There is a 4 fight history between these two women.  Laci lost to Amber in her very first sexfight by one fored orgasm(CF92).  Laci beat Amber by two forced orgasms in their second fight(CFC130).  In their third fight Laci lost to Amber by three forced orgasms(CFC138).  Their fourth fight was a 2-part sexfight/titfight.  Laci lost the titfight but won the sexfight, which meant it ended in a tie(CFC143).  This, their fifth fight, is an "Anything Goes" sexfight.  Those familiar with Laci know that she has a very low pain tolerance.  Amber took advantage of this and tortured the younger woman throughout.  There is an abundance of pussy pulling, breast grabs, hairpulling and nipple twists.  Amber used it to great effect to distract Laci, plus Amber loves to trade pain, Laci not so much, although she tried her best to hurt Amber in return.  Laci's biggest strength is her trib.  She uses her ample ass to drive her clit into Amber's.  Every forced orgasm Laci took from Amber was due to trib.  Amber forced orgasms out of Laci mostly with her fingers.  When Amber began to tire her breathing became rapid and that is when young Laci used her stamina and started to dominate her older rival.  There are a couple of times during their sexfight when Laci used her very heavy breasts to punish Amber's ample tits.  Say what you will about Amber, I believe she could win a "No Time Limit" sexfight against any woman.  She has no "quit" and fights much harder than Laci.