After the 2 minute break, to allow me to change to fresh camera batteries, I asked the women if they wanted to continue. Both said yes. Joslyn moved to straddle Amber and began to grind clit against clit with no lube except their own saliva. The women ground together with Joslyn punching her clit hard into Amber's until one woman is forced to orgasm. Orgasms don't count toward the eventual submission but they do drain stamina from the woman who orgasms. Joslyn repositions into a scissor and both women grab the other's pussylips and pinch hard. Amber bumps her pussy into Joslyn's. Joslyn bumps back into Amber's pussy. Now begins a short period where forceful bumps to the pussy are traded until the pain is too great. They transition into a grinding clitfight. Joslyn tries to mount Amber but is pushed back. Now Amber mounts Joslyn in the rodeo position and brings her clit into contact with Joslyn's. The pain on Joslyn's face is telling as no lube is allowed by rule and dry skin on dry skin is very painful.

The women begin to thrust hard into each other, mashing clit against clit. Joslyn is in real pain, her face red and her jaw clenched. Finally she is able to push Amber off and now it is Amber who suffers. Joslyn pounds her pussy into Amber's until one woman is forced to orgasm. From the missionary position Joslyn rams her clit into Amber's. She licks Amber's clit and runs her fingers across it. They both sit up spreading their legs wide and move into a tight scissor. They each grab a fistfull of hair and begin to pound their clits together, stopping briefly to kiss, then continuing their clitfight. Eventually they lean back on their hands, still in the scissor position, and drive their clits together harder than before. They grunt and groan in pain as clit battles clit.

They tire and slide apart. Joslyn straddles Amber and aligns her clit with Amber's. She rocks her pelvis causing her clit to grind the full length of Amber's clit. Amber is helpless against Joslyn's clit attack and all she can do is lay there and take it. Both women are getting more and more excited until a rare mutual orgasm occurs. Joslyn repositions into a rodeo straddle and continues punishing Amber's clit with her own. After their orgasms you can hear the wetness as pussy fights pussy.
Joslyn moves again into a reverse straddle. The women grab arms to pull each other in tight. Their clits grind together until another orgasm is forced as the clitfight continues. A good close-up shows just how red and swollen Amber's pussy is as another orgasm is forced. They break apart and its now Amber who licks Joslyn's pussy. She straddles Joslyn in the rodeo position and aims her clit right at Joslyn's. She pounds and grinds Joslyn's clit with her own. Even louder wetness sounds can be heard. Joslyn is trapped and forced to endure the pain. Eventually she is able to push Amber off. They squeeze into a scissor position and continue their clitfight. Grinding hard they pound together until one woman is forced to orgasm. They lay back and grab pussylips, each woman feeling the pain.

They do love to pull hair and kiss. The women position themselves on their hands and knees facing opposite directions. Using their fingers they go to work on each other's pussy, stabbing their fingers into each other's hole. In between swollen pussylips they fingered each other, pinching clits making them stiff. From their knees they moved into a 69. Using their mouths and fingers they each force the other to a powerful orgasm. Joslyn moves on her hands and knees straddling Amber's wide open pussy. After their orgasms both women are wet and the sound of wetness is obvious. Sometimes grinding, sometimes slapping into each other's clit they continue to fight. Amber rolls to her right and now both women are on their stomach. They grab each other's ankle and pull each other in tight. Now their clits are perfectly aligned. They wiggle and grind their clits together.

Breaking apart they begin a round of cuntbusting. They grab pussylips, squeezing and pulling as each woman moans in pain. Scissor trib and clitfighting go together so well. You can grind or pound, mashing clit against clit. The women grunt and growl, groan and moan as they try to make the other quit. After a couple of minutes the sound of wetness is heard. They break to tongue fight and pull hair and then continue their fuckfight in close. One woman is forced to orgasm and she retaliates by pinching her enemy's pussy.

Joslyn mounts Amber in an attempt to clitfight from the straddle position but after a dozen strokes is pushed off. Amber takes the offensive and pounds her clit into Joslyn's clit. This goes well until Joslyn's clit punches back from underneath. Amber is not having it and resumes her attack from above until Joslyn bites her nipple and Amber is forced to retreat, grabbing a fistfull of Joslyn's hair as she falls back. Joslyn gets to her knees and moves behind Amber, grabbing her by the hair, fingering her clit and forcing her tongue deep into Amber's mouth. She slides her middle finger deeply into Amber's hole, slapping her palm against her clit at the same time. She adds a second finger to her clit slapping and now Amber is clearly suffering. Joslyn removes her fingers and begins to strum Amber's clit, stopping to squeeze it, lick and suck it. Just when she returns to deep fingering Amber's hole she feels a finger stab deeply into her own hole. From her back, Amber responds with her own fingers adding to the fight. Now each woman is deep fingering the other with two fingers. One woman's fingers find the g-spot forcing the other to cum hard.

They break apart and stare at each other. Amber grabs Joslyn by her ankles pulling her close. They kiss and tongue fight, each holding the other by the hair. Amber pushes Joslyn onto her back and mounts her rodeo style. In pain, she begins to grind and pound into Joslyn's clit. Joslyn responds by pounding upward from underneath until another orgasm is forced. Amber continues to pound down from on top. Now its Joslyn's turn to endure the pain. Both women are tired and sore. They move apart and examine their swollen clits. Joslyn wants to take it up a notch. Amber groans at the sight of the double dildo. The dildo is brand new. Neither woman has used it before now. Its an inch bigger in diameter and the veins add to the girth. Its a full inch longer, too, and still no lube but their own.

The dildo does not enter quickly. It is obviously larger than they are used to. However, once in it has its desired effect, a series of 6 orgasms that don't count toward the final outcome. Each woman tries her best to drive it deeper into the other. They change positions looking for the right angle to cause the tip to touch the other woman's g-spot and force a stamina draining orgasm. This is a classic toyfight. The advantage passes back and forth as the dildo drives deeper a little at a time. Each woman forces the other to orgasm more than once and you can watch as their energy drains away. The end grows near for one woman. Without lube her clit pain has become nearly unbearable. The clit mashing, grinding and pounding being inflicted by her tormentor's stiff clit is quickly becoming more than she can endure. They scissor together and kiss. Joslyn drives her clit into Amber's twice and then reaches for Amber's pussylips. Amber squeezes her legs into Joslyn's ribs causing her to back away.

Joslyn lifts her leg over Amber's and slides into another tight scissor position. Amber instantly feels the pain. So does Joslyn. Both women have been attacking each other's clit for nearly 2 hours with only a 2 minute break. No lube at all. Only their own saliva. Joslyn decides on grinding and mashing clits from above. She moves into rodeo position. Amber knows what is coming. Her face tells it all. Joslyn begins to grind, mashing her clit into Amber's, and it is obvious each woman is in pain. She is less vocal than Amber, her grunts each time clit mashes into clit only mask the pain shooting from her pussy. With each sexfight Joslyn gets a little smarter. She's learned to adjust her angle of attack. She leans back and grinds into the left side of Amber's clit really making her suffer. Catching her breath Joslyn backs off but not without squeezing Amber's breasts. Again, they scissor together and tongue kiss. Looking down, they each inspect their red and swollen clits. Each woman wants to finish the other, and they understand the price each must pay to do it. This fight isn't about forcing an orgasm, although there have been many so far, they know that orgasms don't count. One of them must submit. They need to finish clit-to-clit, knowing its going to be painful for them both.