POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 9

Their bodies came together, as magnets had pulled them together. Like vapor coming in the night the two women found their bodies tightly wrapped. Arms encircled. Legs curled around. Heads slid beside each other. Torsos collided.

Settling the matter between them was now a foregone conclusion. Each woman was confident but could not know what would transpire. Each ached for the finality that was looming in front of them, determined to be the winner, but in the back of their mind realizing that neither had any advantage yet. Evelyn snarls a blunt threat, “I’m going to fuck you raw!” She reminded herself of the last second preparation she had done just before Kathy showed up. Realizing how long and hard some cunt battles could be she wanted every advantage, and with her prodigious pussy fur surrounding her wet slew she decided to make it the most impenetrable barrier she could. Reaching down to those long hairs that cover both sides of her labia she pulled them out to full length, and then with twists of her fingers back and forth and up and down, twining hairs from her left with those from her right. Practically tied in knots by her repeated twists they tightly wove a matted barrier to her inner soft vaginal folds. She hoped that the volume of tangled furry hairs down there would allow her to rub twats with Kathy for far longer without being rubbed raw herself, and at the same time over-stimulating Kathy’s pussy. Of course before hand she had no idea of knowing whether or not Kathy’s abundance of hair might be a match for hers. In any case she felt it could not possibly be a disadvantage and was eager to use this tactic on Kathy.

Of course Kathy knew none of this, but as much as she recognized Evelyn’s abundance of dark hair down there with her eyes, it was still quite erotic and even intimidating when her own well-endowed crotch encountered her foes equipment down there. “Mmmmmmm, you think so bitch? I don’t. Lets find out!” With that Kathy wiggled her hips. Vigorously. Their bodies now in a classic seated catball locked together by their own desire and hatred as well as physically. Evelyn pulled Kathy tight, her right leg over Kathy’s left and her right arm over Kathy’s left, while Kathy was the same to her, right over left both legs and arms. Perfectly symmetric and perfuckly equal.

As the beads of sweat on their shiny torsos mingled and ran together from their tight embrace, the writhing and wiggling got into gear. First gear took several minutes of slow and somewhat gentle rubs from pussies upward, the tingling of arousal excited both women anew. Evelyn felt her thick lower pussy hair encounter Kathy’s dark bush. “Ahh,” she thought, “this just might work,” as she noticed her bush begin to grind inside Kathy’s defensive hairs. With her lesbian experiences and instincts fully engaged she knew just the right angle to maneuver her lower torso to press what she perceived to be her hairy advantage. The sensations of lusty contact lurched and flowed between them, Evelyn’s pussy lips touching Kathy’s hairy perimeter and relishing the beautiful friction across her sensitive area. “Wow! This is hot.” she thought to herself as she grunted out loud her pleasure and threat with a deep-throat-ed series of staccato vocalizations.

While Evelyn’s head was filled with vacillating cognition that shifted between the pleasurable feelings in her cunt and the heady thrill of her likely domination of a hated rival, Kathy spent the first several moments of their catball conflict in absorbing the overall eroticism of the moment. “Live for now,” she thought to herself. She heard Ev’s grunts and gave a few of her own, but she also whispered in Evelyn’s ear several murmured endearments, if that is what one would call phrases like “Feel my pussy grind you deep. Be my bitch. You love my titties mashing in to yours don’t you?” On and on she want as their mutual slithering torsoes shimmied against each other for several minutes.

Juices that had already been evident inside their pussies were now flowing outward and beginning to saturate their surrounding flesh and the vegetative covering of their intertwining furry covering. As the soaking grew the slipperiness and delightful friction of their softened hairs instigated a new surge of lust from deep in their loins. Moans and little sounds of uncontrollable desire leaked from the throats of both women. Kathy felt her hair that surrounded her labia begin to peel further apart, rendering her labia more vulnerable than before to Evelyn’s furry gyrations. Oh it felt good she thought. Their bodies were in a tight clinch, heaving breasts and pokey nipples squashed between them and the feeling was superb, but the mental focus of both combatants narrowed to the much smaller arena between their crotches. As Kathy’s boundary hair and then her labia began peeling apart from the grinding friction of Evelyn’s prodigious forest down there Evelyn’s experience in tribadism allowed her to recognize her advantage.

“Oh good,” she thought, “now I can force my advantage on her.” And for a while so it seemed. She upped her cunt-thrusting action to accelerate Kathy’s inner folds towards overload from scratchy friction. She heard Kathy release a few short grunts as each thrust gained entrance into Kathy’s vagina with some of her hairy braided adornment. Kathy had not been aware of Evelyn’s “extra” prep she had done to her pussy hair, but she had certainly handled a handful of pussy hair attacks on her inner folds before and as hot and horny as the extra stimulation made her she felt now only the need to fight back. As Evelyn’s increased grinding continued, Kathy had just accepted it for a few moments, but shortly she began to up her own circular gyrations that allowed her opened up pussy lips to saturate all of Evelyn’s lower pubic hairs with gobs of Kathy-juice. It wasn’t long after that that Evelyn’s short-lived hairy advantage down low evaporated. Those tightly wound hairs that she had so delicately prepared were so over-saturated that their tangles unraveled and became nothing more than slippery friction for their two cunts to get even closer together. Her hair began to part right down the middle of her slippery slit and as it did her puffy outer labia encountered directly Kathy’s own cunt lips. Their confluence of sex organs sent shivers through their bodies, but their overall body positioning; seated on the floor, legs overlapping and torsos, arms, and heads all in a writhing clinch prevented the most advantageous angle of attack from being in their grasp.