GINA is a hot, sexy Italian beauty with a hair trigger temper. FAYE is a tall, nasty tempered woman who feels she's better than GINA. These two lock-up in one of the meanest sexfights ever!

GINA and FAYE trade slaps and the catfight portion of this sexfight is on! Each woman feels this vacant office should rightfully be hers, but the office is just the catalyst that ignites these two!  Knees to the crotch and painful wedgies transform this catfight into a sexfight as each woman redirects her attack to the other woman's sex! It doesn't take long before the women are grabbing and pinching each other between the legs!

The grabbing of crotches just makes both women madder and it eventually leads to the women slamming their lower bodies together crotch-to-crotch as their pubic bones crack together.  The stand-up crotch banging and crotch grabbing has an effect on both women! Their breathing becomes heavier and it is an indication of more painful things to come! The first bout of pussy pinching begins! It would be the first of many!

The women want to get at each other and the restrictive confines of the vacant office prevent this, so they disengage and move to the Corporate Workout Room where face slaps start their next chapter.  The women throw each other to the mats! They pull hair, squeeze breasts and lock thighs! As they struggle they rip blouses and tear skirts! GINA tops FAYE and grinds her pussy-to-pussy!

GINA gives FAYE the pussy grind of her life! This catfight has now turned the corner and has taken a more sexual direction! The women fight almost exclusively with their lower torsos except for the occasional well placed ass slap!  Both women are now feeling the effects of their crotch slamming and both are getting tired! Neither woman is a conditioned athlete so their stamina is very low! As each woman struggles for energy their frustration begins to show and the meanest and dirtiest chapter of this fight begins!

GINA squeezes, pinches and slaps FAYE'S clit and pussy. It stops FAYE dead in her tracks! FAYE is forced to endure the pain and hold on until she can collect herself! FAYE retaliates, attacking GINA'S clit and pussy, pulling and pinching GINA'S tender pussylips! The women hurt each other terribly and the line between pain and pleasure wears thin!  The end to their fight occurs when one woman deep-fingers the other and forces her enemy to orgasm against her will! Both women are totally exhausted! The winner knows she has been in a war as she staggers and almost falls when she tries to stand up!

This video is one of the meanest, most hard-fought sexfights we've produced and both women continue to hate each other. It remains a classic.