(By HGHunt)

Chelsea's frosty look was met by Veronica's equally cold facial expression. They just stared bitter daggers of hate toward each other before finally, slowly inching their crotches together. What a sight! Immense dark pubic patches approached. Splayed open cunt-gashes, wet with the secretions from their earlier endeavors, crept closer and closer. Plump, erect massive clits, jutting forward in clear challenge, narrowed the gap.

First to touch were the incredibly long hairs that guarded their honey-hole entrances. The long brown hairs tickled each other in gentle acknowledgement of the approaching enemy. Veronica literally ached for the chance to plunge her big pointy clit into Chelsea's wet, unwilling hole. Jab! Jab! Veronica took dead aim at the wet crevice poised beneath Chelsea's impressive clit. Foiled! Each jab was met by a matching jab from Chelsea. Chelsea's timing was magnificent (or lucky). Each time the big blonde poked her almost cock-like clit towards Chelsea's vaginal opening she felt the sting (a delicious sting it was, too) of Chelsea's monolith of a clit. Their wet slippery contact of clit to clit caused the massive fleshy protrusions to slide against each other. With so much skin available for mutual contact their already sensitized clits couldn't help but respond in the natural way. Surges of pleasure, that surely would have sent them squealing in delight 99% of the time, were tolerated of necessity, and hated for the effect. It was only moments before the clear winner was physiology. Neither the brain of Chelsea nor of Veronica was a match for the incredible power lurking inside her hormonally rich body. Each girl felt the wicked clit of her rival sliding greedily across her own, as if it was trying to OWN her clit. Chelsea almost felt sick to her stomach at the prospect of losing orgasmic control. She wouldn't admit the intimate body parts of her enemy, Veronica, caused the absolutely scrumptious feeling in her pussy and clit. But the signs were unmistakable. Although during the next few moments the girls still tried to jab their hefty clits lower and into the vagina of the other girl, the clits just kept meeting and battling it out against each other. Veronica ached with the anger that came from the knowledge that Chelsea's clit was so wonderfully slippery and sexy. Within three minutes of their first clitty contact the two girls dropped the pretense of trying to impale each other and just dueled away clit-to-clit.

First Chelsea would push her bushy crotch at Veronica, trying to grind her clit backwards and inside out. But every time she did, Veronica would mount a counter attack of equal proportions. One moment it would seem that one clit was dominating, but then, just an instant later, the clits would reverse and the jousting would continue. The sword play, managed with intentions of domination was actually just sending them down the path that neither wanted to travel. Before five minutes total had elapsed the two were losing control of their hips. The grinding motions took on a spirited fever of forbidden lust. Their clits were still deliciously mating with one another beneath the hefty brown bushes that had precipitated the entire affair. Wham, thump, grunt, push, wiggle, grind, and hump.

Linda, Dawn, Tesha, Amanda, Liz, and Rashelle were seated in a crude circle about 10-12 feet away from the girls and watching intently. Every single one of them was pleasuring her own body in some way as she voyeuristically took in all the action between Chelsea and Veronica. Fingers danced across tits and dove down into bushes and quims. Gasping breath followed gasping breath and the aroma of woman-sex continued to escalate in the room, edging out the longer-lingering smell of man-sweat. All would have loved to get close to the action, to see close-up the intimate mating of their bushy cunts. None dared to impose so they continued their viewing pleasure from several feet away.

As horny as the six girls were, it really shouldn't have come as a surprise when Chelsea and Veronica's obvious pre-orgasmic rituals began to play out. Would one of them come first? Which one? Was anything being settled?

Chelsea burst over the edge first. Only a dozen or so seconds later Veronica could hold back no more. The two grunted, groaned, and shouted obscenities at each other as their pleasure centers were overwhelmed for the second time today. Their involuntary grinding kept up for a minute as they felt the rise and slow decay of a powerful orgasm. Juices squirted out in formidable amounts, lubricating the mat in a wide puddle beneath them.

Ragged speech came out of Veronica's mouth, "I knew your pussy couldn't handle my pussy. I blew you away!"

"Fuck you slut! I've only just begun. Don't think for a minute that you have a chance against me." It was just as hard for Chelsea to speak, as her breathing was quite ragged. One thing for sure, she had no intention of acquiescing to Veronica so soon.

They were quite a sight. Long blonde hair hung from Veronica's head towards the floor, her skin glistening with the sweat from the heat and exertions of the day. Her proud breasts poked up towards the ceiling, as she lay splay-legged on the floor, still joined with Chelsea. Her pretty face had taken on a new tone and luster, having her first enemy-induced orgasm forced upon her. It glowed with the contentment caused by the orgasm, but was etched with a new determination as well. The hatred wasn't visible, just an obvious fortitude to continue and WIN. Chelsea, mirroring Veronica in many ways, tossed her head, sending her long brunette hair waving. Her breasts were also jutting high and proud on her chest, shining in the light, the drops of sweat sparkling like little diamonds. Her tan body had entered into this contest intent upon victory. The stakes were high and she, despite reaching her orgasm moments before her enemy, glowed in the power and control she felt within her body.

Intent upon each other, they hadn't noticed what was going on around them. As the shudders of orgasm had plundered their bodies moments before, Liz had spoken softly to Amanda, seated next to her. "Here, let me do that." She reached out with her left hand and used it to replace Amanda's hand that had been slowly rubbing circles around her right breast and nipple. In seconds Liz and Amanda were seated close and mutual finger exploration was underway. The next to pair up were Tesha and Rashelle, followed a minute or so later by Linda and Dawn. Soft gentle kisses, wispy touches, whispered murmurings of lust, and sideways glances at the two main combatants were the new order of the day.

Veronica and Chelsea didn't really care. Their only focus was on each other and in achieving dominance. Their pussies continued to rub and grind, slowly at first, duplicating their clit war of moments earlier. Each was determined not to let the other take any aggressive advantage with her pussy play and so the two gritted their teeth and rolled on with intense grinding action. As clits continued to duel, forming the focus of their efforts, their wet, plump pussy lips were also intimately sliding into and out of each other's widening orifice. Then Chelsea gasped as she felt Veronica's successful southern venture. At exactly the right time to coincide with Chelsea's rhythm, Veronica had aimed her firm, pointy clit at the lower end of Chelsea's pussy, and with a hard thrust gouged it into her wet, sucking vagina. Chelsea groaned at the knowledge that Veronica had now achieved first penetration. Oh, but what glorious penetration it was! Feeling Veronica's hard knob plundering the outer regions of her soaked vagina was incredibly intoxicating. She didn't immediately withdraw. That would have been a sign of weakness. Instead, she accepted the penetration for a few moments, making sure to grind her cunt against the intruder as wickedly as possible. Looking at Veronica's face she could see the smug satisfaction evident.

The blonde saw Chelsea peering at her and blurted out her challenge, "Hey, bitch. How's it feel to have your pussy fucked by a real clit? Huh?"

"Like I said before, we've only begun. Don't you worry, you'll get yours!"

It was evident that Chelsea was at least a good talker, but for the moment she was the one whose pussy was getting fucked by Veronica, not the other way around. Chelsea took the pleasure and gave it right back to Veronica for almost 45 seconds, before she decided that was enough. Not really pulling away, but adjusting her angle with Veronica she was able to return to direct clit-to-clit play/fight. Chelsea hated the wicked grin glowing from Veronica's face and she determined to do something about it. She arched her body and pushed her clit with bulldozer-like force against Veronica's clit. She felt Veronica's clit give way to one side, laying flat against her skin and hair as Chelsea's clit kept up the pressure, as though she would push Veronica's clit back into her insides. In pushing so hard, she had actually pushed Veronica back across the floor about a foot before Veronica mounted her effort at retaliation. The intense pressure on their clits as Veronica pushed back had re-kindled the erotic excitement that couldn't be thwarted. Their clits continued to push and grind, Chelsea's seemingly maintaining its more erect stature against the equally long but narrower shaft of Veronica's clit. But suddenly, once again, winning and losing the battle played second fiddle to the incredible lust building in their loins. This time it was Veronica who blasted off first. In a shower of sweat that flew off her face she threw her head back and ground fervently against Chelsea's clit, seeking maximum pleasure. Chelsea's libido was right behind and within moments the two were screeching and howling in pleasure as the shock waves of their orgasms rippled through them.

The other six took notice, but did not stop their own ministrations and manipulations. They were finding the erotic atmosphere of their orgy a powerfull aphrodisiac. It was as though lust just wafted through the air and the breathing alone was enough to generate desire. The six found it delicious to keep track of the battle for Queen Bush as they were lustily involved with one of their teammates.

Chelsea and Veronica were aware of what the others were doing by now, but were still focused on the task at hand: beat the other girl and prove who should claim the title. Their orgasms subsided and as tender as her clit felt, Chelsea knew she must overcome such minor discomforts if she would prove superior. So, in a quick instant, as the movements of Veronica gave evidence of a slightly relaxed state, she pounced. Catlike in its stealth and speed, her switch surprised Veronica. Chelsea had quickly thrown her upper body forward and rolled her legs far apart in the splits to place herself atop the prone Veronica. The surprise showed on Veronica's face as she looked into the face of her enemy, just inches away. With her orgasm subsiding and the speed with which Chelsea pounced, it took a moment for Veronica to act, but in that time Chelsea had pulled her legs together and was now lying between Veronica's legs.

Veronica humped up to try to throw Chelsea off, but by that time Chelsea was already humping down herself. Chelsea's thickly forested bush was now atop the equally thick carpet of Veronica's pussy fur. Grinding down firmly against Veronica's bush Chelsea instantly let out a gasp of pleasure combined with smug satisfaction. Veronica felt the weight and pressure of Chelsea's bushy groin merging with her own. Their damp hair mingled and danced, twisting together and practically getting tied in knots. All this took only a few seconds before Veronica grabbed Chelsea's shoulder with one hand, pulled it low to her chest, and with her left leg pushed off the mat with all her might in a twisting roll. Off went Chelsea and practically landed in the laps of Liz and Amanda. Even with the short time that Chelsea had managed to grind her bush down into Veronica's bush their hairs had become enough entwined with each other that each girl felt some of them yanked out by the force of their departure from attachment.

Veronica rose to her knees to find Chelsea on her knees as well about four feet away. The six-girl-orgy that had been idling away nearby now took a break as the action took a distinctly different turn from what had been moments before merely a continuation of scissor fucking combat. THIS didn't look like they were about to mutually resume fucking again. SOMEONE was out to take advantage of the other. Yes, BOTH were out to take advantage of the other in any way they could.

"I had you there for a minute didn't I?" crowed Chelsea.

"You don't have me now, cunt. That's all that counts."

For most people sharing orgasms might make them closer and more considerate, but with these two wenches, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, they had each given the other a couple of powerful orgasms, but the hatred and burning desire for domination was not lost or even diminished. The hate was obvious as the two long lean women walked on their knees towards each other. As hard as it was for the six to stop making love with each other and only pay passing attention to the battle for Bush supremacy, they all stopped and watched. Well, maybe they didn't stop completely. A few gentle caresses and kisses occasionally were to be seen. But the focus was now definitely back on Veronica and Chelsea.

"I told you before that your pussy was a no good fuck. Now I know I was right. You couldn't fuck your way out of a paper bag, you ugly cunt." Chelsea had definitely decided that a little trash talk was in order.

"I'm not through with you yet. And for that matter, I can out-fuck your 'paper bag' of a pussy and have plenty left for my friends. So you better not count your chicks before they hatch, whore!" Veronica could spew venomous bile too!

Not that they would have needed the words to fuel any fires of combat, but they didn't hurt either. Each could see the determined glare in the other's eye, but were not awed or frightened in any way. Each still was supremely confident of overpowering the other and leaving this room with the necklace for herself.

As they edged together their arms came up and found a grip on each other's fingers. Each pressed forward, trying to bend the fingers of the other backwards. Muscles in their arms and shoulders and backs strained to overpower the other girl. The force of their straining caused their arms to go out sideways, allowing their upper bodies and faces to close up. Each girl had edged her knees as far forward as possible, hoping to gain as much leverage as possible. But it was a stalemate. Their knees were touching. The front of their powerful but slender thighs were aligned and touching. Their bushy pubic mounds were once again pressing into each other. Their tummies strained to push the other back. Their tits, almost an afterthought in the battle up to now, had crushed together in symmetric alignment. Finally, their faces were now touching. Each put as much force as she could generate into the effort. Sinews of muscle and tendon showed through on their arms, backs, and buttocks. Veronica felt the hot breath coming from Chelsea's mouth and she knew Chelsea could feel and probably taste her own, as they were now so intimately close. In hopes of overpowering each other, each had closed her eyes, straining even with her eyelashes. Anything and everything was put into the push.

The minutes passed and neither girl could distinguish any advantage, yet on they went. Aching muscles turned to burning pain, as lack of oxygen caused its effects to be felt. Their breathing was very heavy and both knew the other girl was feeling the pain, but was not yet able to submit. The intensity was tremendous. Chelsea tried bumping her hips forward to throw Veronica off balance, but Veronica did not budge. She took the impact with the front of her hips and in her bushy mound and in retaliation returned the favor at Chelsea. Same result. The stalemate had lasted for nearly ten minutes, when by some unseen but felt cooperation, the two girls let go of each other's hands. The burning pain of muscles had been too much and they had both reached the limit at the same time.

Not wanting to back off, and not having the energy for any monstrously surprising moves, they each just wrapped their arms around each other in a bearhug. Their hug was secure but not intense. Their muscles were recuperating from the struggles just concluded. Breathing was heavy as their lungs worked overtime to re-supply the oxygen they needed. Their faces were cheek to cheek as each felt the sweaty body of their foe clinching together. Their sopping bushes still were pressed firmly together and their tummies and breasts matched up nicely.

After four or five minutes of recuperative time, Chelsea's hands began to stir. She let them roam over Veronica's back, sliding across the sweat-lubricated skin easily and sexily. When Veronica returned the favor and her hands kneaded the flesh of Chelsea's buttocks, Chelsea leaned forward and wiggled her chest against Veronica's firm breasts. "Mine are harder than yours." Chelsea whispered into Veronica's ears from close range. While their breasts had not been a focus of either girl's original antagonism towards each other, the closeness of their tits pressing into one another sent enough of a signal to their brains to realize that their pointy tits had actually issued a challenge of their own to each other.

Veronica realized the hard nipples poking into her tits were intent on sending her a message of power and domination. She reacted immediately with a firm push of her own firm tits against Chelsea's hard-nippled tits. Veronica was proud of all parts of her body and she wouldn't let a challenge to her tits go unanswered. Her own nipples were very hard and pointy. She wasn't the least surprised when she felt Chelsea's tits bore into hers with a surge of power. Veronica powered her daggers right back at Chelsea and the two girls went at each other tit-to-tit and nipple-to-nipple for the next half-hour, pushing and shoving, grinding and pounding, jabbing and rubbing.

Chelsea loved the delicious feeling she got as her hard nipples dueled intimately with Veronica's equally firm tit-tips. She loosened her hugging grip on Veronica and Veronica did likewise so they could watch their nipples duel back and forth between their heated chests. Their hard thrusts and pushes hadn't decided anything and the change of pace was welcome for both girls. The erotic intimacy, heightened by the aroma in the room, and the six other girls' naked bodies close by, couldn't be totally ignored by the two combatants, even if they wanted to.

Heads pulled back to watch what was happening between them, they saw nipples dancing together in lush contact. Chelsea lined her nipples up with Veronica's and jabbed at her directly at first and then at oblique angles. Veronica countered with similar movements of her own. Neither had overly large nipples, even when fully erect, so not much deformation was evident from their exertions. Veronica positioned her nips to slide around and around Chelsea's and the two got into a mutually compatible rotation. Each girl relished the tingly erotic sensations that sparked and radiated from her nipples throughout the next several minutes. Veronica felt rejuvenated physically and sexually and she was determined to use it to her advantage.

She let out a small sigh of pleasure as their nipples continued their little dance. Chelsea raised her head from watching her nipples playing with Chelsea's. When Veronica looked up as well and their eyes met, Chelsea cooed and licked her lips causing Veronica to do the same. There was nothing in their war that could go unanswered. Slowly their heads leaned close. Their mouths found each other and they began to kiss: a very wet passionate kiss. Making no pretense of controlling her saliva, Chelsea let her slobber drool out of her mouth and all over Veronica's tongue, lips, chin, and even drip down onto her neck and chest. Dancing tongues slithered like snakes around and around each other, each seeking to excite the other girl as much as possible. Excitement is what they got. Veronica felt her body restlessly seeking Chelsea's body along every conceivable square inch of skin. Their breasts remained plastered sexily together. Tummies slid juicily back and forth. Their groins and thick, bushy mounds remained tight together, hairs interlaced and sharing the ecstatic feeling of the wicked contact between them.

Tesha and Rashelle, seated just a couple feet away were matched up in a nearly identical fashion. Their own spirited coupling was carrying them away. Liz and Amanda, and Linda and Dawn were equally involved with each other, twisting and turning to keep track of the other goings-on while also keeping each other sensually aroused. Rashelle clamped her lips on Tesha's tongue as it invaded her sexy mouth. Tesha plunged her tongue in and out of Rashelle's tight puckered lips. A very sexy tongue-in-mouth fuck had them both sucking air in gulps when their mouths finally broke apart. Dawn and Linda each had a couple of fingers exploring their juicy pussies. Liz and Amanda were rubbing their tits together gently and erotically as they kept their eyes feasted upon the 'center ring'.

Considering the lull in combative action, the two girls had regained some of their energy, but in the lull their sexy sharing had led to heightened arousal. Veronica ached for release, but her ache for domination was just as great. Continuing to wiggle her body seductively against Chelsea, she explored Chelsea's back, shoulders, and ass with her strong fingers. Gripping her ass cheeks, and pulling towards herself to initiate another round of bush grinding gave her a nice feeling of control and arousal all mixed together. When Chelsea's powerful hands found her own ass cheeks, Veronica was joyful inside. She clenched and unclenched her grip, squeezing the firm flesh of Chelsea's strong ass between her fingers. Pulling toward her she felt Chelsea's thick fuzzy snatch matching her own thick fuzz hair for hair. The cushiony thick bush protruding against her own made it perfectly clear, in angry body language that it was seeking to destroy her own. Veronica loved the feeling of intense contact, pitting her Queen Bush against a formidable and daunting foe. "Yes! I could battle this bitch forever!" Veronica thought to herself. But even with the equality of their contact, Veronica was seeking a way to gain advantage. Chelsea humped her fuzzy bush firmly against Veronica again and again as her hands pulled Veronica's butt closer.

The next move was Veronica's and she let her long arm slip lower and lower down Chelsea's powerful ass and nestled her long middle finger directly in the crack of Chelsea's ass. She could feel the hairs of Chelsea's ass part as she probed lower and lower. Finding her puckered hole through the protection of her dark pubic hairs, she wiggled her fingertip and pushed it against Chelsea's asshole. With surprising ease she parted the puckered hole as it accepted her long digit inside to the first knuckle.

"Ooohhh!" Chelsea had felt the probing digit but was still surprised when it entered her hole. She felt the finger wiggle against her tight sphincter and probe farther inside. Veronica had disoriented Chelsea for a moment and it was exhilarating for Veronica to invade Chelsea's ass. Chelsea seemed to accept the invasion for a second before her wits returned and she sought to avenge her anal invasion by getting into Veronica's ass in return. But Veronica would have none of that. As soon as she felt Chelsea's fingers probing towards her own anal opening she pulled her finger out and with a powerful thrust threw Chelsea sideways onto the mat.

That one moment of disorientation had created an opening for Veronica. As Chelsea fell to the mat, Veronica was on her in a flash, parting her thighs and landing bush down between her legs. Her hands had grabbed Chelsea's flailing arms and managed to subdue her wild gyrations. The horny flush of arousal they both had was now mingled with the physical battle. Veronica wasted no time in thrusting her sweaty, thick, brown bush directly into the open gash between Chelsea's legs.

Chelsea felt her predicament take a bad turn and she weighed her options in her mind, deciding to accept for a moment the pounding she was about to take from Veronica's hairy mound. She vowed to wait for an opportunity to turn the tables. She KNEW she would!

Veronica relished the feeling of her pussy pounding away at the subdued (?) Chelsea, beneath her. She scraped her fuzz as hard and firmly into the open gash and protruding clit of Chelsea's pussy as rapidly and violently as she could. She knew she must be causing some anxious moments and some pain for her enemy. Chelsea's silence however, was not a sign of submission and Veronica knew it. Their faces were close together and the hate and resilient antagonism was apparent. After several minutes of fast and furious fucking, Veronica began to tire of the speed with which she had been pounding and grinding away. As she slowed down, Chelsea taunted, "Can't you fuck any better than that? My pussy is the Queen and you haven't shown me anything." She was hiding the early stages of pain that was making itself known as the thousands of cunt-hairs from Veronica scrubbed and burrowed into her most sensitive pussy tissues. She felt her clit being scraped unmercifully by all that hair. The one good thing was that they were so wet from perspiration that the contact was considerably lubricated, diminishing what might have been a real punishing attack, if dry. The pain was not severe enough yet for Chelsea to be overly bothered, but it had crept into her head.

Chelsea's taunt reinvigorated Veronica and her thrusts continued unabated. Her own libido hadn't dried up totally since her cunning attack, and she was enjoying the pleasure associated with her cunt-pounding attack. Occasionally she would lift up and use her clit to tickle Chelsea's prodigious clit; sliding across it and feeling the sticky wetness of it's protruding mass. "God that feels good!" she thought to herself as their mountainous clits tangled again and again. "My clit is tearing your puny clit to pieces. I can't wait to mash it into dust!" Veronica tossed a few taunts back at Chelsea now, and in moments there was a stream of trash talk echoing in the ears of the other girls, as well as each other's. From Chelsea's vantage point she was getting a good rest, at the small expense of a little pain in her pussy, while Veronica was using considerably more energy with her writhing hips and pounding pussy and bush. "Is that the best you can do?" "You only wish you could fuck like me!" "What's holding you back?" "I feel your stinky whore cunt, and it ain't nothing!" On and on went the trash talk even as they continued to gyrate their sticky masses of thatch covered pussies together. Veronica, on top, had the greater freedom of movement, and with Chelsea's legs splayed widely apart, she took advantage to continue her assault.

After nearly half an hour of this, and sensing that Chelsea was not fighting back, but just accepting her fate (She wasn't sure of this, it was just a feeling), maybe a change of positions would be warranted.

In preparation she leaned over and kissed Chelsea again. This was another wet and sloppy kiss, much like their earlier kiss. This one was short-lived though, as Veronica rose up on her hands and knees and backed up, watching Chelsea with a large dose of mistrust. But surprisingly Chelsea played along without interference. At this point as Veronica pulled slowly away from Chelsea, they became a little more aware of the six other girls and their hot and heavy pleasuring situated all around them. Each of them noted the movement and turned to watch. It had been hard for Tesha as she was approaching an orgasm from Rashelle's clever fingers.

As Veronica stood up, she spoke, playing a little mind game with Chelsea, "I sure like fucking you up girl. But to make sure you don't cry later on about it, I'm going to give you a chance to fuck me. I want to feel just how inept and nasty your pussy really is. But first I want to try a tricky position. I want to fuck your pussy hole with my big clit while you stick your clit into my pussy hole."

"How the hell would we do that?"

"Just do as I say. I'll guide you."

Chelsea, still on the floor sat up only to be told to lie back down. With a wicked smile on her face she let Veronica take the lead. Chelsea was game to anything that Veronica might suggest. She just KNEW she could handle Veronica when it would really be necessary. Veronica told Chelsea to pull her legs up towards her head and hold them with her hands and arms. Chelsea obliged, opening her glistening, hairy gash wide, and pointing her meaty clit straight toward the ceiling. Veronica stood over her looking at Chelsea's cunt and the other girls could see the wheels turning in her head as she contemplated her next move. She took a step away from Chelsea and turned around to face away from her. Backing up slowly and spreading her own legs wide as she went she reached a point where her own cunt was directly above the widely opened cunt beneath her. Chelsea rocked her hips a bit in anticipation of what would happen next. Her rock-hard clit was standing tall, at least two inches above the slippery folds beneath. Veronica's clit was equally protruding, only downward toward the slippery confines of Chelsea's cunt. Slowly, slowly she lowered herself, bending forward at the waist, and putting her hands on her knees for balance. The other girls watched in wonder as the two clits approached each other. One was suspended above and one protruding from below. One was pointing east and one pointing west. The closer and closer they got together the more apparent was Veronica's motive. First she let her clit meet Chelsea's clit directly, just to shiver at the delight in such contact. It made Chelsea shiver too, especially knowing, now for the first time, what was coming next.

Veronica slid her clit forward and pushed down, invading Chelsea's cunt with now more than two inches of hardened massive flesh. It wiggled its way down inside Chelsea while at the same time, Chelsea angled her clit to fit snugly between the soft wet folds of Veronica's bushy covered cunt. ZZZZZ. ZZZZ. It was like electrical bolts shot through them as the realization that this position, and the size of their two clits, allowed both girls to be fucked by the other girl's clit simultaneously. Chelsea felt her clit grow even larger, the victim of Veronica's creative position. Even though she was lying on her back and Veronica was still above her, she relished the terribly wicked nature of their intercourse. Chelsea felt her clit pulsing with life as it grew to dimensions never before contemplated.

"It must be nearly three inches long!" exclaimed Dawn, as she watched the two girls wiggle and thrust together.

"Whose?" questioned Amanda.

"Shit, both of them!" retorted Linda. She was right. Veronica's clit grew even longer, more cock-like as she felt Chelsea's large clit invade her slippery hole. She could feel it enter her and wiggle against the sides of her convoluted pussy lining. Her vagina had had real cocks bigger than that of course, but the kinky knowledge that it was a girls clitoris filling her up inside, made it seem like she was being totally filled. She clenched the muscles of her cunt wall, squeezing Chelsea's protrusion for all she was worth, even as she felt her own clit being compressed by the powerful squeezing from Chelsea's vagina. The two girls hit a rocking sort of rhythm where first one and then the other would penetrate to her deepest point. Veronica would alternately lean forward and then back to allow Chelsea's clit to piston out of her vagina as her clit was pistoning inward. Veronica gasped and almost fell over with each deep penetration from Chelsea's thrusting clit. Chelsea, with the advantage of laying on the floor and holding her legs far back above and to the side of her head didn't worry about losing her balance, but she too was gasping at the intensity of pleasure she was receiving from Veronica's long clit and from the way her own clit sent shivers of delight throughout her body with each penetration of Veronica.

Back and forth went the rocking motion. Louder and louder became their groans and spasms. The other girls all had stopped what they were doing to watch this episode in the Bush War. Right now it was as if a truce had been placed in effect. And what a truce it was.

Amanda actually crawled over to the girls to get a close up view. "Holy Shit! This is amazing. Those two big clits are fucking each other's pussy at the same time!" She practically shouted it out as she fingered her own cunt vigorously. Her face was only about six inches away from the penetrating action and she could feel the heat emanating from their doubly locked up pussies. The smell was overpowering and intoxicating. The musky feminine odor, mixed with the perfumes they had applied had her swooning. "God, I wish I had a clit like that!"

In an instant the other girls crowded around very close, all with their faces within a foot of the fucking clits and pussies. Throughout this, Chelsea and Veronica, full well knowing they were on display for the others, but so caught up in the kinky sensuality of their coupling, just kept right on humping and rocking away at each other. In fact they were both relishing the 'performance' aspect of their little war.

Oh, what a delectable sight it was for Linda as she watched the full length of Veronica's clit disappear down into the soft slippery wet folds of Chelsea's cunt. Then it would miraculously reappear, pulling slowly out, only to dive in deeply again and again. From the other angle, Dawn watched Chelsea's tremendous clit vanish into Veronica over and over again, reappearing every time, glistening with more and more juices.

The exquisite pleasure was reaching across the spaces between them and it was enveloping the spectators. They thrilled at the dueling pussies. Their focus on sweaty, thick, pubic bushes was being replaced by their fascination with the stupendous clits waging a fuck-war with each other.

Veronica began having trouble keeping her balance. When she almost fell, Tesha and Rashelle grabbed her and held her up. With them for support, she redoubled her vigorous rocking fuck. In and out she felt Chelsea's clit penetrate again and again, even as she swooned at the feeling of her own deep penetration of Chelsea's womb tunnel. At this moment in time, the pleasure was so great, the lust so deep, that neither girl was thinking about domination. Right NOW it was ALL about pleasure. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. They didn't want it to end, but alas! Their bodies were only human. After fifteen or twenty minutes of this exciting position (courtesy of Veronica) they blasted into a powerful orgasm. It was as if a stick of dynamite had gone off under them as they screamed their pleasures and thrust their clits to their deepest penetrations yet. Simultaneous clitty-fucking climax. Chelsea felt as if the top of her head would blow right off, so powerful were the jolts she was experiencing. Veronica was lucky to have two girls hold her up, since her own muscles were spent and it was all she could do to finish her last grinding thrusts.

Only seconds behind those two were four of the other girls. Their fingers had been busy and with the sounds, smells, and sight of what they were witnessing they shot off into orgasm-land as well. Only Tesha and Rashelle, who had been holding Veronica up, didn't orgasm with them. Oh, such despair!

Finally their throes of orgasm subsided and Veronica slumped to the floor.