JADE is the company's newest employee. She and FAYE hit it off immediately, taking an instant liking to each other. JADE and FAYE met to share their fantasies with each other!

Neither woman had a grudge against the other only the desire to see who could make the other feel "Electric!" JADE proved to be a formidable sexfighter with a thirst for competition.

Both women used their STRONG FINGERS to twist and PULL NIPPLES. The women barely spoke a word but the heavy breathing of one confirmed the skill of the other!

It was all very friendly, VERY INTENSE and very EROTIC!  They PROBED DEEPLY between their legs in an effort to STIMULATE EACH OTHER TO ORGASM!

Each woman took turns MOUNTING the other and tried to GRIND her adversary into SEXUAL SUBMISSION! Which woman would triumph? Which woman would fall?

JADE and FAYE kept busy using every female weapon at their disposal!  The SOUNDS of their HEAVY BREATHING and MOANING filled the room!

The onslaught between these two SEXFIGHTERS was NON-STOP. JADE and FAYE have become very good friends and they plan on seeing a lot more of each other!

They were so evenly matched, their fingers strong and unrelenting! But this contest between JADE and FAYE was decided between their legs!