(By HGHunt)

The excitement caused by Dawn and Rashelle, from beginning to end, had sent tremors of lusty excitement through all six of the others. Veronica and Chelsea were most definitely not immune to what they had witnessed. As anxious as they had been all along to get at each other, both were a bit unsettled by what they had seen already. Each knew the tenor of their battle would be different, but the extreme version of sexuality they had just witnessed, between girls who had never even had a lesbian experience before today, caused them both to wonder what would be in store for their battle.

As for the other girls thinking, how could the next battle be anything but anticlimactic? Could Veronica and Chelsea get 'this' down and dirty with each other? How would they settle the differences between them? They all knew only one thing really: both wanted to be QB, but only one could. As soon as Rashelle had finished her little speech and Dawn had finally sat up, Tesha went to get some water in a cup and bring it in for Dawn. The color was returning to her face. Even through the heat (maybe the heat was partly to blame for her feinting) her face had turned quite white as she rode Rashelle's face. Now, with a few minutes of rest, some water and some encouraging words from the rest, she stood up. Together they all went out and took long drinks from the fountain. They were saving their bottled water for quick sips back inside. Being athletes, they certainly knew about their water needs during and after exertion.

As they slowly moved back into the room the clock on the wall read 2:27. They had been there for nearly two and a half hours already, with each of the first matches taking about 45 minutes. Now all minds regained a focus that had been lost. Not since that first practice last Monday had the group felt this much trepidation and angst of the unknown. What would Veronica and Chelsea do? Would they sexfight with their pussies? Would they use a more balanced attack? Would they get violent? Who would win? Question after question filled their minds as they filed back inside.

Only Chelsea and Veronica didn't have so many questions. They were much more simply focused. "I will beat her," was all either girl was thinking. Well, almost.

Chelsea, having observed these girls for the last week of her life, already had a pretty good sense of what motivated them, what excited them, and what they would be willing to do, especially if it meant getting something they wanted in return. She wasn't exactly a mind reader, but she had a pretty good inkling that what was on her mind might be wholeheartedly accepted.

"Veronica, I know we have some business to take care of. I can hardly wait. I have enjoyed the spectacle put on by you others, but I have a proposition for you all. Do you want to hear it?"

"Hell yes!" exclaimed Tesha.

Cries in the affirmative blasted forth from all the others (except for Veronica). They, having witnessed so much already, were anxious finally to hear from Chelsea or Veronica. Veronica's eyes just smoldered as she felt upstaged by her enemy. "What the hell can that bitch want now?" she thought.

Pausing for effect, and after a slow burning look at Veronica, Chelsea turned her attention to the attentive six. "I'll admit something to you girls. Every one of you is a hot and sexy girl. I loved the way you showed your sexiness as well as your competitive spirit in these 'early' matches. No question about it. You've turned me on. In fact you've made me want every one of you. So...." She paused again. "After I've taken care of this bitch over here," she nodded towards the fuming Veronica, "I intend to pussy-fuck every single one of you. Sort of like a bonus prize for allowing you to witness my superiority over that piece of shit standing over there all upset and red in the face." Her uncanny accuracy in reading the girls was quite shocking. She was right-on about the six as well as the effect it had on Veronica. The six were all a bit flabbergasted, but the excitement in their eyes was undeniable.

Tesha, feeling that a sense of fairness and impartiality must be maintained, chimed in right away. "Well, such a proposition sure carries with it a little bit of excitement, I must admit, however, such a proposition must be offered equally to Veronica. I know I would love to cunt bump either of you, IF YOU WIN? What about it girls, shall we offer ourselves as a 'fleshy' prize to the QUEEN BUSH?"

Linda and Dawn immediately spat out "YES!" Amanda, Rashelle, and Liz were only moments behind with an emphatic "Yes!" as well.

Veronica was stunned. She always knew Chelsea might have something up her sleeve but THIS? Stunned or not, Veronica wasn't idly stewing in her anger. She was pretty smart, and with a few wild thoughts she decided if she was going to wipe that smug smile off Chelsea's face, why not start now?

"Well, well, well. I think Miss Chelsea knows what she is doing. She knows she can boast and crow about wanting to fuck you all when she is done. But knowing she can't fulfill that promise must have made her all the bolder. When I'm done with her she won't have a milligram of 'fuck' left in her. My pussy is the one that has the most 'fuck' in it of any pussy here. I'll do Miss Chelsea here one better. I'll give every one of you a little 'fuck' with me BEFORE I take on this JC upstart over here. That way you will all know what the REAL QUEEN BUSH can do. There will be no questions about who is the QB for ever after." Veronica sneered at Chelsea, whose turn it was to turn a deeper shade of red. Veronica practically strutted, even though she didn't even move.

Tesha again was the one who spoke up. "I guess this is the poker game of the moment. Chelsea, do you want to see her raise?" Yes, it was a lot like a good poker game here, no one was sure exactly which cards the two players held, but one thing was sure, somebody's bluff was eventually going to get called.

"Nothing I'd like better." Chelsea managed to blurt out. It didn't sound like her heart was in it but she managed a smile and then, almost as an afterthought she added. "Oh, by the way. Maybe this is a good time for each of you to have a sneak peek. I know you have been dying to get a better view of my pretty pussy. Well..... I think now is the time to oblige your wish. Have a seat."

Not quite knowing what to make of it, the six complied as Veronica tossed in her two-cents worth, "Yeah bitch, now is as good a time as any for them to see what the Queen Bush is hiding. Look no farther than my glorious bush to see the Queen." A strange sort of hush fell over them as Veronica and Chelsea stood tall in front of the six seated girls. Sitting on the floor, their heads were all about crotch height for either girl. "Go for it bitch. Show them what you've got if you dare."

Tesha was closest to Chelsea. Tesha had been the one who last Monday had imagined herself as Veronica, aching to fuck the big hairy snatch that was now bearing down on her. She didn't blink once. Chelsea had such a magnificently thick shock of hair, standing out proud and long from her mound, diving down deeply between her legs, covering her pussy lips to such a depth that they were invisible amongst the forest, that the region underneath was a totally unviewed orifice, even after having shared showers with these girls for the last week.

With the grace and erotic stride of a stripper, Chelsea approached Tesha, who was actually holding her breath in anticipation. Stopping a mere foot away from Tesha's face, Chelsea began running her long fingers through her massive fuzziness. She pulled her fingers slowly away from her mound, letting the hairs fall back between her fingers, after having been stretched out to a good four or five inches from her skin. The immensity and grandeur of her thatch was really something to see, especially up close, thought Tesha. The other girls watched her reaction. Tesha inhaled a deep breath, absorbing the musky sweet mixture of woman-scent and perfume. She tried to identify the aroma but was stymied. Concentrating on the smell she watched as Chelsea bent over a bit backwards, reached far down between her legs, which she had just spread a little wider. Her fingers slowly moved between her thick hairs, seeking entrance to the guarded tunnel beneath. It took several moments for her to part enough of the thick moist hairs for the first glimpse of labia to appear. Chills shot down Tesha's spine as she caught the first glimpse of the puffy lips, very low and towards the bottom of her cunt. The juices already present stuck them together.

The other girls had not waited their turn for a good look. All (except Veronica, of course) were hovering just over Tesha's shoulder only inches away. A week ago, none of them would have ever believed that they would ever be part of the scene they were now part of. What a difference a week makes. The heady aroma wafted over Tesha's shoulders and the other five drew in their own deep breaths to catch it all. They watched as Chelsea used her long index finger to part ever more of her wet bush away from her slit. As she parted the bush upward until finally all was revealed, a collective gasp was heard from all six babes at once.

Hidden beneath all that fuzz an incredibly huge and prominent clitoris protruded. The fleshy nub, unsheathed from the upper labia it stood proud and tall. It must have had a shaft of nearly three inches long and protruded an inch and a half outward from her already puffed out lips. "Jesus Christ," thought Rashelle, "this bitch has everything in extremes. Real tall, huge bush, and now... A huge clit!" Words can't do justice to the sight that presented itself to 'the six'. It was obviously somewhat aroused, but none were sure if it was engorged to its fullest or not. If not, heaven forbid how big it might become, when 'angry'.

Amanda was the first to actually speak. "Holy cow, where did you get that giant clit?"

Looking over at the non-smiling Veronica, Chelsea modestly admitted, "Oh, I guess I'm just blessed." The girls might have been thinking about some of the cautionary instructions they had all been given as athletes. It was standard practice to inform athletes about the dangers of steroids. None of the girls used them, but they remembered that when a girl or woman takes steroids (synthetic male hormones) for strength, that those same hormones cause masculinization of women's bodies: more hair, more pronounced genitalia, etc. Could Chelsea be using steroids they wondered? Actually the answer was no. The truth is she just carried within her hormonal makeup a larger percentage of the natural hormone testosterone, the male hormone that is responsible for our sex drive as well as its effect on our bodies. For sure, Chelsea and all the other girls were all natural that way, nothing artificial.

The girls were all aghast at the prospect of what that clit might be able to do (or have done to it?) in a cunt fight. One thing for sure, surprises never stopped coming.

Having stood off to the side, Veronica hadn't stared like the others, but she sure could tell that Chelsea carried some extraordinary equipment between her legs. Somehow though, the others couldn't quite explain to themselves the calm with which Veronica seemed to take the news of the huge clit hidden beneath the trees, so to speak.

Now that Chelsea backed off with a huge smile on her face, it was Veronica's turn. Using Dawn as her focus, and with the other girls crowding around her head, as they had done moments before with Chelsea, Veronica purposely and artificially mimicked Chelsea's dramatic pussy show.

She too had such a marvelously thick bush that no hint of her slit beneath had ever been seen, even in three years of locker room peeking. Three years for some of them, and still the only view between her legs was one full of thick brown hair covering her womanhood. "Her perfume is more familiar," thought Linda, but she couldn't place it exactly. Her womanly scent wafted to their nostrils and excited their libidos with its headiness. With sweat pouring off their foreheads they tensely waited for Veronica to show off her cunt. Her long fingers parted their way down deeply between her legs and with a few quick parting motions she had her sticky hairs parted enough for her pinkness to show through. It was if a sledgehammer had hit them in the head when they realized that they were staring into the mouth of the wettest longest pussy slit they had ever seen, and to top it off there was a mountainous clitoris standing like the Matterhorn over it all. If Chelsea's was big, this 'might' even be bigger. It was a little more pointy, sloping less gently from its origins at the top of her cleft. It stood nearly two inches out from the rest of her labia skin and its bright pink color practically glowed in health. It wasn't real wide and its unsheathed appearance was striking and made them all horny as hell.

"What were the chances?" They all thought at once. Here are these two Amazonian girls with the astounding bushes and now BOTH of them carried clit equipment that HAD to be among the largest clits anywhere! WOW! The possibilities of what was to come were stupendously intriguing.

The gasps and sighs reverberated throughout the room. The girls were practically as giddy as if they were 8-year-olds all over again and opening a brand new Barbie doll. Only this time there was a little more hormonal involvement. Every one of them could feel the heat of lust surging through their groins. Every one of them noticed the slippery juices emerging from their nectar factory. Every one of them found her breathing to be a little ragged. "God, what will those hairy snatches, and those giant clits feel like pressed up against my own?" Delicious excitement and expectation drowned out any inhibitions they might have had.

Veronica sat down on the floor and spread her legs wide. She beckoned Dawn over to her. Chelsea sat on the floor a few feet away and her legs shot out in a very wide V. Tesha slid on her butt over to Chelsea while Dawn approached Veronica. Both Veronica and Chelsea had opened their legs, exposing their long wet gashes, with their proud and fleshy clits jutting out and glistening with their juices. Their fuzz, having been parted earlier by their fingers, allowed an awesome view of their normally very hidden charms.

Dawn's dream was coming true. The phone conversation she had with Tesha earlier came back to her mind. Now, here they both were, each about to get a real live Amazon-fuck from the two combatants. Dawn shivered in expectation before she even touched. Just the sexy view, knowing that that hairy pussy was just about to give HER a little tribad action, made her shiver uncontrollably. Even though she had just had an unconscious orgasm she was so turned on by this that her body was quaking. It was all she could do to arrange her legs out into a V that would accommodate the Dark V waiting for her. Each girl, right legs up, and left legs low, slid closer and closer. Veronica had a mile-wide grin on her face as Dawn's pretty pussy deftly slid into position a couple of inches away. Dawn held her breath as the two slowly edged into contact. First Dawn felt the long fuzzy hairs tickling her labia. Exquisite! Next came the touch of labia to labia. Zap! Perfect little ripples of pleasure washed over her cunt and clit. When, an instant later, Veronica deftly twisted her hips lower, her clit slid downward over the top of Dawn's hard clit. Both girls shivered at the amazingly joyful conjunction of their two clits. Veronica's monster rubbed up and down over the slippery nub of Dawn's pleasure center. Dawn, hovering in a sort of never-never land of deliciousness, began grinding her pussy against Veronica's shaggy pussy. Veronica, conserving her energy, ground back, but with little vigor.

Veronica, never having admitted it of course, was experiencing her very first pussy-to-pussy touching. The tantalizing prospect of what she had expected it to be like was surpassed a thousand times. All the horny cocks of men and boys she had handled in the past were no preparation for the deliciously sweet feel of Dawn's wet pussy rubbing her own. She had hoped (and expected) to be able to maintain a detached mood of control and dominance. She hadn't expected the delicious pleasure to be so overpowering. "God, oh God!" she thought, "this is so fucking goooooooooood." She battled to maintain her aura of detachment. She bit her lip and twisted her hips again, bringing her large clit to the doorway of Dawn's vagina. Push, push, push, wiggle. Wiggle, push, wiggle, push. Dawn groaned as she felt first the tip, and then more of the shaft slide inside her vagina. Penetrating more than an inch, and growing even longer as the soft wet pressure from Dawn's vagina squeezed on her clit, Veronica sucked in a quick gasping breath.

"You feel my clit fucking you? Huh? You like my clit fucking you?" Veronica couldn't help but get verbal as she enjoyed the gushy texture of Dawn's fist-fucked twat. Dawn just leaned into the pressure and ground her cunt slowly and firmly against the invading clit. "Mmmmmm. That feels soooooooo good!"

While Dawn was getting her first clitty jab, Tesha was learning, in a very first hand way, what Chelsea would be bringing to bear against Veronica. Tesha had slid up close to Chelsea, her eyes never leaving the glistening gash before her. The pent up sexual energy of the two girls was practically burning their groins. It wouldn't have surprised either one to see smoke pour forth when they finally met. Chelsea, with so many foxy girls at hand, was abundantly turned on. Even with the intense hatred fueled by her feud with Veronica, the wicked, sexy, goings-on of the last three hours had generated a real sexual desire. Her already large clitoris had become plumper, firmer, and taller. As their pussies closed in together, Chelsea's protruding clit, through the previously parted carpet of hair, led the way. Tesha aligned her own, much smaller clit, to meet the challenge head on. "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Both girls let out their sighs of satisfaction as their clits began a slippery duel. Back and forth they rubbed together, Tesha relishing every little twist and turn of the friction caused by the monstrous appendage Chelsea proudly brandished. Just when their wiggling got going good, Tesha vaguely heard Veronica announce matter-of-factly, "switch."

The couplings had lasted only a minute or two, but neither Dawn nor Tesha was ready to quit. Their possessive nature had to be overcome by a pair of hands on either girl's shoulders from another girl, before they could be persuaded to pull away. It was NOT easy. Dawn and Tesha parted from the loin-lock they each had been enjoying and watched as Linda and Liz took their places. Linda slid into the slot vacated by Tesha and Liz locked up her pussy with Veronica. These girls wasted no time mashing and bashing their wet cunts up against the monster-bush giants. Like the two before them they felt the power and probing determination of their two giant clits. Chelsea and Veronica wanted to make sure each girl felt and recognized the almost masculine thrusts and penetrations of their out-of-the-ordinary clits. Veronica aimed her clit and plunged it into Liz's red-haired cunt most directly. It's stand-up-straight shape allowed it to be poked like a small cock into a wet orifice. Chelsea's more attached but equally deep clit required a bit more wiggling to accomplish the same degree of penetration, but penetrate she did. Linda sucked in her breath as she felt the invading clit push back her labia lips and slide groovily between them. Sloshing and popping noises from both couplings made the slippery conjunction of cunts a real audible phenomenon.

Dawn and Tesha, after watching the first slippery contact between their successors and the Amazons, stepped back and began whispering to each other. Breathlessly and with unbridled excitement they spoke in hushed tones. "What was hers like?" "How did it feel?" "What was the bush like?" "Did she get her clit inside you?" "Oh God, I'm horny." "I can't wait to feel the other one" "Shit, I just want to fuck all day!" The words ran together and each could have said the other's words and it wouldn't have mattered. They were both so excited they could hardly contain themselves.

Rashelle and Amanda were the last pair to go cunt-to-cunt with the two. None had reached orgasm so far, but the couplings were having an undeniable effect on Chelsea and Veronica. The sexual physiology of their bodies wasn't quite able to block out the lusty intentions of their mating teammates. Each pussy that came in contact with her own raised the temperature of her libido just a little bit. Chelsea and Veronica were trying to tiptoe through this and save themselves for the grand finale, but the hot gorgeous girls whose pussies were as wet as their own, had different ideas. Chelsea bit her lip, almost making it bleed as Rashelle's wide-spread gash joined up with her own. Labia lips squished and squirmed against each other in a black and white passion dance. Chelsea could feel the burning desire from Rashelle's pussy drenching her own pussy with creamy nectar. Chelsea rammed her clit into her cunt and ground it in hard and deep. Rashelle actually came a mere 30 seconds into the grinding. Amanda meanwhile, was clit-bumping with Veronica to a real thumping beat. Veronica had probed her clit into Amanda's vagina immediately and Amanda loved the feel of it's hard, wiggling presence inside her, but she had ached for the chance to bump clits and she maneuvered her ass a bit and plowed her small blonde bush directly into Veronica's shag. Their clits met head on and tangled intimately. Amanda pulled back three or four inches, not far, and bumped her clit aggressively against Veronica's. Veronica obliged and they hit a rhythm of bumping clits that was sending both Veronica and Amanda higher and higher. It was excruciating for them to pull apart, as Dawn and Tesha were now demanding their turns.

Halfway through the six girls and Veronica was already about to explode. The total time elapsed was a relatively short 6 to 8 minutes, but the sexy atmosphere, with all the other girls watching, the newness and dirtiness of what they were doing, made her ache for release. She didn't know if she dared allow an orgasm or not. She didn't really have a 'plan' for wasting the bitch Chelsea, only a gut feeling that her own grit and determination, along with her own self-acknowledged sexiness, would carry her through to victory. It was she who had proposed this 'early bird special' of a fuck. There was no way she would back out and if she succumbed to an orgasm before her rival, would it signal weakness on her part? What would the others think? Now before she could clear her thoughts, Tesha was before her, sliding closer and closer.

"God," she thought, "this is so fucking fun, maybe I should just let whatever happens happen. Nobody said we couldn't have orgasms." She had been thinking to herself. And now she felt Tesha's arrowhead bush slide right up against her clit and bush. Instantly she was grinding her thickly forested bush against Tesha's much less intimidating thatch. It felt good, real good and her instinctive motions took over. Grinding back against Tesha she felt her clit, as engorged as it had ever been in her life, plunge with perfect aim into Tesha's wanting cunt.

"Oooohhhhh. Fuck me right there. Yes! Fuck me with that big clit. Yes! Right Theeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee!" Tesha bounced into an aggressive orgasm that caused her to shiver and shake against Veronica's clit to such a degree that the conscious decision making power of Veronica's mind was lost. Bang! She shuddered and plunged her clit again and again against the wet confines of Tesha's snatch. She felt the wonderful fireworks begin in her clit and spark out to every corner of her body. She arched her back to meet Tesha head on and push her back about a foot across the mat. She bit her lip and didn't scream or yell, even though she would have loved to. She looked to her right to see Chelsea. They each had been sneaking peeks at each other as their couplings went on and on. Chelsea was banging her clitty into Dawn's cunt, pushing it against her wet slick labia and driving her backwards across the mat also. When Dawn pushed enough to slow Chelsea's advance across the floor, their cunts made a loud splashing sound and Chelsea's squirming fleshy clit found a nice hard nub to push against. In seconds she too was rolling through an orgasm. Chelsea shivered and shook with an orgasm she too had wished not to happen, but the powerful climax soared through her anyway. Dawn and Tesha continued grinding their unsatiated pussies against the two satiated (for now) pussies of the two tall girls. Both orgasms wound down without Dawn or Tesha reaching a climax.

With a nod of her head Veronica motioned for Linda and Liz immediately shouldered Dawn out of the way so she could get her turn for grinding with Chelsea. With orgasms subsiding, the two girls slowed their gyrations just a bit, but never stopped. Linda and Liz now felt the second giant clit of the day and were making mental comparisons of how the two matched up. Each was long and powerfully wielded. The hair that had to part for access to either pussy was very long and it certainly could be felt scraping along their inner thighs and on engorged labia. The pussy lips of both girls were very full and puffy. Veronica's slit length might have been a bit longer, but not by much. Chelsea's inner labia lips were a little more pronounced and flap-like, but both girls could easily open up and handle plenty of penetration it appeared. Their clits? Oh yes, their clits. As mentioned earlier, Chelsea's clit extended in a long sloping, gradual rise from the very top of her cleft to a peak nearly three inches away from its origin. The peak and the pink nub were at the vortex of the flaps of skin that parted and wound their way down deep to her juicy wet slew of a cunt. The total distention available for potential insertions was about two inches, maybe more. But having a long slope/shaft leading up to it, it wasn't quite as easy to 'point' as Veronica's slender, but just as tall clit. One thing for sure, though was that both girls had the knack for dead aim. When they pointed, wiggled, and poked with their clits, they managed to find their mark in short order every time. Liz and Linda had been jabbering quietly to themselves as they had waited for their turns. Each had wanted to know what the massive clit of the other fucker was really like. Now they were getting first hand comparisons. Liz lined up her hole and Chelsea wasted no time probing the depths (well, for feminine penetration anyway) of Liz's cunt. Liz knew it felt a bit different than Veronica's had felt, but it didn't really seem to be any more or any less deep inside her. Oh, how fucking delicious to be able to fuck such wonderful cunts and make the mental comparisons between the two. "Lovely, just lovely," she thought.

Linda, sopping wet like all the others from the heat, was wiggling her cunt into perfect alignment to watch Veronica's big pointy clit jab inside her and disappear. "Damn, that feels good," she thought. They fucked each other in that position until it was time for the last switch.

The four girls who had all felt the fucking style, intimate tissues, and lusty appetites of both QB wannabes, were now whispering among themselves, unheard by the others, as Rashelle hooked crotches with Veronica and Amanda did the same with Chelsea. They groaned and mumbled to themselves as they enjoyed the same grinding action as the others. No more orgasms flooded the room, but the ache of passion in need of release was very strong. Chelsea and Veronica had certainly made a pleasant diversion from their main reason for today's gathering, but whether it had settled anything, or intimidated anyone was another matter altogether.

For the six girls who had originally hoped to be able to be spectators only, this had certainly turned into a much more productive and exciting afternoon than they might have ever imagined. It was not yet 3:15 and there was a long time before they would have to think about leaving. As the ending of their pre-fight fluffing approached, both Chelsea and Veronica punctuated their clit-fucks with grunts and groans accompanying powerful thrusts that sent Amanda and Rashelle reeling backwards.

Chelsea looked over at Veronica and as Veronica returned her gaze, the two, as if by mutual agreement pulled away from the last two girls. A slow realization that the prelims were over hit them all. Amanda and Rashelle quickly backed away with the others and all eyes and ears were focused on Veronica and Chelsea. Six brains raced with the possibilities. Holding their breath, each watched as a slow motion rotation occurred between the two girls on the floor. They were still splay-legged on the floor facing east as Amanda and Rashelle had backed off. Only seven or eight feet apart they silently turned to face each other. Each was now able to look directly at the immense thatch of bush and the impressively wet and protruding clit of her enemy head on.

If one of them initiated it, the six couldn't tell. Whatever imperceptible trigger had gone off between the two tall rivals, the six were clueless as to what it was. But slowly, inexorably, the two inched closer and closer. Arranging their legs exactly as they had them for the couplings with the six, they moved in on each other. Eyes burned with hatred. The time it took for the two to close in on each other seemed excruciatingly slow to the other girls, considering the loathing they obviously had for each other, as evidenced by their dagger-like stares.

Again, no one could tell who stopped first. They had oriented themselves with right leg high and left leg low, aiming for a perfect scissors. What had seemed like two powerful locomotives on a collision course at slow speed somehow came to a stop just six inches apart. Their naked legs had touched and slid along each other's lengths, the skin deliciously sending the feel of enemy skin through hyperactive nerves deep into their brains. It was as if some raw, awful, torture had been perpetrated on them. Even the delicious smooth sweaty touch of soft feminine skin on soft feminine skin had felt to them like sandpaper on eyeballs. As luxurious and tantalizing as the same touch had been with the other six, THIS was different. This was awful; they could contain themselves no longer. The showdown was at hand.