JOSLYN is horny for a sexfight and comes looking for FAYE, but instead finds JADE. JOSLYN learns that FAYE is out of town. Who will scratch her sexfighting itch?

JADE has seen the videotape of JOSLYN'S sexfight with FAYE. She offers JOSLYN an alternative. Pussy-to-pussy with HER instead of FAYE! JOSLYN accepts! (Good for us!)

The two women lock up pussy to pussy! JOSLYN thought the smaller woman would orgasm easily! But JADE had held her own with FAYE, and showed JOSLYN her considerable technique!

Their agreement was to find out which of them could force the other to orgasm first! Even though JADE is slightly shorter than JOSLYN her pussy proved every bit as powerful! The women pinched, fingered and spanked each other's sex! Swollen pussylips dueled as each woman attempted to out grind the other!

JOSLYN was the aggressor because that is her nature. But JADE knew full well how to connect with JOSLYN'S sex. The women's fingers were busy throughout their sexfight. The aroma of their combined sex filled the air!

JOSLYN held on, trying not to be the first to orgasm. She even caused JADE to grimace as JOSLYN drew her closer to the edge. Which woman had the stronger sex? You will find out when one of these women trembles in ecstasy! When they weren't grinding their pussies into each other they were busy with their fingers and neither woman gave an inch! The ending came suddenly when one woman clenched and moaned and cried out as she could no longer hold her orgasm which was forced from deep within!