STARR and FAYE are working late. They decide to get a little exercise like they did growing up together in the same Illinois farmland. As little girls they would wrestle and test each others' STRENGTH. Now, as WOMEN, they wound up testing each others' SEX!  FAYE once shared an apartment with STARR. They've always been COMPETITIVE!

STARR told us, "I have wanted to "be bad" with Faye ever since we were kids. There are other women that I would love to test my sexuality against, but, since this is my first time I want it to be with someone I trust and I trust Faye!"  STARR said she often fantasized about competing "erotically." She finally got her chance!

FAYE said, "I can think of a couple of women that I work with that I would have fun competing with sensually! I think it would be sexy to have a few drinks with another woman, loosen up a bit, and then see what transpires!"  This video is different from our first (CF01 GINA vs. FAYE) in that the women are childhood friends. The atmosphere was playful and light compared with the electricity that was in the air around GINA and FAYE.

STARR and FAYE agreed to "compete" until one woman orgasms and could no longer continue.  They started by testing their legs against each other then moved on to a game where each tried to make the other fall forward. STARR and FAYE then played the "reflex game" where one woman places her hands palms down over the upturned hands of the other. She then tries to remove her hands before they are slapped.

But, as you can see here, pussy bumping and grinding turned out to be the BEST GAME OF ALL!  As you can see by their faces they were having a lot of fun!

A game that began with the grinding of pubic bones, slowly and sensually in rhythm with each other, soon increased in tempo and urgency! STARR and FAYE were beginning to get more and more aroused! Who can force her friend to orgasm first? It turned into a contest with a most happy ending!