(By HGHunt)


The conclusion of Jenny and Rose's titfight was also the conclusion of the entire round. Sue had been the woman to propose the titfights and the women found themselves immensely competitive in tit fighting. Surprisingly Sue, who had chosen this method of fighting, had won only a single fight, her victory over Rose. Not surprisingly, Rose's big tits had given her wins over both Lynn and Jenny. Lynn, with her dagger like nipples had beaten both Jenny and Sue. Jenny's only win was against Sue, and that match had ended with the only orgasm conclusion, having been both the most violent and full of sexual frenzy of any of the matches. These outcomes were entered onto the yellow pad and lying there on the counter for all to see were their scores. Sue = 2, Jenny = 3, Lynn = 3, and Rose = 4 points. Sue was pissed off that she had only two wins. She felt she deserved more. Every one of her fights had been long battles, with Sue holding the advantage at many times. But the end results spoke for themselves. Rose and her big boobs were in the lead, and she was crowing over her sexy prowess. Jenny and Lynn, right behind Rose had 3 wins and 3 losses, and each of them felt, much like Sue, that they were close to winning the matches they had lost. One thing was sure, the competitive instincts these women brought to their golf game, tennis matches, and other sporting events, was actually magnified by at least a factor of ten when it came to sex. No egos had been damaged in the least, even if their bodies had taken quite a beating. The next round promised to be a real dramatic series of confrontations. The only question was what would that competition be?

The women took time out for an evening meal, dressed casually and prepared right there in their suite. Conversation was pleasant, and often filled with sexual innuendo. Gently goading each other about their losses was a common theme. Not surprisingly lots of comments about their friend's nipples (usually ugly) were repeated. Jenny gave a short little speech, "Well girls, I won't claim to speak for all of you, but I suspect my feelings are much like each of yours. I have never been so horny in my entire life. The sexy bodies you girls have turned me on almost more than I thought I could be. At the same time as my horny feelings are jumping through my body, I also have an intense desire to beat you all. It doesn't matter at what. I am glowing in the competition of my body against yours, all of you. I haven't been so in love with my own body in my entire life. I feel totally like a woman, even as I desire and seek to destroy your womanly bodies. Nothing I have ever done even comes close to giving me the flushed and desirable feelings I have now. I almost forgot that I have a life outside of our togetherness we share right here. I know this must all come to an end, but I will regret it no matter the outcome of our matches. We've been here only a day and a half out of our two weeks. Right now I feel like keeping our sexual athletics and games going the whole time. Enough speeches."

Rose responded in agreement, "Putting my boobs up against yours gave me both a feeling of desirability and power unlike anything else I have done. Same for kissing you sexy girls. I'm all for forgetting completely about golf and just fuck and sex-fight with each other the whole damn vacation." Lynn responded in the affirmative, "I sure don't know what my husband would think of all this, but I wouldn't dream of getting out of this action now." Sue proudly stood up and gave her own little speech. It was just as much an affirmation of their sexual Olympics as Jenny had given, with a twist. "I only have two wins according to that silly yellow sheet over there, but I agree with each of you, I feel TOTALLY like a winner when I pit my boobs against yours or my tongue against yours, and I can't wait to get more down and dirty with all three of you. Just so you know, I fully intend to win any of the sexy contests you girls dare to come up with, since I had my turn already, but I would like to expand the sexy nature of our vacation beyond the bounds of pure physical competition. In order to let our bodies heal a little from the intensity of the first two days, why don't we make tomorrow a 'lazy day' in the fighting sense, but still make it one we'll use to escalate the sexy competition among us and see where it goes. I propose that we go to the beach over at the big lake, find an area that is just a little bit secluded, but with people near by and begin a series of dares. We'll take turns giving each other sexual dares, and being in a public place, I am sure there are definitely some things you girls could imagine daring me to do. I know I've got some ideas for daring you as well. What do you say? Shall we turn up the heat?" The other three spoke up simultaneously with an excited, "YES!"

That second evening they lounged around, watching TV, went downstairs to eat and retired to bed. The anticipation of Tuesday's beach trip was strong in their minds. Many sleepless moments had them debating the kind of dares that they could propose. After waking and breakfast they began about 11:00 to prepare for the trip to the beach. The weather outside remained hot, with bright sun and gentle breezes. Each had brought with them two or three suits and they now began to dress in the skimpiest suits they brought. And what suits they were!

Lynn led off with a lime green thong bikini, cut deeply into her pubic area, just daring the hair she hadn't trimmed to curl out from underneath. Her thin top was pulled tightly across her tits, barely covering her nipples and even allowing some of her gorgeous pink areolas to show if she didn't adjust the top perfectly. Rose chose a one-piece white suit that covered a little more of her hips than a thong might, but it rose narrowly from her hips across her tits with only narrow strips running up the middle of each breast, allowing lots of breast to bulge out to each side. The material was quite sheer, all the way down. No extra pads helped hide her pussy. Her cunt lips bulged against the material creating a definite visible cleft parting the thin material. It terminated in a string tie behind her neck. Jenny chose a brilliant red bikini, with small lightning bolts of gold, jabbing throughout. Like Lynn's, it barely covered her nipples which jutted convincingly through the thin bra fabric. The bikini bottom rode high up on her hips without quite baring enough of her ass to be called a thong. Sue wore a yellow bikini much the same style as Jenny's. Her nipples made their presence known through the thin bra fabric as well. Her bottom might have been cut a little skimpier around her crotch but none of her pubic hair was in imminent danger of 'showing.' That is, unless the material got wet. She had chosen a fabric that would turn opaque, nearly transparent, when wet. It looked pretty normal when dry, but her bulging pussy lips and thick pubic hair would become very visible if she got it wet. They packed a picnic lunch, threw on t-shirts, shorts, sandals, and took a beach robe along and they went off to the beach.

The ride was a giggly one. In about a dozen miles they came to a beach that stretched miles and miles north and south. The width varied from a hundred feet to as much as 300 feet and were bordered by a series of sand dunes of modest height, never more than 40 feet tall. Sea grass grew on much of the dunes. When they arrived and walked from the parking area they were greeted by the sight of dozens of people setting up blankets, swimming, reading, and all the other relaxing beach activities one might expect. The number of people diminished the farther north they walked, eventually to the point that groups were scattered a couple of hundred feet apart. They found a likely spot, near a gentle pair of swells in the dunes. They lay down their blankets, arranged their stuff, and began to take off their shirts and shorts. The view was spectacular. Each woman, mature beyond teenage, but with the kind of hard tight body that most teenage girls would envy, looked and acted like sex-hungry panthers. They lay in the sun and absorbed some rays.

Jenny broke the silence, "Ok, I feel daring. How do we go about this? Have you decided the 'dare' routine, Sue?" "Yes," she replied, "I'm going to dare you right now." She paused and then continued, "I dare you to take your top off, walk slowly over to the water, wade in, spend at least 3 minutes standing in waist deep water, splashing yourself, and then walk slowly back to our blanket. Oh, yeah. Nobody is allowed to make a dare they wouldn't take for themselves. Got it?" Lynn and Rose giggled, for they knew that within reasonable vision distance of their blanket were at least 25 people who could see what they were doing. Only an older couple in their sixties was less than a hundred feet away, but there didn't seem to be any children real close. That was part of the reason they lay down their blanket here. Jenny said, "So you want me to be the guinea pig that takes the first dare? Well, so be it!" With that she stood up, reached around behind her back and undid the knot, repeating behind her neck. Those proud puppies leapt from under her top as she tossed it onto the blanket right next to Sue. She used her index and middle finger to roll her nipples around, pulling on them to make them stand out firm and long. Then without delay she strolled towards the surf. By the time she had taken only four or five steps the older couple began staring. Soon after about half of the people on the beach could be seen turning their heads to keep a close eye on Jenny as her naked tits led the way over to the water. She walked slowly, looking straight ahead. Lynn, Sue, and Rose stared right along with everyone else and talked and giggled about Jenny going topless. As she walked she made sure to swing her butt in sexy wiggles. As she neared the water's edge a boy, about 15 years old, who had been running his dog slowed to a walk to keep an eye on Jenny. The dog jerked on the leash, but the boy wouldn't let him run. He just stared as Jenny entered the water and continued out about 100 feet to waist deep. The water was cold compared to the air temperature, giving her goose bumps. When she dropped her body (not her head) into the water and popped back up, her nipples had sprung into even sharper pointy focus. The cold made them as long as they could possibly be. She splashed around out there all alone, drawing eyes from as far as 300 feet away. No one bothered her but about 15 people got quite a show. Little did they know this was only the warm-up act. When Jenny returned and dried off, the others congratulated her and told her that since she had gone first, that she could now give the next dare.

Jenny casually put her top back on, and then spoke, "I make a double dare. I dare you, Sue, and Rose to give these people a show. Now that I have them paying attention to us because of my little topless stroll, I am sure they will be watching closely what we are doing over here. Why don't the two of you give a little titfight reenactment. Get on your knees, take your tops off and spend at least five minutes rubbing titties together. Not for fighting, but just for fun. I dare you!" Both women had been sitting up, sipping a soft drink. They looked at each other, generating big grins on their faces. Rose downed her soda, tossed it aside, and immediately stood up and facing the direction with the most people nearby, reached behind her neck and untied the string holding the top of her one-piece up. Shaking a little from side to side, she let it fall so that she was covered by only a small patch of white suit. It was snug enough that it didn't appear to be in any danger of falling off. She strode around the blanket one time, pointing her mammoth tits to every direction of the compass. She stood and watched as Sue performed a similar sequence. Sue's top required untying two knots. She accomplished that in quick order and she too shook her tits as she pulled the tiny yellow fabric away from her nearly as mammoth tits. It was hard to look at that skimpy bikini top and believe that it could have covered those astounding tits as well as it did. She too walked the circumference of the blanket, drawing whatever stares hadn't already been drawn that way by Rose's top removal. With Lynn and Jenny sitting at the back of the blanket, and the paired off ladies kneeling in a position to allow as much viewing by the 'spectators' as possible, they inched together. Battle wasn't on their minds now, just putting on a titillating show. And that is what they did. Nipples met, nipples jousted, tits rubbed back and forth, up and down. The tender and gentle motions were being watched by a growing number of nearby sunbathers. Many tried to avoid obviousness, but others outright stared. A couple of people could be spotted with binoculars. They weren't watching the ships go by either. Rose and Suze were experts at boob manipulation by now, and they could each feel the effects upon their sex-center. Both began to squirm a little in their kneeling position. Both could tell their pussies had begun to generate extra heat and lubrication. Jenny looked at her watch and told them the time was up and offered congratulations on the show. Sue and Rose returned their tops to cover their breasts and sat back down. Rose gave the next dare.

"Jenny, this dare isn't directly for you, but you had better listen closely. Lynn, I dare you to get that bottle of suntan lotion and rub that bottle all over Jenny. Now, you heard me. I said ALL over Jenny. I mean do her back, shoulders, legs, roll her over, do her tummy, her legs, and then removing her top do her breasts, and then be sure to get that bikini bottom off so you can protect that patch with plenty of suntan lotion. Get my drift? And then, Jenny, you're a wuss if you don't reciprocate and do Lynn just as deliciously as she does you." Mind you now, this wasn't a nude beach. There was danger in their actions. But so far, no one had done any more than stare at their antics. No one had wandered over to tell them to cool it. Fortunately the only families with children were quite far down the beach. Possibly they could have seen with keen eyes or binoculars. The fact that their boldness hadn't brought the police just yet allowed them to be even bolder. Lynn reached for the bottle as Jenny rolled onto her stomach. She relaxed her head on her hands and parted her legs just a little bit. She was definitely anticipating a pleasurable sunscreen application. Lynn kneeled beside Jenny and squirted a big dollop into her right hand. Much dribbled off onto Jenny's back. Lynn immediately began a rubbing circular massage motion, spreading the lotion thickly across her back, when she reached the string that kept Jenny's red top in place she quickly undid the knot and dropped the strings off to the side.

Rose and Sue sat watching when Lynn had an idea. Why should only Jenny be receiving the lotion treatment. She suggested that Rose and Sue get in gear and use the other bottle. "We might as well be putting on a double feature, hadn't we?" Rose and Sue looked at each other, the look of 'why not' in their faces. Sue rolled over and Rose immediately followed the lead of Lynn. She used plenty of lotion, untying Sue's yellow string top and admiring the glistening body beneath her hands. She used her hands expertly to caress Rose's shoulders, arms, even reaching up and tickling her arm-pits for a moment. Rose just giggled at that.

Lynn continued her slow pace on Jenny, having completely covered everything above her bikini bottoms, when she began to slide her fingers gently under the edges of Jenny's red-gold bikini, slippery fingers running along the seams and pulling the fabric away from her tanned skin to expose the small amount of still-white skin. The fabric was now pulled into the crack of her ass just like a thong. Lynn poured more lotion directly on each cheek of Jenny's lovely ass and rubbed it in thoroughly. She continued down her legs covering them with lots of glistening oil. She returned to Jenny's shoulders and began a downward spiraling massage. Her hands were having a great time and it was very clear that Jenny was enjoying every moment as well. Occasional small moans could be heard as Jenny was totally relaxed and concentrating on the feelings Lynn's expert hands were providing. As her hands worked 'southward' she forced her hands under the sides of Jenny's bottom fabric and slowly began to inch them downwards. Jenny did the best she could to cooperate by lifting her hips off the blanket. This allowed Lynn to slowly work them all the way off.

Now here was Jenny, naked as the day she was born, lying in the sun with Lynn's fabulous hands working her over. She continued on her stomach while Lynn grabbed her ass cheeks and rubbed the lotion thoroughly all over them, even parting her crack to make sure Jenny's cute little brown hole was all lubed up. Lynn for her part seemed to linger there a little extra long time. It seemed she was quite excited to get so intimate with Jenny. Lynn was getting so horny and motivated, she let her oily hands run up under her own top to get at her aching nipples. In an act of boldness, she undid her top, tossed it aside, and massaged her breasts another time. Then with deft control, she bent down pulled Jenny's ass cheek aside and jabbed her left nipple directly at Jenny's oiled up ass hole. Jenny, eyes closed had no idea that was coming. She was startled to decipher what was going on, right out here on the beach. But she wasn't really caring. She let Lynn poke and rub her left nipple all around her pretty ass. After a moment of harder poking, Jenny relaxed her anal muscles, and Lynn's vigorously stiff nipple actually penetrated right inside Jenny's hole. She then clenched her muscles, pinching tightly around Lynn's nipple. "Wow!" thought Lynn. That was incredible. Jenny repeated her pinching until Lynn couldn't take anymore and she pulled it out.

Meanwhile Rose had been enjoying Sue's deft hands. She vigorously rubbed the suntan oil into Rose's skin and quickly she had Rose roll over so she could begin caressing the curvey front of her body. Wasting no time, Sue pulled Rose's one-piece down away from her awesome boobs and then, curling her fingers under the fabric, pulled it down away from Rose's hips and completely off. The sun shone brightly on Rose's skin. Squeezing out lots more oil she began to cover Rose's body in oil. Rubbing all over and, of course, spending extensive time massaging those magnificent breasts. She twirled both of Rose's nipples between her thumb and fingers, causing low groans to leak from Rose's lips. She followed the contours of Rose's body down to her thatch of auburn curly pubic hair. She let her fingers glide through that thick thatch from side to side, pulling her fingers up to pull the long hairs out to full length extension. She was surprised to see that some of those hairs were at least three inches long. She let out a low whistle of exclamation, marveling at the lushness of Rose's womanly bush. Over and over she doused that bush with oil, rubbing it in deeply. She made side excursions down Rose's legs to make sure her entire skin surface was coated. Rose had no idea what Lynn had been doing to Jenny, as she lay there with eyes closed, enjoying the intimate feeling Sue's expert hands were providing her. Sue, however, was watching Lynn work on Jenny's body, using her actions as motivation for her own probing endeavors. Sue went down near Rose's feet and sat down with Rose's right foot right up against the thin crotch of her bikini bottoms. Her own foot was now pointing at and beginning to invade Rose's hairy snatch much as her hands had been doing moments before. Pointing her big toe straight out, she traced lines from top to bottom of Rose's exposed pussy. Up and down, sliding her toe over Rose's slippery slit she began to wedge apart those pretty lips until she could insert her toe right inside. Wiggling it around caused Rose to lurch directly into orgasm. The surprise and total kinkiness had shot Rose right over the edge of control. She humped back against that invading toe, spasms shooting through her body. She didn't dare shout but she did let repeated moans escape.

After Lynn extracted her excited nipple from Jenny's anal opening she gave her a quick slap on the butt and said, "Roll over, we have to make sure you don't get any sunburn on your front now, don't we?" Jenny's ear-to-ear grin couldn't be disguised as she rolled over and let Lynn's wondrous hands go to work. Roving quickly over her stomach, arms, legs and began slippery massaging of Jenny's unfettered tits. She made repeated kneading motions on both tits simultaneously, catching Jenny's protruding nipples between her fingers and forcing them tightly between them. She pulled, twisted gently, and pinched those nipples until they were standing out so far they practically rivaled Lynn's own nipples in length. She continued massaging those proud boobs with her right hand but she used her left to squirt more oil on Jenny's lower torso, and then with her left hand began rubbing it in deeply. First avoiding her pubic patch, but after making excursions down her legs to cover them completely, she returned and began an energetic exploration of Jenny's wondrously thick brown curly thatch. Lynn marveled at how the thickness and texture of her hair increased as she worked her fingers down to that cleft between her legs. She used her fingernails to lightly scratch Jenny's mound through her hair. She let that hand wander down the inside of both legs and work its way back up until gently finding the hairy edge of Jenny's pussy. She would trace long slow paths alongside one labia and back down the other, creating a sort of slow-motion oval routine. Jenny's labia lips grew plump and parted. Lynn pulled the left lip to one side and was surprised to see it lay flat, glistening pink inner flesh open to the breeze. She traced around to the right labia and deftly pulled that lip off to the side, where it too lay flat, exposing more inner pink flesh. Jenny's glistening juices, augmented by the sunscreen oil, were pooling on the blanket directly beneath her parted pussy lips. Lynn could hardly contain her own excitement level. She hadn't even noticed the teenage boy lying flat on top of the nearby sand dune, peering sneakily through the dune grass. He had been swimming farther up the coast, when upon noticing what was happening, decided to sneak up behind the dunes and find a closer vantage point. He never dreamed how successful he would be. Other than him, the rest of the sunbathers who were nearby tried to avoid looking at them, preferring to just go about their business, except for occasional glances. Lynn, having parted Jenny's lips so beautifully, decided it was her turn, so, at practically the peak of sexual excitement for Jenny she told Jenny to sit up and begin doing her. Jenny had been wishing that Lynn would go even further. Her pleasure center was ebbing closer and closer to orgasm when Lynn quit. Jenny reluctantly sat up, took a long look around the beach, and noted that they were still pretty much being ignored by the other sunbathers, with one exception. She could just see the head of that boy peeking over the dune. She didn't say anything, but her mind was racing with possibilities for dares. Meanwhile, Lynn had lain down and Jenny began removing Lynn's bikini. She didn't start applying the oil until she had deftly removed both Lynn's top and bottom pieces.

Anxious to maintain the sexual heat her groin was emanating Jenny quickly began covering Lynn's body with oil: Arms, neck, back, legs, and ass. Jenny was actually quite rough in kneading Lynn's totally gorgeous behind. Having Lynn invade her own ass as she did had turned on Jenny so much that she was committed to seeking an invasion of Lynn's orifice too. In fact, she began using the bottle of oil, with its tapered top to wipe lines across Lynn's back. She could see the distinct lines left by the tracing. With the young boy peering over the dune from only about 40 feet away, Jenny tried something. She used the top to trace the following letters across Lynn's back: ICU. She wondered if the boy would see it. She glanced up just as she finished and she stared right at him. He nodded his head. Now she had a little secret. She knew that everything they were doing was for an audience. She knew that he knew that she knew.

Lynn, Rose, and Sue were oblivious to the boy. They had their eyes closed or were looking the wrong way. Jenny now refocused her attention on Lynn. Using that bottle she continued to trace gentle paths along Lynn's body. Down her legs and back up the inside of each thigh, lingering long at the intersection of her legs with her body. She lightly probed around underneath as Lynn had actually raised her pelvis off the blanket, sticking her ass out towards the sky above the lake. Jenny used her left hand and parted Lynn's ass cheeks even further and then, after opening the little oil-dispensing nipple on the cap of the bottle, traced it directly to Lynn's anal hole. Without delay she stuck the nipple-cap into Lynn's ass. Wiggling it from side to side, applying gentle pressure all around she continued to excite Lynn with her creative invasion. Jenny was as excited as she could be. Lynn had a very sensitive ass-hole and her pussy began dripping dewy liquid in an almost continuous drip down to the blanket beneath. Pulling the little nipple from the bottle of oil out of her ass she closed the cap, slid the bottle down beneath her ass and used the bottle to find her juicy cunt. With a quick but well-aimed push she shoved that bottle nearly six inches deep into Lynn's accepting pussy. While Lynn hadn't actually been prepared for such a quick deep invasion, the penetration had come without pain, due to her totally slippery cunt, and Jenny's excellent aim. She immediately groaned a loud groan and began humping the bottle as Jenny began the instinctive in-out motion. They quickly hit a productive rhythm. Jenny poking the bottle in as Lynn pushed back against the bottle. There was no holding back now. Jenny was focused on delivering Lynn over the edge and Lynn was already beginning to lose control. Her humping intensified as Jenny pushed that bottle ever farther in to Lynn's cunt. The slippery bottle was hard for Jenny to hold in the rapid pistoning that she was delivering. It would slip out of her hand and practically disappear. Only an inch protruded and Jenny could barely grip with enough force to pull it back out. She gripped harder and shoved in intense speed and Lynn literally exploded in orgiastic joy. She let out a real scream, carried by the wind away from most beach-goers but definitely heard by the teenage voyeur. Lynn could hardly believe she had let herself go, especially right there at the beach, with people in view. But she didn't even care. Her jerky spasms subsided and she rolled over to allow Jenny to 'finish' applying the lotion to the front of her body.

While all this was transpiring between Jenny and Lynn, Rose and Sue had been active. Sue had replaced Rose on the blanket after Rose came down from her intense orgasm, courtesy of the toe-fuck. Rose, like Jenny, busily grabbed a second bottle of tanning oil and began covering Sue's body with the slippery liquid. It mixed with Sue's sweat and wafted a coconut-musky smell up into Rose's nostrils. She inhaled deeply and actively massaged Sue's feminine form. For approximately 45 minutes there had been no talking among the girls, except for the brief, 'roll over' command. All the rest of their communication had been body language. They were all VERY FLUENT in that language. Her hands guided themselves along the sides and back of Sue's body. They traced long squeezing paths down both legs. Almost simultaneous with Jenny discarding Lynn's bikini, Rose removed the top of Sue's bikini but left the bottom in place. After totally covering Sue's backside she guided Sue in a lazy roll-over allowing the fourth pair of large breasts to spring into view. More eyes than she knew were watching. She had long been aware of the roving eyes of people sitting on blankets up and down the beach, but she was clueless about Bobby, the boy peeking over the dune and through the dune grass mere yards above and behind her.

Rose felt like devouring the luscious woman lying before her, and so she began. Squirting plenty of oil on the front of Sue's body, noticing it soak into that super thin fabric of her bottom piece, yet remaining. She gently carved big loops of massaging motion around Sue's upper body, narrowing her loops until they were following the pleasant large outline of Sue's areolas. Both hands were active, seeking to stimulate those chocolate tipped breasts. The stimulation was working. If Sue hadn't been hot enough before, she was surely getting worked up now. Rose's heel had done quite a bit of grinding against her womanhood through her bikini during her toe-fuck. Sue's anxious moaning could be heard combined with Lynn's from just a few feet away. The double whammy sound of two foxy women moaning through the shore breeze was exciting to all five people.

Yes, Bobby could here and he was intently watching, wishing he could just grab his dick and masturbate. He didn't want to give himself away and so he just kept low, watching and listening. He had become even more excited when he had seen Jenny trace out those letters on Lynn's back: ICU. "Wow," he thought, "That totally sexy woman knows I am watching her do those nasty things to her friends, and she appears to want me to watch." So he just kept quiet and unmoving, hoping to not miss any parts of this sexy drama.

When Rose had finished her expert manipulation and sunscreen application of Sue's breasts, she focused her attention on that thin fabric trying to cover Sue's cunt and bush. With a big squirt of oil, Rose totally saturated the yellow fabric. It turned immediately transparent. She could see perfectly the outline of Sue's thick fur and down further the puffy lips of her vaginal opening. Using both hands, Rose massaged Sue right through her bikini panties. She continued to rub that puffy set of lips until she noticed the same thing that Jenny had noticed earlier in the Jacuzzi. Sue's clit was pushing out between her labia and indeed, was forming a little 'tent' in the practically non-existent fabric of her bikini bottom. This excited Rose and she began rolling her fingers back and forth sideways across the sheer fabric, causing Sue's clit to roll from side to side. Sue squealed briefly, letting everyone know that she certainly liked what Rose was doing. This was now the exact moment that Jenny had found Lynn's pussy with that appropriately shaped bottle. Rose sensing what was going on with Lynn and Jenny, she could see them after all, began rapid rolling pressure all around Sue's clitoris. As Sue began moaning, rolling her hips from side to side, and squeezing the fabric of her panties in between her thick labia lips, Rose knew that if she could work it right she might get Sue to explode at the same time as it appeared Lynn would. Whamo! Sue exploded right then, not waiting for Rose to 'guide' her orgasm into timed perfection with Lynn's. The clit stimulation had shot her right through the roof, cumming in sheets of pleasure. As her pleasure burst subsided, Rose lay down beside her, running her hand along Sue's body ever so gently, and said. "I think I am in a dream. I think I'll lay down now and catch some rays."

When, moments later Jenny succeeded in 'bottling' Lynn to an orgasm, she sat there on her knees thinking about what she had just done. She was excited as hell from all the sex she had either witnessed or been involved in. There was just one thing though. All three others had orgasms. She was sitting their high and dry, so to speak. But she had an idea.

The boy! He was still there! Without being obvious she took a good look at him. He was pretty handsome. In fact he looked pretty delicious to her. He wouldn't take his eyes off her. It was her he was looking at she was sure. Well, maybe he took peaks at the others occasionally. An idea began forming in her head. She was almost totally sure that she was the only one of the three who was aware of his presence. A plan began to take shape. She began talking in her slow sexy voice to the others as they lay there, soaking up the sun. "You girls are really pretty sexy, you know. I can hardly believe you and I took all those dares so far. I am so excited I think I could fuck the first man or boy I see. Mmmmmm, you girls look so damn good, I could practically eat you right here. I bet you girls are still horny too. I saw all your cumming and I bet you could even go for even more. I wonder what you would do if a studly young boy was here right now. I think Lynn would probably rip his pants right off and start sucking his cock. Wouldn't you Lynn?" Pause. "Wouldn't you Lynn?" Lynn spoke without lifting her head, "I would, yes, I would. I'd lick his balls and tongue his dick until he couldn't take anymore. What would you do with a hot young stud right now, Sue?" Their little sexcapade had now turned into a mini verbal fantasy. Jenny had started it off. Sue piped up, "Well, not to diminish anything you girls accomplished already, but if I had a sexy teenage boy, you know what I would do? I would lay him down, run my tits all over his body. Letting him suck on my big hot nipples. I would oil my tits and give him a titty fuck he'd never forget. Rose, your turn." "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. Please don't wake me up. I've just been dreaming that a gorgeous hunk of a college boy was kneeling right here beside me. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen. His balls hung way down as though they were begging me to suck on them. I saw a little drop of jizz on the tip of his dick and I licked it off, running my tongue around and around the tip of his big dick. Then, with me lying on my back, he kneeled just above my head, tilted my head way back and poked his thick cock inside my mouth. Slowly, gently, he pushed it in. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my mouth. He tilted my head even farther back and said in such a sweet gentle voice 'just swallow it' that that is just what I did. As I swallowed he pushed again and there I was, nine inches of big dick totally in my mouth and throat. I could feel his ball sack up against my lips. His masculine hair was pushing hard against my lips and he rocked his hips forward and back, forward and back. I love the feel of his hard manhood filling me up. Then without warning, he shoots his come clear down my throat. I swallow every bit of what must be gallons of cum. Please, don't wake me up. I love my dream."