Introducing our newest member of the Corporation...JOSLYN. After overhearing a conversation between two secretaries she decided to give FAYE a call and find out for herself what all of the talk was about!

FAYE is a woman who really enjoys a COMPETITIVE SEXFIGHT. JOSLYN is anxious to test her SEXUAL SKILLS against an experienced opponent and there are few more experienced or more ready than FAYE!

After the women agreed on the rules they moved to the mats where the first order of business was a bit of PELVIC BUMPING and GRINDING. And for good measure they started to dish out the PAIN by SPANKING and PINCHING each other between the legs!

Once on the floor they couldn't stop wrapping their LONG LEGS around each other as they fought for top position. Their main objective was to FORCE THE OTHER WOMAN TO ORGASM AGAINST HER WILL !!!

They fought on and on until they became so WET and AROUSED that they had to finish their sexfight by GRINDING THE OTHER WOMAN INTO SEXUAL SUBMISSION. Bringing their FEMALE WEAPONS into the closest contact elicited MOANS OF PLEASURE and PAIN!

They tried and tried from a variety of positions. It was very even! Their breathing became more and more rapid the longer they fought! There could be only one winner.

The loser has already vowed REVENGE!