POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 10

Clearly aching for a better angle from which to grind her cunt into Evelyn’s and with dominance on her mind Kathy pushed forward to roll Evelyn on her back. With their bodies still tightly wound together she wriggled downward with sufficient force to elicit an “ooomph” from Evelyn. Seeking still further advantage Kathy pushed away with her arms to separate her chest and tummy from her rival’s torso. Evelyn grasped for Kathy’s hair to try to hold her in place, but it was insufficient to hold her tight. With fingers grasping her hair Kathy still managed to right herself into a seated position which she followed up with a grab for both Evelyn’s ankles. Evelyn was so excited to keep her cunt stimulated by Kathy’s juicy pussy, and recognizing that Kathy was angling for even better access to her own, she arched her pelvis up and as Kathy lifted her ankles and legs upward Kathy stood over Evelyn side-straddle style.

Evelyn let her legs spread wide, peeling back her outer labia to reveal the glistening pink orifice and the prominent fleshy clitoris at the top. “Mmmmmm. I can’t wait!” Kathy consciously murmured to herself. She lowered her own pussy to smack back down into Evelyn’s, regaining the mutual touch that had been lost temporarily. But this time there would be no compromises in keeping their slippery lips and clits in near constant stimulating contact. No, now there would be none.

Evelyn did her best to match Kathy’s movements to elicit the most intense exotic arousal of her private parts. Kathy went into high gear now, her hips rockin’ and rollin’ this way and that, rotating like egg beaters, pumping up and down like a high performance Ferrari engine, relishing in the indulgent sensations that were now cascading through her like a cataract. She was in the enviable position to dictate the ebb and flow of their carnal contact and she was not about to waste it. Evelyn was keeping up her own gyrations from her inferior position but she was more or less now at the mercy of Kathy’s direction. And Kathy was merciless. As though she’d been given an overdose of adrenaline or stimulating drugs (she hadn’t) she poured her energy into grinding and thrusting her pussy around, down, across, and into Evelyn’s upward angled snatch.

“Ooooooh. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” Evelyn reacted to the onslaught with a flurry of grunts, profanities, and squeals that made clear how much impact this new position was having on her arousal. Kathy let loose a few grunts and vile words of her own as her labia parted even farther, which of course exposed her surging clit to activating the most direct and intense portion of their sexfight so far. Kathy’s clit was likely not quite as large as Evelyn’s to begin with, but it now was at its peak arousal. Its stiffness and size were ready to take on Evelyn’s fleshy she-cock. With juices from both vaginas drizzling down towards the floor and saturation at its peak their clits banged together inside their combative pussies. Evelyn let a few more choice words spill out, as unintelligible as they were. Shivers wracked her body, her clit felt like it was pounding like a jack-hammer with lust. She ached and ached and ached for every inch of clitty-fucking contact she could get. And Kathy was giving it to her and giving it good. Their fleshy nubs rubbed and ground into each other, each doing everything it could to reach its own climax while hoping beyond that to bring her enemy there first.

The aroma of sex juices, sweat, and wine had now so saturated their nostrils that nothing but a plane crash into the home would have been noticeable. Evelyn’s body was tired as was Kathy’s but both were now intent on using up all reserves in order to gain advantage and superiority and her own pleasure to boot. But only one would get both.