squeezing the dildo and trying to pull the it out of her opponent. Watch the dildo from the top camera angle and determine which woman grips the dildo harder, thrusting it deep into her opponent's hole. At one point they thrust deeply enough that their clits make contact. Each woman forces the other to cum. Plus, a rare mutual orgasm forces them to cum together. Which woman do you think has the stronger pussy grip? Both women are aware that time is running out. Lots of name calling. Each woman has endured plenty of clit pain and pleasure from the clit of her rival. There are two orgasms forced in the brief time left and the loser suffers a humiliating facesit from the winner.