Amber attempts to defend her SEXFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE against challenger Kenna. Amber's strategy was to rough Kenna up and inflict as much pain on her as possible. Kenna's strategy was to outfuck Amber with the double-dildo. She has proven her mastery of the dildo before against Amber and this fight proved no different. Every forced orgasm, but one, that Kenna forced out of Amber was with the double-dildo. Watching from the overhead camera angle it was evident that Kenna had the tighter grip on the dildo and she punished Amber deeply. Amber fights dirty and she frequently attacked Kenna by pinching and pulling Kenna's nipples, clit and pussylips. Kenna fought back as best she could hurting Amber's nipples, clit and pussylips but Kenna does not have the mean disposition that Amber displays. Their trib was extremely painful as was their titfighting. At one point, near the end of their fight, they were slamming their hard, swollen clits into each other. Truly SLAMMING! I'd never seen such vicious trib before and it only illustrated the animosity that exists between them. Even after their fight ended they exchanged insults and middle fingers. It took a long time before either woman could stand. Amber seems to have made enemies of all the other women she's fought due to her dirty tactics. Amber takes her Championship status most seriously, more than any of the other women she's met. She's fought hard to become Champion and she intends to retain and defend it. This is one of the roughest sexfights I've witnessed and I can't wait to see Amber defend it against Joslyn in CFC150 next month. I know it will be just as rough and dirty as this was, maybe more so.