(By HGHunt)


While Rose had been reliving her dream for her friends, Jenny had taken a bold step. She looked directly at Bobby. She didn't know his name of course, and with a wave of her hand, motioned him to come over to their blanket. She held up her index finger to her mouth in a silent 'shhhhh.' She didn't know if he would. Maybe he was way too shy and would be scared off. But she thought it was worth a try. He looked puzzled. He stood up on his knees and gave Jenny a quizzical look. She understood. She motioned him again and this time he dropped down behind the dune and came around from the side, walking quietly like a cat. When he got within a few feet of their blanket he began to hear the girls sexy talk. He was there for nearly all of Rose's little speech. He was flabbergasted to hear what they were saying. Meanwhile Jenny could now get a better look at Bobby. He was a very fit young man, only a teenager for sure, but in real good shape. He looked like he might be a swimmer or soccer player. Not overly muscled like some football players, but definitely healthy. She could also tell he was using every ounce of bravery he had to come out there. Oh, one more thing, he had on a typical long swim-suit, blue, but with a difference not usually seen in the Sears catalog. There was quite a tent-like bulge in the front of those trunks. Jenny had all she could do to look at his face as he tiptoed stealthily up behind their blanket. She kept wanting to stare at that raging hard-on. When Rose finished talking Jenny chimed in again, "Oh, you girls really are dreaming aren't you. You wouldn't REALLY do those things to a gorgeous teenage hunk if he were here right now, would you?" Rose's vivid dream was still fresh in her mind and she immediately retorted, "You bet I would, I'd do all of that and more if there REALLY was such a boy." Lynn and Sue spoke up before Rose was even finished and said much the same thing, "I'd turn him inside out with my sex," said Lynn. "I'd suck him so good that they'd have to come up with a new word for it," said Sue. Jenny just smiled a great big smile. Here they were. Three totally naked women (except for Sue's transparent bikini bottom) talking about what they would do to a healthy teenage boy while one was standing right there. Jenny spoke up, "Well, since I'm the one who hasn't had an orgasm yet, I think I should be the one to fuck the boy. I dare you girls to work him over real good with your tongues and tits as a warm up for me. I dare myself to fuck him right here on this very beach after you girls practice your blow job technique. What do you say?" "God, Jenny, you make this talk so damn exciting it almost seems real." Said Lynn. Jenny: "Well it IS real! And I have just given you all a dare that you can't back out of, especially after you have admitted your fantasies for him to hear." Looks of surprise appeared on all their faces. The ladies began sitting up, opening their eyes and looking around. WOW! There he was! Maybe not the same face but definitely a sex fantasy brought to life. He looked young, probably high school age. Perfect they thought. Lynn made the first move. That gorgeous blonde hair swung from side to side as the glistening naked form walked on her knees over to the edge of the blanket. She motioned Bobby nearer. With a scared look in his eyes, he did as she commanded. Stopping just six inches from her face he said his first and only word, "Please!"

Never a woman to disdain good manners she reached up and untied the knot holding his shorts in place. The hard-on pointing directly at her face made sliding them down comfortably a bit of a task. It took her nearly 20 seconds to get his shorts down over his raging purple hard-on. Glorious! She thought. While it may not have had the gigantic dimensions Rose had fantasized about, it was definitely a manly organ. It pointed out away from his hairy groin at a sharp upward angle. Thick veins bulged out the underside as they led up to a gorgeous circumcised head. It was only slightly larger than the shaft, but it was perfectly shaped and it was throbbing up and down in the breeze. Lynn was not one to get this close to a perfect cock and leave it unattended. She remembered what she had said in her sleepy, dreamy fantasy earlier, and even though Bobby hadn't arrived close enough to hear her words, he got exactly what Lynn had said he would. She bent over, lowered her head while reaching up with her left hand, grabbing his dick firmly in her hand, and found his left testacle with her tongue. He immediately groaned a big deep groan. The deep guttural sound surprised the women, having come from such a young boy, but sounding exactly like that of a much older man. She sucked that left ball into her mouth, twirling her tongue all around. She switched over to the other side and repeated the move. She felt really powerful, knowing she had right here a boy who was probably having the first sex of his life, and she was giving it to him, on a public beach no less. The eroticism of it all was overpowering. After finishing the sucking of his balls she worked her mouth the short distance to the underside of the base of his dick. Opening her mouth wide she slid it slowly up towards the top of his dick, approximately 7 inches away. She kept her tongue slobbering saliva all along the length, leaving a trail of wetness. When she reached the tip she rolled her head over upright and ran that gorgeous mouth back down to the base on the top-side of his cock. She had skipped over the very tip of his dick, leaving it alone. The second trip back out she used her tongue to follow the contours of the leftover foreskin around and around the tip of his cock. Then with a quick pull of his cock to his left, slid her lips around the head of that lovely cock and slid down and down until she couldn't go any further. She only gobbled up about four inches, but Bobby sure wasn't complaining. With her left hand she reached around his hips, grabbed his right ass cheek and pulled him even closer to her, nearly causing her to gag. She readjusted and began a slow rhythmic sucking. Down and up she went. Using her hand to pull him closer on each down stroke she could hear his "Ooooh, Ooooh" repeated with every thrust. He wasn't taking much of a dominant role, just allowing her to lead the way. After all why would he? He was getting everything he could have dreamed of just by standing there. About a minute into her Porn-Pro blowjob, she leaned back and said to the others, "He tastes real good. Who is next?'

Sue had provided herself with the dare when she fantasized out loud for the other women. Now she felt obligated to make it come true. Not that she was against it, just that had she known Bobby was real, she might have expanded on her fantasy. "Well," she said, "why don't you lay down right here and let me have a crack at you, if you know what I mean?" Bobby obliged. They had two very big blankets, so there was plenty of room. Sue rolled out of the way sitting up in the process. Bobby lay where Sue had been before, actually laying right on top of the wet spot left behind from Sue's leaking pussy. Sue now had begun to get turned on all over again. She was wishing it was she, not Jenny, who would get to fuck this boy. But true to her fantasy, she began using her tits as toys to stimulate dear Bobby. His erect pole could probably have been seen for a quarter mile down the beach except that Sue's body on the south side and Jenny's on the north blocked the direct view of his cock from those two directions. Sue pinched her own nipples to emphasize their plump fullness to him, and then leaned over to align her left tit with his mouth. He immediately, but tentatively obliged her with his tongue. It darted out for a quick lick and then retreated. She leaned down even further, offering her acceptance, in body language that it was ok for him to do more. He did. And How! He stuck out his tongue, rolled it around and around her big left chocolate areola and nipple, sucking that nipple into his mouth and sucking on it so hard that it began to hurt Sue. She was loving it, even through the little pain. She wiggled a little, he understood, and she now offered up her right nipple to his hungry mouth. Instantly he devoured that one too. Sucking, sucking, sucking. His cock was doing a rhythmic dance, bouncing up and down, threatening to break right off (or so the women thought) it was flopping so much. The other three now were watching intently what was going on. Their own hands would fall between their legs and give probing acknowledgement to the horny excitement they felt. When her right nipple began to hurt from his powerful sucking she wiggled again and pulled it out. She leaned over, and with the expertise of an exotic dancer, slapped his face back and forth with her tits. Left, right, left, right. She pummeled his never shaven face for nearly a minute while reaching over for the suntan lotion lying nearby. She had this boy in his own heaven and she knew it. But she wasn't done yet. She squirted ounces of the lotion on her tits and rubbed it all in, particularly in her cleavage. She growled the growl of a big tigress and crawled stealthily on hands and knees over to a spot between his legs, which he had obligingly spread wide in a big V. No spoken words. Just animal heat and lust were speaking. She leaned way over and pulled his rigid cock up between her spectacular shiny tits. Up and down she began her motion. Groan upon groan escaped from his mouth. He even started to hump upward into the delicious friction of her compressed tits. Sue used her hands to squeeze them in towards each other, creating a perfect tight tunnel for his engorged cock. She, among all the people on the blanket, was not totally naked. Her tiny, see-through, bikini bottom was still trying to cover her now drenched pussy. The fabric was riding up inside her lips and Lynn and Jenny watched both her and Bobby as they did their lust dance. When Sue was dreaming about the titty-fuck it was really pleasant. But now she had to admit that even her fantasy didn't come close to the real thing. Like Lynn before her she was completely turned on by the circumstances. Public beach, hot young stud, horny women all around, and she was giving him the royal titty-fuck of all time.

That is what he thought too. It was his first titty-fuck and his first sexual experience of any kind, besides solo action. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. Sue continued to slide her big juicy tits up and down his dick, occasionally sticking out her tongue to lick the pre-cum from the tip of his dick. It seemed completely normal to her for the semen to start leaking out, but it should have been a warning too. He was ready. He was very ready. And Rose and especially Jenny hadn't had their 'crack at him' yet. Too late. He shot a load of cum out from between her tits, squirting it clear out beyond his head and the first big jets landing in the sand behind him. He groaned loudly and kept shooting the sticky cum from his cock-head, coating his stomach, chest, and Sue's tits besides. Jenny said, "Shit, what are you doing girl? I still wanted to fuck him!" Rose chimed in, "yeah, what about me. I haven't even touched him yet either?" Sue was apologetic, "I'm sorry. I didn't know he would come like that. But you know what, with all that cum he shot out, he must have quite a production facility inside. I'll bet he can do the same thing all over again, can't you sweetie?" Bobby just nodded meekly. In fact he knew from the only sex he had ever had, masturbating, that he could come at least 4 times in an afternoon. He had never imagined just how wonderful sex could be, but now he knew, except for one thing. He still hadn't really fucked a girl. The thought of sexy Jenny waiting there practically begging the others to let her fuck him was keeping him very turned on. In fact, as the last shots of cum were being squeezed out of his jerking dick by Sue's tight squishing breasts, he was beginning already to think about what was to come (cum) next.

Jenny responded to Sue by saying, "I hope you're right. I have no intention of leaving this beach before I fuck this boy. I just hope no one turns us in for having so much fun." Rose spoke towards Sue, "Ok. You have had your fun with him. A little too much fun it appears, but you know what? My dream wasn't really a dream. I think I have a gift. I can see the future. What I was talking about in my daydream is about to come true. Just one thing though. Out of deference to Jenny, I will be sure to let this boy have at you before he cums again. Move out of the way, Sue, its my turn." Now Bobby had arrived near their blanket in time to hear Rose give her little dream speech. So he had an idea what was coming. Terrific, he thought. Now the one with the biggest tits is coming right over here to me with a look of lust in her eyes. I'm the luckiest boy on earth. By now he had figured out their names from the talking they had done amongst themselves, but so far the only word he had spoken was please.

As Sue and Rose were trading places, no attempts at all were made to clean up the gobs of semen smeared across his belly or on Sue's tits. Rose showed no concern at all, in fact, kneeling right where Sue had been when she milked his cock with her tits, leaned over and started running her tongue around his pubic area. His cock had shrunk to about half-size, but was still pointing upward. She put her left hand around it, giving it a gentle squeeze, and while continuing to hold it ran her tongue up from his pubic hair along his lower stomach until she reached the first glob of cum. It was still sticky and warm. She lapped at it with her tongue. The others practically froze in anticipation. Bobby watched from above. Rose licked it up, having twirled it around and around until it stuck together in a little ball, and then with one quick deft move, slid her tongue underneath it and pulled it up into her mouth. At the sight of this, his cock jumped practically an inch in her hand. She noticed and gave it another little squeeze. She looked him straight in the eye: This beautiful auburn haired 37year-old woman and the boy less than half her age. He looked back, pleadingly. She stuck that tongue out, making sure he could see the cum still balanced on the tip. She lowered herself to where her tits were now in the same position that Sue's had been earlier. She slowly slid up his body. Stopping every time her mouth neared a splat of semen. She repeated the maneuver used before, slurping up each new pile of semen until she had practically a mouthful. When she finished collecting his specimens she slid up even farther, to the point that their bodies were now lined up, from head to toe. He found his cock being pressed down towards his stomach by her thick reddish cunt hair. This caused his cock to leap another inch (well it couldn't really leap because she was in the way). Looking him dead in the eye she stuck out her tongue. He did the same. She lowered her mouth and gave him a sopping wet kiss. They swirled their tongues around and around against each other. They swapped his cum back and forth in their mouths. He, having never even considered this possibility, was now doing her bidding and loving every moment. When Rose pulled back they had nearly equal amounts of jism in their mouths. She very obviously gave a big swallow and the boys semen rocketed down to her stomach. He followed her lead and did the same. She spoke, "boy, get up on your knees. I'm going to lie right down here and you are going to fuck my mouth." When he had kneeled, she found one of the pillows and lay it down just in front of him. She lay on her back, shoulders on the pillow, allowing her head to roll back, exactly like she had mentioned in her dream. Bobby's dick had already begun to spring back towards life. Rose's outrageous sexy behavior had seen to that. Now here she was, upside down, looking up at this cock sprouting from the boy's muscular body. She had never done anything remotely this kinky before, but that was true for all her friends too. Without any further talking, she reached up and pulled his dick down towards her lips. She used a little body language scooting to get him to move closer, allowing her better access to his manhood (boyhood?). She opened her mouth and slid it in just as deep as his lovely purple head. She sucked on it. She licked it around and around. She put her lips on it and bit it with her lips. She could feel the power returning to his dick. It was getting harder and harder and longer too. Maybe even longer, if that were possible, than when Lynn had sucked him the first time. Just like Sue had said, she thought. She kept this up for a couple of minutes, and then, arching her back, pulling his cock from her mouth just long enough to say two words, "gentle, please" she lowered her head to the perfect angle, guided his cock head deeply into her mouth and then, when feeling its head touch her throat she swallowed. As she swallowed she pulled on his butt to push all seven inches clear into her throat and mouth. Exactly like the dream she thought (except for him being only seven inches instead of nine). Dreamy. She had a bit of a gagging feeling, but the power she felt by having him so deeply in her was worth it. She loved cock. She loved his cock. She loved the feeling of his balls slapping against her lips as they were stretched to their full limit in allowing his deep penetration. She didn't let him pump her hard, but she did rock her body back and forth sending jolts of pleasure through Bobby's body. Since it was still less than ten minutes since Sue forced him to come with her tits, he wasn't ready to cum again. Rose slid away, letting his gorgeous cock slide slowly from her lips. When he was out, she rolled over, looked at Jenny with the biggest grin Jenny had ever seen on Rose, and said, "he's all yours."

Jenny contemplated the young man/boy kneeling there before her. She just gazed lustfully at him, trying to take it all in, the sight, his smell, her friends devouring him. She wanted him right now more than she had ever wanted a man before. Her tongue was licking her lips as she stared down at his engorged cock. She cooed as she reached down, gently wrapping her fingers around his stiff bouncing cock. It seemed that with every heartbeat his cock jerked upward, as though it had a life of its own.

Jenny was feeling horny as hell and very much in control. She had manipulated the boy down from his hiding place, she had manipulated the other three women into this situation and now she was going to reap the rewards. He was hers now! Still holding his cock and leaning over towards him she kissed him full on the lips. He was tentative in responding to her aggressive kiss at first, but after a few moments he was fully engaged with her mouth, lip-to-lip and tongue-to-tongue. They jousted tongues, she sucked his tongue deeply into her mouth and he returned the favor. "Quick learner," she thought. She felt like she was floating above and watching herself, like in a dream. She pulled away and told him to lie down, which he did right away. His rock hard cock was once again pointing to the sky like a rocket ready for blastoff. She knelt between his legs and proceeded to lower her head, smacking her lips as she watched his face. Once again he looked at her with questioning anticipation and then in one quick move she slid her mouth wetly down his cock as far as it would go. She squeezed her lips together and slowly drew them back up towards the tip. There she used her tongue to run swirl patterns over the exposed head of his dick. After another minute of repeated up and down, expert blow job technique she looked up at Bobby and asked a question, "Have you ever eaten a girl's pussy?" He shook his head no. "Would you like to eat my pussy?" He just nodded his head affirmative. "Well, young man, you are going to get your wish." She turned her body around, swung her right leg over his head and lowered her steaming wet fur-covered cunt directly to his mouth. At first he didn't do anything, but when she lowered her pungent sex even further, she could feel his tongue make a tentative exploration into her snatch. She wiggled her ass to confirm for him the correctness of what he was doing and he responded with more vigorous darting motions. Mostly he stuck his tongue in and out of her fuck-hole, as though his tongue was a mini-cock. It felt really good to Jenny, but she wanted her whole pussy to get a tonguing from this horny boy so she wiggled her pussy lower to cover his nose with her hole. She hoped he would be smart enough to breathe out of his mouth, because she didn't really want to smother him. He gulped in a big breath and then started running his tongue around her clit. "Ah, yes, he found it," she thought. Grateful that his tongue had now zeroed in on her clit she quickly jerked and wiggled her approval. He kept up his tonguing, pressing hard on her engorged clit and pushing it from side to side with the pressure. Once he had begun to focus on her clit, she lifted her ass up just a little bit to allow him more freedom of movement with his head. Now she began to return the favor: sixty-nine on the public beach. Her mouth went down for the second time over his seven-inch dick. She didn't deep throat the whole thing like Rose had, but she sucked it down as far in her mouth as she could, nearly four inches, and sucked it hard and long with varying speed. Sometimes she slowed down and sucked deeply. Other times she would piston up and down as fast as she could. All the time Bobby was learning quickly about cunt-licking. It was working very well. Jenny could feel her groin surging with pleasure. She began quick forward and back grinding motions with her cunt. Pressing down on his face, forcing his nose far up her snatch, rocking from side to side, she was letting him know how much she liked what he was doing. She rose up for a moment and then plopped her juicy twat right back down with perfect aim. His tongue met her clit and then he used his lips to suck it into his mouth and roll it around. Her groaning and the increased pace of her grinding sent news of her impending orgasm to everyone. Wham! The earth moved. It was as if an earthquake had erupted deep inside and shot jets of pleasure to all parts of her body. She shook and lost control. She had to quit sucking his cock because she couldn't concentrate. Her orgasm continued for a full minute as she continued to ride Bobby's face.

When the jolts of lightning faded away she raised her ass from his face and turned to look at him. He still had that tentative smile, but this time it was glistening with copious amounts of her cunt juice. "Did you like that?" she asked. Once again, without saying a word, he just nodded. Joy of Joy. Jenny looked down and turned her attention back to that wonderful cock. "Maybe," she was thinking, "Sue squeezing that first load of cum from his loins with her impressive titty-fuck was a good omen for me. He is still hard and shows no signs of losing it. Thanks Sue."

She didn't bother to survey the beach. Her mind was exclusively right here on this blanket. The 'outside world' didn't matter. Lynn, Sue, and Rose had sat quietly watching with fascination as Jenny finished off her orgasm by fucking Bobby's face. They were as turned on now as before, but they just watched Jenny. She repositioned her body, swinging her left leg across Bobby's torso. She was now astride his lower tummy and she began rubbing her cunt up and down. She leaned forward and Bobby could feel the thick womanly forest of pubic hair scratching his belly. She continued for about a minute, staring directly into his eyes. Finally realizing his position and losing just a bit of the tentativeness of earlier, he stared directly back at her. Both sets of eyes burned right through to the soul of the other with their desire. Jenny had just had an orgasm, but she wasn't done. Not with such a hunk of meat still at full mast right behind her ass. Without removing her smoldering eyes from his, she reached back and grabbed his cock. Raising her body she inched backward until she could guide the tip of his cock up to her gaping hole. She rubbed the tip of his cock all around her lips and then spent several moments rubbing her clit with his cock-head. Bobby's stare burned with passionate heat right in to Jenny. Wiggling her ass into perfect alignment she slid down his cock all the way. Bobby let out a loud gasp of pleasure and shut his eyes to concentrate on the incredible feeling. It was a feeling he had never felt before. He was a virgin. Here he was, his manly sized cock impaling one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and to top it off, three more gorgeous sex-hungry women surrounded him. He was in heaven.

Jenny relished the moment. Here she was, a happily married woman fucking a totally hot young stud, surrounded by her friends and she was in total control. After a few quick up and down motions, trying to get him to match her thrusts with his, she succeeded. They got a little rhythm going and she could feel his cock ride deeply up inside her, even to the point of it ramming home against her cervix. His cock was a little longer than average, and she was smoldering at the thought of him cumming deep inside her. But even in her lust, she kept up her creative thinking. Here were three gorgeous women, and they were just watching. Here was the boy, hands free, mouth free just lying there, enjoying the fucking Jenny provided. Jenny spoke, "Girls, why are you letting this boy just lie there unattended. I think between his two hands and his mouth that three more pussies could see some action. Stud here, I think, wouldn't mind a bit getting the rest of his body in gear. Lynn, get over there and sit on his face. Rose and Sue, swing your bodies around to face the other way so he can reach your cunts. Roll onto your stomach and raise your ass off the ground and that will give him a 'straight shot' to your cunts. Come on now, do it!"

With their lust on continued high alert, and with such a practical suggestion from Jenny, they quickly moved to comply. Lynn hopped up over Bobby's head, facing Jenny and lowered her steaming blonde snatch directly onto his nose. Wasting no time she immediately began vigorous humping. He barely had to move his tongue. He just stuck it out and she did all the work. Rocking back and forth. Grinding down deeply. Shaking from side to side. His tongue just kept finding pleasure spots all over her pussy. Rose and Sue were also quick to rearrange themselves and to find Bobby's hands, now in use for the first time, exploring their womanhood. Bobby had just gone to pussy heaven. Jenny's wonderful slippery cunt was riding up and down on his pole. Lynn was forcefully fucking his face with her blonde cunt. He was exploring the depths of two other pussies with his hands. His friends would never believe him if he told them. It was hard for Bobby to focus his attention. There were just too many pussies. Luckily for him, both Jenny and Lynn were doing the fucking and so he just tried to work on Sue and Rose's pussies with equal vigor. He first would stick one finger deep inside, guided up their slippery slews by instinct. He would withdraw and run his fingers all around their wet hairy snatches. He marveled at their hairy bushes and ran his fingers through and through before returning to poke some more deeply into their holes. He wiggled his index fingers around causing them to shudder and wiggle back against his hand. He realized they each could absorb more, so he used his first two fingers and inserted them deeply, clear up to his knuckles. With amazing coordination, the five began coordinating their grunts, their groans, their movements. The rookie boy and the four experienced women were coasting along , merging their motions, and their souls almost as a single unit. Lynn and Jenny took their facing positions as opportunity and leaned in to each other and shared wet sloppy kisses. Their hands found each other's nipples and pulled, squeezed, twisted, and otherwise excited each other. Jenny certainly had a head start on her orgasm compared to the other three, but they quickly caught up. They turned in to one giant throbbing, probing, licking, grinding, fucking, quivering mass of flesh. Jenny loved the feeling. She was in ecstasy and she had drawn four other people in with her. Bobby's motions became more and more in tune with the women. It was as if they were being perfectly groomed for their impending orgasms. Lynn felt her cunt twitch in anticipation and she moaned out loud. Sue felt Bobby squeeze her thick labia and after discovering the size of her clit and gave it a real intensive rubbing motion, causing an involuntary shudder. Rose loved it when Bobby removed two fingers and probed back inside deeply, this time with three fingers. She was feeling very full and loving it. Jenny had started grinding her cunt down as hard as she could onto Bobby's groin. She could feel her clit rubbing through his pubic hair, sending sparks radiating from her body. Bobby could feel the pressure welling up in his balls, the wonderful new wet slippery cunt grinding down on his rigid pole, courtesy of Jenny, was carrying him quickly to the edge. Jenny became more vocal. She cried out, she grunted, groaned, purred, growled, and led the others into their own heightened state of pleasure. While most orgasms are involuntary, Jenny let out a howl and slammed into an even more powerful orgasm than she had had earlier. This caused all the others to follow suit. Lynn, Rose, and Sue each screamed out their immense pleasure. Bobby couldn't scream, due to Lynn's cunt smashing into his face, but his orgasm shot through his body like a race car. He pumped as hard as he could up against Jenny's equally aggressive humping down onto his cock. He began shooting cum deeply into her womb. He came and came and came. Jenny continued grinding and cumming for nearly two minutes, as did the other three women. Sue and Rose had powerful orgasms of their own. It ended slowly. Their bodies limp from pleasure and exertion, they slowly extricated themselves from each other's bodies. Lynn gave Jenny a sweet kiss before swinging her perfect blonde bush off of Bobby's face. Lynn and Rose fell flat to the blanket as Bobby's fingers let go. Jenny remained seated like a queen on her throne as Bobby continued to make slow gentle pushes into her, even as his cock began to slowly wilt away its erection. She relished the feeling of sexual power she had just used. Maybe the others hadn't been thinking about it, but she felt like she had controlled and manipulated the others to her will. That feeling was exciting as hell. Almost as exciting as the orgasm she had so recently finished. As she sat there feeling his cock shrivel inside her, she had the wits to look around. In both directions up the beach, she could see people looking their way. "Must have put on quite a show for them," she thought.

The afternoon was getting late, the sun was dropping towards the lake, and it was time to go. "Girls, I think we have just lived our most daring sexual moments of our lives. We have probably given young stud here the best sex he'll ever have. I hope he doesn't expect sex like this from his girlfriends or he'll be in for a real rude awakening. Why don't we each give him a kiss of thanks and send him on his way and we can put our suits back on, take a quick swim, and head back. Ok?"

Bobby wished the afternoon could have lasted forever, but alas, it was over. Each woman pulled her suit back on, as did he. They each gave him a nice full kiss and said goodbye. He walked back down the beach and they just watched him walk. They took that quick swim, ate a little from their snacks, packed up and went back to the hotel. The ride back they chatted over and over about their escapades. They talked about the 'dares' that they had taken. They talked about how lucky they were they hadn't been arrested. After all, the beach was public and there were people watching. No children were watching, thankfully, but they still felt lucky that no one called the cops, what with the ease of cell phones. Lynn asked Jenny how she knew about the boy and how she knew they would go along with her mock-pretending story about what they might do to a boy IF they had one. Jenny just told them what happened and that she took a chance and it worked out just as she had hoped. She even thanked Sue for making him cum with her titty-fuck, because it left him harder longer when she finally got around to fucking him. She told them how glorious he felt inside her. She admitted it had been the best fuck of her life. Similar sentiments came from Lynn, Sue, and Rose too. When the girls asked Rose how she learned to deep throat she told them that she had never done it before and that they got to watch her do it the first time. They were impressed. None of them had ever taken cock seven inches deep in their mouths. It was evening by the time they got back to the hotel. They showered, went down to the restaurant dinner and returned up to their room. They felt rejuvenated and sexy after their good time in the afternoon.