By AngelDawn30

Lisa and Emily

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Lisa was wearing a pink nightshirt that was long enough to cover her ass and her matching pink panties when she heard the doorbell ring ... It was a few minutes after three o'clock... she peered through the peephole to make sure it was her sister and then opened the front door ... “Hi Emily... come on in.”

Emily's huge braless tits were gently swaying under her tight scooped-neck black t-shirt as she strutted through the door wearing an incredibly short pair of cut-off jeans that hugged her hips and displayed the lower swells of her tight ass cheeks. As soon as Lisa had closed the door, Emily stepped toward her with her arms open wide and pushed her body against Lisa's, giving her a long hug as she slowly brushed her big tits against Lisa's enormous rack. “It's really nice to see you Lisa.”

Lisa was very much aware of Emily's big tits pressing against hers as she responded.. “Good to see you too.”

Emily released their hug and stepped back. Lisa could not help but look down and stare at her sisters huge rack... 'Holy Shit. She is as big as Amanda' .. “Soooo what movie did you bring?”

“Oh shit!... I forgot to bring one.”

Lisa laughed... “That's ok... sooooo how are you?”

“I'm doing great... except for one little problem... that I thought you might could help me with.”

“Sure... how can I help?” Lisa answered as they walked over and sat down on the sofa.

Emily looked into her sisters eyes.. “I kinda got myself into a predicament.”


“Yeah.. and I need your help.”

“All right. What is it?”

“Well, you see, there is this bitch.. ah.. I mean.. there is this other girl.. someone I don't like... and... well...”

“It's ok Emily.. you can talk to me.”

“Well... ok”

“The bitch challenged me to a titfight.”

“A what??” Lisa was surprised.

“A titfight... and I am not sure what the fuck it is!.. and certainly do not know how.”

Lisa was surprised as she answered... “And you think I know?”

“Yes I do... at least I think you do.”

“And how would you know that?” Lisa quizzed her sister.

“A few days ago I saw you and Amanda together.”


“It was last Tuesday... I dropped by to see you and the front door was unlocked... so I walked in... and heard voices coming from the bedroom... so I peeked in... and y'all were together on the bed.”

“Oh Emily … how could you?”

“Hey... it wasn't like I was planning on sneaking around trying to catch you and Amanda together.... I had no idea that the two of you would be fucking!”

“So you watched?”


“For how long?”

“Long enough... and then I left.. I was too embarrassed to say anything.”

“I don't know what to say Emily.”

“Lisa... you're my sister... it's not like I am gonna tell anyone... and to tell you the truth... it was kinda hot.”


“Oh fuck yesss!”

Lisa turned her body more toward her sister.. “So what all did you see?”

“You and Amanda were sexfighting.”

Lisa scooted a little closer to her sister... “And were you touching yourself as you watched?”

Emily whispered... “Yeah.... I am sorry Lisa... I couldn't help it.”

Lisa finally smiled... “I guess I would have done the same thing.” They stared at each other for a moment before Lisa spoke again.. “Sooo.. someone challenged you to a titfight?” Emily nodded. “Who is she.. anyone I would know?”

“Jennifer Jackson... we went to high school together.”

“I think I remember meeting her... maybe... what does she look like?” Emily reached for her phone and showed Lisa a photo. “She's pretty.”

“She's a bitch!”

“Ok.... she's a pretty bitch... nice rack.”

“And what's wrong with my rack?”

“Nothing is wrong with your rack Emily... I was just saying she had a nice rack.”

“I'm bigger than she is.”

Lisa glanced down at Emily's tits again .... they were definitely huge... maybe even as big as her own huge E cup tits... “You are no doubt bigger than Jennifer.. Damn, you're about as big as I am!”

Emily glanced down at Lisa's massive tits.. “Maybe.... You have always had bigger tits than me.”

Lisa laughed... “Only because I have always been two years older than you.. but you have caught up... definitely caught up.”

“So will you teach me?” Emily asked. Now you already know that Emily knew how to titfight... she had recently had an encounter with Joy at the motel... but she pretended not to know..... she wanted to seduce her sister.

“Oh... I don't know....”


“Well.. I can tell you kinda how it works.”

Emily stood up.. and extended her hands down toward Lisa.. “I want you to show me.”

Lisa looked up at her sister... and for the first time she felt an attraction... a sexual attraction. Lisa was one of the biggest titfreaks on the planet.. and her sister, Emily, had one of the biggest pair of tits that Lisa had seen in a while.... they certainly were as big and full as Amanda's big pair. She clasped Emily's hands in hers as she stood up. “Ok, I'll show you the basic idea.... but not a word of this to anyone.... and certainly not to Amanda! Promise?”

“Promise!” Emily smiled as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her black t-shirt and pulled it up over her head... freeing her over-sized braless tits.. and tossing the t-shirt on the sofa.

Lisa stepped back ...“What in the fuck are you doing?”

Emily stood there... her huge tits barely swaying on her chest.. “Isn't this the way you do it??? Topless?”

“Well... yeah.... but...”

“Then take off your top and show me.”

Lisa thought to herself.. 'This little fucker is trying to seduce me!!!' .. “I don't think that is necessary Emily.”

“Oh come on Lisa... don't be a prude!... I have seen your tits before... hundreds of times.”

“Yeah, well that was different.”

“Are you embarrassed to show me your tits?” Emily asked.

“No... that's not the point.”

“Let me help you.” Emily said as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sisters pink nightshirt and yanked it up... Lisa tried to stop her but it was too late... Emily had already tugged it up over Lisa's tits....

“Oh... what the fuck!” Lisa said as she finished pulling her nightshirt up over her head.. tossing it on the sofa. They stood there... each girl staring at the huge pair of tits that were in front of them.

“Ok Emily... pay attention... the first thing you want to do is intimidate your opponent. This gives you an advantage.”

“Ok.” Emily responded as her eyes were locked on Lisa's huge tits and her very intimidating hard nipples.

“You sway back and forth like this …. letting your tits move from side to side... you want to show her how firm your tits are.” Lisa's tits barely moved as she slowly twisted her upper torso back and forth. “If her tits swing more than yours, it means that your tits are better... they are more firm... more dense.”

“K” Emily answered as she shifted her upper body back and forth.. her tits barely wobbling on her chest. “Like this?”

“Yes, just like that.” Lisa stared in disbelief... Emily's big tits should move a little more than they were moving... or was it possible that her big tits were actually that firm? 'Damn', she thought to herself... 'My little sister has an amazing pair of tits'

“Then what?” Emily asked.

“You lean back slightly.. arch your back like this... and thrust your tits out at her... in this position your nipples will point upward just a bit... it will make them look bigger.. and more dangerous.”

Emily stared at her sisters long thick nipples... . .nipples that were pointing straight out.. slightly upward.. they did indeed look threatening. She took a deep breath and arched her back just as Lisa had down.. thrusting her heavy tits out.. her big nipples pointing slightly upward and looking intimidating as hell. “Like this?”

Lisa gulped. She was perhaps one of the biggest titfreaks in the world.. and the sight of Emily's incredible rack was turning her on.... but she was Emily's sister!! “Fuck.” She whispered.

Emily heard her.... and stepped a little closer to Lisa as she continued to stare at her sister's huge tits, . . . . . whispering, “Fuck.” Lisa was breathing deeper and deeper, her eyes locked on her sisters abundant tits with those big rock hard nipples. “Do we touch them together now?” she whispered as she stepped closer to Lisa until the tips of their extended nipples were less than an inch apart. She paused, waiting for Lisa to respond, but Lisa was in a daze... staring at her little sister's heavy tits. Emily decided that it was time to make her move.. she was a couple of inches shorter than Lisa so she had to make an adjustment in her stance as she stepped forward.. her hard nipples meeting Lisa's equally hard thrusting nipples head on … tip to tip... Lisa gasped … and so did Emily as she moved closer to Lisa.. their nipples pressing together tip to tip until the pressure sprang them apart.. each pair stabbing into the opposing areolas. “Ohhhhhhhh Fuck.” Emily moaned.

“Unnnnnnnnnn Fuck!” Lisa gasped.

There was no turning back …Emily pushed more.. their big nipples disappearing as their areolas mated together.. and then also disappeared under their huge tits that were now beginning to mushroom up and out to their sides. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssss.” Emily moaned.

Lisa was trembling and gasping as she stepped toward her sister, increasing the pressure on their mammoth tits... “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck!” She moaned as she wrapped her arms around her sister and began pumping her huge tits against Emily's.

“I want to tit fuck you Lisa.” Emily moaned as she pumped tits with her sister.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssss!” Lisa groaned as she pumped her tits with Emily's.. push and release... push and release... forward and backward.. their tits never breaking contact.. mushrooming with each push.. then reforming to their normal shape when they would ease themselves back from each other. She felt Emily's hands reaching behind her and cupping her buttocks, pulling closer with each thrust of their big tits... and then those hands were sliding inside her panties... clutching at the hot bare skin of her hard ass cheeks. Lisa stared into her sisters eyes... and moaned as she parted her lips... “Fuck it.” Emily watched as Lisa's mouth moved toward her own mouth and she quickly parted her lips just before their lips met.... a split second later she felt Lisa's tongue pushing against hers as their lips touched and their tongues began pushing against each other... sliding over and around each other... each girl determined to shove her own tongue down her sisters throat. They gasped and moaned... it was so dirty.. so filthy.. so very nasty... French kissing your sister. They began to grind their big naked tits together.. sliding those huge globes back and forth across each other.. long hard nipples catching and springing apart with each erotic pass. They groaned together... Lisa's hands had made their way inside the back of Emily's cut off jeans... digging her fingernails into Emily's hard muscular buttocks as they kept sliding their massive tits back and forth against each other... they were hot... and they were wet... Lisa could feel the dampness in her panties... and Emily was aware that her own panties were being soaked with her pussy juices.

The two hot young girls began pumping their tits together again as their tongues raged their own war inside their locked mouths …. only this time is was harder... those big firm melons were being pushed together very hard.. each girl pushing with her legs... trying to mash each other flat... but the mushrooming was minimum... those four big tits were just too fucking dense.... someone had to make the next move... someone had to escalate the tit pumping to the next level... and it was Emily who pushed herself away from her sister...breaking their kiss... stringing their mixed spit between their lips... staring at her... groaning … “Tit fuck me Lisa! Fuck my big tits with yours!” She then lunged forward.. slamming her huge tits into Lisa's with a loud 'Smack'.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Ouuuuuuuuuu.” Lisa groaned from the sudden impact. They squeezed each others asses tight as they pushed their big tits together.... and both of them knew that they had to do it again.... Lisa and Emily leaned back... then lunged forward at the same time.. “Splat!” Again their heavy tits collided...'Smack!' ... sending a shock wave of pleasure through their tits all the way down to their clits which were now swelling with lust. “Come on Emily …. tit fuck me, you hot bitch!”

“Unnnnnnnn.” Emily moaned as they slammed their tits together again... 'Smack!' ..“Take that you bitch!”

“Whore!” Lisa gasped as they slapped their big tits together again... 'Smack!'

“Slut!” Emily moaned as again their huge tits met with a loud 'Slap!

The two hot sisters slammed their heavy tits together again and again.. their hands moving to grab each other by the shoulders... so they when they lunged at each other, they could also pull each other toward them at the same time... this was creating some very loud collisions between their enormous tits... the smacking and slapping sounds of their heavy tits echoing throughout Lisa's apartment. Over and over... again... and again.. they hurled themselves together.... tit to tit... nipples meeting head on with a violent force. 'Smack' …... 'Smack' ….. 'Slap' … time after time as the minutes rolled by.. slamming together tit to tit.... Lisa's nipples were on fire... Emily's nipples were burning …. they were turned on more than either could remember... slamming your big tits against your sisters big tits was just so fucking nasty... so fucking dirty. Emily finally stepped back.... panting.... as she reached down and unfastened her cut-off jeans, unzipping them and sliding them and her panties off her hot ass all in one motion. Lisa's eyes were wide open. Emily knew that her sister might be having a little problem with this sister-sister thing... so she quickly knelt down in front of Lisa.. reached her fingers inside the waistband of Lisa's panties.. and tugged them down over her hot tight ass... down her thighs.. all the way to her ankles as Lisa stepped out of them.

“What are you doing Emily?” Lisa was unsure about all of this.

Emily stared at her sisters wet cunt.. and before Lisa could say anything else, Emily had reached behind her sister.. grabbing her hot ass and pulled Lisa's pussy toward her face. She clamped her mouth on Lisa's cunt.. and pushed her tongue inside.. as far as she could reach... there was no playing around.... no more teasing... Emily wanted to fuck her sister right now. Lisa began to moan again as Emily twirled her tongue around inside Lisa's vagina. … licking.... moving her tongue up and down her sisters wet slit.. then pushing her tongue back inside Lisa... swirling her tongue around... tasting and licking. Lisa reached down and grabbed Emily's long blonde hair and tugged Emily's face even tighter to her pussy as she began to hump her sisters face. Lisa felt so dirty. This was taboo... it was incest with her sister.. but the pleasure that Emily was giving her was so very delicious. For several minutes Lisa rocked her hips back and forth.. face fucking her sister as Emily stabbed her tongue in and out of Lisa's dripping cunt... she was tongue fucking her sister and Lisa was loving it. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh eat my pussy you little whore!” Lisa gasped.

Lisa loved to talk dirty.... and Emily also loved the nasty talk as she responded between licks... “You love it don't you?... you nasty slut.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God yesssssssssss … fuck me Emily!”

Emily continued to worship her sisters pussy.. until Lisa was on the verge of an orgasm... but she did not want to cum just yet as she tugged on Emily's long hair .. pulling her face back and looked down at her sister. Emily's face was wet with her pussy juices as she looked up at her sister... then slowly stood up... grabbing Lisa's hand and leading her to the bedroom. Lisa followed... she was turned on way to much to protest what was happening... she wanted to fuck her sister.. and when they arrived at the bed, they laid down together... then moved apart... getting on their backs .. spreading their legs... and moving toward each other so they could scissor their legs together. Sometimes girls will pause before they push their open cunts together... letting each other get a good look at the others cunt.... sometimes they take a few moments to tease each other... perhaps by touching their own clit... or maybe inserting a finger into their hot vagina... sometimes they want to prolong the inevitable merging that is about to take place. The build-up... the anticipation... it is important to women... and then there are times when two hot bitches just want to fuck.... right now. This was one of those moments as they scooted forward until they mashed their wet labia together with a squishy splat.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Ummmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss.”

Lisa assumed she had much more experience than Emily... and she assumed correctly.. but she was quickly taken by surprise as Emily began rocking her hips... Emily knew exactly what she was doing.. she knew just how far to move up... and to move down..always keeping their labia squished tightly together... Lisa began rocking with her... they were fucking …. they were fucking cunt to cunt.... two sisters.... fucking each other... their wet slits sliding up and down... sometimes left to right... sometimes they would just push together hard and grind.. pushing.. spreading each other open... barely moving their pussys against each other as they mashed into one another.. then they would rock some more... up and down.. sliding together.. it was a hot fuck... both girls getting wetter and wetter with each passing minute. There was the occasional 'squish' sound... sometimes there would be a 'slurp' sound... and as they began flexing their pussys against each other there would be a few 'farting' sounds as they sucked each other with their cunts. The almost constant moaning and gasping accompanied their fucking.

Lisa placed her hands on the bed and lifted her upper body up and issued the inevitable challenge to her sister .. “I can make you cum first.”

“Bring it on whore!” Emily gasped in response.

They resumed their fucking with a vengeance.... mashing and pushing their twats together with all their strength... their labia was completely mashed tightly together as they squirmed their cunts together... grinding hard into each other... both girls wanted to literally push their pussy inside the other girls pussy. They moaned and whimpered with pleasure as the grinding continued.. on and on and on. It was a hard fuck. The grinding was hard. The mashing was intense. The rubbing was vicious. No doubt you know that when two girls are scissoring it is more difficult to get your clits together. If you want to grind your clits head on into each other it is more easily accomplished when one girl is laying on top of the other girl … face to face. In the missionary position it is fairly easy to grind your clits together … you simply slide up and down against each other…. however, if you twist your hips slightly.. you can grind your clits together when you are scissoring. It is more of a side to side grinding... so your clits flick back and forth across each other. Although your clits will not be rubbing length to length, the constant flicking back and forth can also be quite effective in forcing an orgasm from your partner... or in this case... from your sister. Lisa and Emily made the necessary adjustments with their hips and they both squealed when they felt their clits flick past each other for the first time.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Emily.. can you feel my clit rubbing yours?”

“Un huh... it feels sooooo fucking good Lisa.”

“Fuck me Emily! Fuck my clit with your clit!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssss!”

They moved their hips from side to side.. flicking their hard clits back and forth against each other... rubbing …. grinding … the pleasure building and building deep within their bodies as they fucked and fucked and fucked … squishing.... pushing... rotating their hips together... dragging their swollen clits back and forth across each other time and time again... their breathing quickened... their hearts were beating fast...... the two sisters who were locked together cunt to cunt in their incestuous fuck began to tremble... one of them was going to cum first... one of them was going to win their sexfight... one of them was going to prove to the other that she had the superior cunt. They both understood as they began to move their hips more rapidly... flicking their sensitive clits back and forth against each other... again …. and again... flick.. flick … flick … their clits would meet and push together... and then slide apart... flick apart... only to do it again .. over and over. Emily raised herself up on her hands and began grinding even harder against her sisters pussy. They each lifted their asses up in the air, applying more pressure to their joined cunts... wiggling their hips... flicking and rubbing their clits together... hard. As hard as they could push against each other... the pleasure was unbearable... someone had to give in... but both hot girls were determined to out-fuck her sister.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!” Lisa moaned. Her cunt was about to release its gush of sweetness.

“Iiiieeeeeeeeeeee” Emily cried out as her cunt jerked... her vagina contracted hard.. and her clit spasmed against Lisa's clit.

“FUCK!” Lisa screamed as her own vagina clenched hard and she knew that it was about to ejaculate.. she knew her pussy was about to gush her girl-cum all over her sisters pussy... it was only going to be a few more seconds..... then she heard Emily scream …

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!!! I'm fucking Cummmmming Lisa!” Emily's cunt gushed and spewed it's hot wetness all over Lisa's pussy...'Ohhhhhh GOD!”

A few seconds later, Lisa's cunt erupted like a volcano... spewing it's hot cum against Emily's gushing cunt.. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmming with you!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming Emily.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Lisa !!! Cummmmmmming!”

Their wetness sprayed each others cunts.. their thighs were wet... their juices were running down between the cracks of their ass cheeks.... they pushed and bucked their spewing cunts together hard... screaming … panting … gasping ….



Lisa and Emily moaned and whimpered together for several minutes before Lisa moved away from her sister. She turned around and laid down on the bed beside Emily as Emily turned toward her. They hugged each other tightly.. their big tits mushrooming against each other... “Ohhhhhh Lisa... I love you Lisa.”

“I love you too Sis.”

They held each other for a long time..... bonding together as only sisters can do.. and yes, they did love each other.. they were sisters... they had always loved each other... but now their sisterly love had taken on a new meaning. Twenty minutes went by before Emily rolled off the bed and began to get dressed. Lisa rolled off the bed a few moments later and slipped her panties and nightshirt back on. “Emily?”


“Let's do it again sometime.”

“I would love that Lisa.”

“Me too... just think of how much we have been missing out on.”

Emily giggled... “I know!”

“Maybe you can come and join in with Amanda and me sometime.”

“Oh yessssssss.. that would be wild!”

Lisa laughed.... “It does have possibilities.”

The two sisters talked for another thirty minutes before Emily had to leave. They kissed each other goodbye.... and it was not a sisterly kiss. Their tongues danced together for several minutes before Emily pulled herself away... “I can't wait until I see you again.”

Lisa spoke as she walked her sister to the door ….“Me either... oh... one thing... don't tell Amanda. I am not sure what she might think about me fucking my sister.”

“I promise.”

“Thanks... bye Emily.”

“Bye Lisa.”

To be continued