This video is unlike any other I've produced. There is some extra "bonus" audio included at no charge. The women were well on their way, wholeheartedly committed to forcing cum out of each other, when the sound of a helicopter is heard overhead assisting a hit-and-run police chase a half-mile away that seemed to draw nearer. On top of that, near the end of the sexfight, a thunderstorm rolled in. Thankfully, the power never went out. In each case it was out of my control plus I didn't want to interrupt the women in their mission to dole out pain and pleasure. This was a Championship Match, after all, and the 6 fight history between these two women documents just how equal they are in tenaciousness and sexual technique. They fought relentlessly, attacking with their clits, fingers and tongues, stubbornly trading pain often to weaken their resolve. Each forced orgasm taken drained that woman even more. How many forced orgasms would it take to empty an opponent to the point where she could no longer orgasm? Neither would give up and had it been a "No Time Limit" match the outcome could have been very different and the question finally answered. In the short 60 minutes given them they racked up 17 forced orgasms, 2 from deep-fingering, 3 from clit-fighting, 6 from trib and 6 from oral sex. By the end both were covered in sweat, their necks glowing red from the effect of multiple orgasms.  Two veteran sexfighters who know each other too well and draw on their considerable experience to punish each other as only they know how. Given the end result this rivalry is long from over. Check out the FREE PREVIEW TRAILER for a taste of the action. You can purchase the FULL LENGTH
version or any of the 6 shorter parts.