By AngelDawn30

Angel and Jane

Angel Unicorn in leather
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Angel faintly heard the chimes from her grandfather clock which was in the corner of her bedroom.... the damn thing kept chiming and chiming... she tugged her pillow over her head and listened to the chiming... “Damn” Angel mumbled as she rolled over to see Jane still sleeping... she wiped the sleep out of her eyes as she glanced at the clock. It was noon. “Damn.” Angel mumbled again as she rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she walked back into the bedroom and Jane was awake.. gazing up at the mirror above Angel's bed. She had pulled off the covers and it looked like she was admiring her flawless body.... Angel smiled as she asked Jane.. “Like what you see?”

She turned her eyes toward Angel and answered... “Yes.... Yes I like it very much.”

Angel smiled as Jane rolled out of the bed and headed toward the bathroom... “I'll be right back.”

“I'll be right here waiting.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jane responded as she strolled to the bathroom... swaying her hips a little more than was necessary.

“My oh My Jane... you do have such a fine ass.”

Jane giggled as she walked into the bathroom... returning in a few minutes to find Angel laying on the bed... still naked. She smiled at Angel ...“Sooooooooo, what is on the agenda for today?”

“Well, I am glad you asked... I was thinking... we could go to a movie... perhaps go to a nice restaurant.... do a little more shopping or sightseeing.... maybe we could ….”

Jane interrupted her as she climbed up on Angel's huge bed... “Or maybe we could just fuck all day.”

“Well... that was going to be one of my choices.”

Jane laid down next to Angel as they rolled toward each other... “You know what I always wanted to do Angel?”

Angel giggled... “I have no idea.. but I am guessing that you are about to tell me.”

“I would like to see how many different tribbing positions we can think of.”

“I can think of a lot.”

“Well,” Jane spoke in her sultry sexy voice... “What I meant was … I want to fuck you... I want to trib with you... in every way that we can possibly imagine.”

Angel felt her pussy clinch. “Ohhhh Jane.. you are such a nasty whore.”

“I have an idea!” Jane rolled out of the bed.... “Where is a computer?” Angel pointed to a desk that was near the grandfather clock. “Ok... lets google it.”

Angel laughed... “Ok.”

Jane opened up Angel's desktop computer and googled 'Different positions for tribadism' … “See? There you go.” Angel had walked over to where Jane was sitting and they both looked at the photos together... “That one looks fun.”

“They all look fun Jane.”

“Soooooooooooooooooooo.....?” Jane batted her eyes at Angel as Angel extended her hand... grasping Jane's hand and led her to the bed.... while holding hands they placed the back of their legs against the bed.... each of them knowing what was coming next...



They both yelled together ...“Three” as they fell backwards onto the bed which brought laughter from both girls. Angel rolled over on top of Jane.. leaning down and licking her lips before pressing her lips to Jane's.... kissing her... within moments their mouths were locked in a deep french kiss.... tongues exploring the inside of each others mouths. Angel moved her legs between Jane's... spreading her thighs... as she slowly lowered her body down on top of Jane's... their huge tits touching.. then merging.. then squishing out a little against each other … Angel and Jane loved their tits together... it was so erotic and sensual... Angel slowly rocked back and forth.. her heavy tits sliding against Jane's as their huge nipples became hard and erect. Angel lifted her mouth away from Jane and stared down into her beautiful deep blue eyes as she lowered her pussy down against Jane's... so that their vulvas were barely touching. Angel began with a slow circular motion … stimulating their labia ... which started their juices flowing. “Ohhhhhhh Angel.” Jane moaned as their labia slowly become engorged, magnifying the sensation that was flowing their their pussys. “Mmmmmmmmmm”

“Your pussy lips feel so good against mine Jane.”


Angel kept moving her hips in a slow circular motion... their pussy lips getting wetter and more sticky as they moved against one another... Jane was already beginning to breathe deeper as Angel was careful not to push down to hard... not yet... that would come later. Jane was now moving her hips.. in a tight slow circular motion.. in the opposite direction from Angel's movements.. they continued this slow build-up until their pussy lips were swollen and extended... until they were catching and sticking together... and being peeled apart as they moved together... It was so fucking erotic as they began to quietly moan together. Without really changing the pace, Angel lowered herself slightly putting more pressure on their pussies as they continued to move their hips together... around and around in a circle... dragging their wet pussy lips together.. feeling them squishing... feeling them tugging and pulling on each other as they circled each other. Jane gasped.... and Angel moaned... It was sooooooo sexy.

As Angel looked down into Jane's eyes she switched to an up and down motion. Jane could feel her labia flatten even more as it splayed open .. As Angel moved her pussy up and down against Jane's she could feel her labia sliding inside of Jane's... She could feel Jane's pussy lips wrapping around hers... as if she was penetrating Jane's pussy with her pussy lips... up and down... sliding.... up … down …. gasping …. sliding... up... down... panting …. up and down.... Angel's engorged pussy lips sliding up and down inside Jane's vulva.... it was so warm and wet... and both hot women were loving every second of it.... they were fucking.... the best kind of fucking ... fucking to please each other. Minute after minute Angel moved her pussy up and down against Jane's... their hot gooey pussy lips catching and sticking together.. then peeling and sliding apart... only to stick and cling again and again... up and down.... squishing... rubbing …. fucking.

Angel and Jane continued their measured rhythm for the next ten minutes... moaning and gasping as Angel slid her wet vulva up and down against Jane's soaked vulva... sliding and rubbing their splayed cunts together.... until they were both getting close to an orgasm. They looked into each others eyes and they knew that their impending climax was near as Angel rolled her hips up.. and shifted slightly forward so that her sensitive swollen clit found Jane's throbbing clit... then they mashed their two hyper-sensitive clits together.

Jane panted ...“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Angel.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss Jane.”

They new they would be coming in a few more minutes. Jane reached up and cupped Angel's hard buttocks in her hands as she wrapped her legs tightly around Angel's. With her hands on Angel's firm ass cheeks, Jane pulled Angel's pussy even tighter against her own.... their clits were mashed tightly together as Angel continued to rock up and down against Jane's vibrating clit.... up and down..... rubbing … fucking …throbbing clit head to throbbing clit head … they could feel their swollen clits pulsing together... beating together... and it sent erotic chills through their bodies as they fucked. Their now sweaty skin was sliding together... four huge tits moving together.. their long hard nipples flicking and rubbing... stabbing into each other as they fucked... Angel leaned her face down and they began to kiss... tongues sliding over each other... teeth nibbling on lips... moaning and gasping as they stimulated their clits against each other. Angel and Jane loved the feel of naked skin on naked skin as they rubbed together in their steady humping rhythm... The fire began deep inside their flawless bodies... it was like a gentle rain falling on them... with the raindrops becoming bigger and more frequent.. until it became a heavy downpour. Their bodies jerked together.. their nipples throbbed and spasmed together...... Angel and Jane locked their eyes together... they wanted to witness the pleasure in each others eyes as they moaned deeply together... their hot clits caught on fire and began to burn..... the flames of pleasure consuming them as they cried out in unison together.... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Angel's pussy contracted violently... gushing a hot stream of her girl-cum on Jane's pussy.... spraying her with her love juices ... “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Cummmmmmmmming!!” Jane cried out as her pussy flexed and clinched and ejaculated her own hot sweet cum... splashing on Angel's wet cunt.... they were cummming together.... they were squirting together.... they moaned and trembled together as their orgasm overwhelmed them. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Angel!!”

“Jane!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their two hot cunts erupted a second time.... gushing against each other.. spraying each other with their hot fuck juices...... “Oh My God!” Jane screamed as she felt Angel's powerful pussy clamp down tightly against her own pussy... sealing them together... and then she felt suction. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssss!” Angel flexed her pussy hard... and Jane flexed her talented pussy hard... as they sucked together... squishing their hot cum in and out of each others cunts.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Jane!!!”


Their tight pussys squeezed together... sucked together... they were pulling and tugging at each other... trying to devour each other.... and a third orgasm exploded from deep inside their sucking cunts... They screamed... they yelled.... as their pussys gushed a third time... squirting into each others sucking vaginas... their fuck-cum mixing together.. as they sucked their juices back and forth between their powerful cunts... squishing... slurping.... sucking together hard!



“Cummmmmmmmmmming with you!”

“Yessssss Cummmmmmming together!”

Angel and Jane moaned and panted.... as their hips kept moving.... and their pussys kept fucking and sucking.... minute after minute... the pleasure was washing through their bodies... It was heavenly. Finally Angel lifted herself up... and both of them felt their pussy lips stretching and tugging on each other until they finally peeled apart. Angel rolled off of Jane... rolling to her back... and they laid there... breathing deeply... catching their heated breath.

“Oh Angel... that was the best ever!!”


Jane rolled over toward Angel and propped herself up on her elbow, looking at Angel. “Guess what?”

Angel turned her head and looked at Jane … “Hmmm?”

“I think we just fulfilled a promise to each other. I think we both squirted at the same time!”

“Ohhhhhhhh.... well ….. ah … are you sure?”

“Yes I think we did!”

“Well... ok .. but if you are not completely sure... you do know that we will have to try again.”

Jane laughed.... “Oh Angel.. we can do it again and again... as much as you want.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good.”

“But for the record.... we did cum at the same time and we both squirted at the same time!”

Angel leaned up and kissed Jane.... “Well Jane... that's one position... how many more are there?”

“At least a dozen.”

“Damn. Then we better get started.”

Jane licked her lips as she rolled over on top of Angel and began kissing her... deep kisses... those deep wet kisses that last for two minutes. Their tongues swirled together and it wasn't long before the fire was burning again between their legs.. Angel finally spoke... “Isn't this the same position that we just did?”

Jane grinned.. “Of course not... this time I am on top!”

“Of course,” Angel moaned as Jane began to rub her soaked cunt up and down against Angel's... up and down... rubbing … their wet pussy lips once again spreading out as Jane applied more pressure... and Angel completely opened up to Jane... wrapping her legs around Jane's thighs. Jane reached over and grabbed a pillow.. and as Angel lifted up her hips, Jane stuffed the pillow under Angel's buttocks to provide herself with a better angle of attack.... to maximize their pussy to pussy contact. Jane's pussy was directly against Angel's as she worked her pussy into deep contact with Angel's... then Jane began a slow rhythmic humping... once again working their hot cunts together until their vulva's and inner thighs were once again soaked with their mixed juices. Their big heavy tits were swollen and pushing into each other.. mushrooming out to their sides as Angel reached up and grabbed Jane's powerful buttocks.. squeezing those firm ass cheeks hard and pulling Jane down even closer. As Jane began to slide her pussy up and down against Angel's heated cunt, Angel began to yank Jane forward and backward in a rapid movement... their pussys never breaking contact... sliding fore and aft along the entire length of their wet slits. This motion, along with Angel's legs being spread wide open, caused Angel's labia to open up like a flower, allowing Jane's vulva to work it's way inside of Angel pussy. They rocked together... minute after minute...until Angel felt Jane's engorged clit actually penetrating inside her wet slit.. At the top of each stroke, Angel's hard clit would become nuzzled between the bottom edge of Jane's wet slit, and then as Jane's hips would slide back, Angel could feel her slit slide along between Jane's labia until their throbbing clits would mash into each other which caused both hot girls to moan with pleasure. They continued fucking … Jane sliding up and down with her hips, aided by Angel's hands on Jane's tight buttocks.. pulling and tugging Jane as they rocked together... sliding until their clits throbbed together... then sliding down.. then up until their pulsing clits mashed together again... up and down... up and down... As Jane slid up... her hard clit would slide deeply into Angel's open pussy... until their clits would rub together... then as she continued to slide up, Angel could feel her clit wedging it's way into Jane's soaked pussy.... When Jane reached the top of her stroke, she would slide back down.. Angel's clit sliding between Jane's pussy lips until their throbbing clits briefly met head on... and as Jane continued to slide down, Angel could feel Jane's clit pushing into her wet slit.... this heated fucking continued minute after minute.. sliding up and down... each of them feeling their clits pushing into each others cunts and their clits catching and briefly mashing together with each long erotic stroke.

As Angel and Jane drew closer and closer to their orgasm their motion became frenzied. Angel began pulling Jane down harder and harder, increasing the pressure between their two hot cunts. As Jane's movements quickened it created a hot burning friction... their clits were on fire as Jane shortened the length of her strokes... so that they were rubbing their clits up and down and up and down against each other in a rapid pace... faster and faster... and pushing harder and harder against each other.. the pressure and pleasure was almost unbearable... They began to moan.... panting and groaning together as their swollen clits were now rubbing together constantly... up and down... up..down.. mashing... up .. down … rubbing … up and down... stroking … up down up down.. grinding hard against each other … Jane could not last much longer... Angel was on the verge of exploding. Their nipples were buried deeply into each others massive tits and were burning together... their clits were burning together... Angel and Jane were on fire!!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck me Jane!!!”

“Fuck me hard Angel!!”

They rubbed their engorged clits together faster and faster... Jane's movements were almost a blur …. they gasped together.... and Jane screamed … “Cummmming!” Her hips bucked wildly as her pussy gushed.... flooding Angel's cunt with her sweetness.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!! Cummmmmmming!!!”

A few seconds later Angel felt her clit fuse with Jane's... throbbing together... beating together... and cummming together... “Cummmmmmming!!!”



“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!”

Jane continued to move her hips... slowing down... until she was slowly stroking Angel's pussy with her own... they moved together for several more minutes as they kissed... sharing the after-glow with each other... quietly moaning together... Jane finally rolling off of Angel as they turned toward each other... their big tits mushrooming as they kissed and snuggled together. They basked together, sharing all of those warm fuzzes.. it was a sweet tender moment as they held each other and kissed for several minutes before Angel rolled over and climbed out of the bed.. “I'm going to get us some wine.. then we can fuck some more.”

“Mmmmmmmmm hurry! I want to fuck you all day.”

Angel smiled ...“You are such a whore Jane.... I'll be right back.”

Jane rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom to pee.. as she was walking out of the bathroom , Angel was strutting back into the bedroom with a bottle of champagne and two wine glasses. Jane smiled as she gazed at Angel's huge E+ cup tits wobble back and forth on her chest … “How about champagne instead?”

“Perfect.” Jane replied with a smile.

Angel placed the bottle of champagne on the night stand next to her bed and poured the champagne into the glasses, then waltzed the few steps to where Jane was now sitting on the side of the bed... and handed her a glass...Angel smiled and said, “To the hottest, most fuckable whore I know”

They clinked their glasses and took a sip... then Jane responded.. “To you Angel.. the most amazing and most beautiful woman I have ever known... and you are also a very fuckable whore.” They giggled as once again they clinked and sipped.. Angel sat down next to Jane on the edge of the bed as they sipped their champagne.
Angel looked into Jane's eyes... “I want to fuck some more.”

“I do too.” Jane whispered in her sexiest voice.

Two of the most stunningly beautiful women in the world emptied their wine glasses with one last swallow and placed them down on the end table next to the bed. “I want to use you for my pleasure.”

“You want to do what?” Jane asked.

“Use you.... violate you. … make you beg for me to stop.”

“Oh really?” Jane was not a dominatrix by any means.. but she was usually the dominate persona when she was with a woman... but she felt very submissive in Angel's presence. Angel had an aura of something very special.. and Jane was more than willing to play along. In fact, she was enjoying Angel wanting to take charge. “Are you telling me that you have a dark side?” Angel stood up and moved in front of Jane.. reached out and placed the palms of her hands on Jane's shoulders and pushed her backwards onto the bed with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed at her knees. “Whoa!!” Jane giggled as she fell down on her back. She looked up at Angel... her eyes wandering up and down Angel's perfect body... the massive tits with those enormously long stiff nipples... the narrow waist... the flat tummy that revealed just a hint of her well developed abs... that perfectly formed ass...and those strong athletic thighs... Angel was made for sex … her body was created for fucking. She watched as Angel whipped her head around a couple of times, her long blonde hair flying around her face. 'Holy Fuck' Jane thought as she stared at this Angelic Goddess standing in front of her. Angel dropped to her knees at the edge of the bed... reaching up with her hands and placing them on Jane's equally huge dense tits and began squeezing them. “Unnnnnn.” Jane moaned as Angel dug her fingers into her big firm tits... the palms of Angel's hands pressing against her rock hard nipples. As Angel moved her lovely face between Jane's thighs, Jane closed her eyes... knowing what was about to happen. The first sensation she felt was Angel's hot breath.. blowing on her pussy.... then she felt Angel's moist lips sliding back and forth on her clit.... then the flickering of Angel's tongue... up and down... licking her clit which was already swollen again... already engorged. Angel carefully and methodically licked up and down Jane's clit for a couple of minutes until Jane began to squirm... then she stopped. Jane opened her eyes and Angel was smiling at her …. “Don't stop.”

Angel toyed with her... “Say the magic word.”

“Please... don't stop.”

Angel blew her hot moist breath on Jane's clit as she began to torment her … “Say it like you mean it.”

“PLEASE …. suck my pussy Angel.”

Angel continued to blow on Jane's pussy … “Are you sure? Do you really want me to suck you pussy?”


“You want me to suck the whore's cunt?”

“Yessssssssss Angel... suck this whore's cunt!”

Angel leaned her face forward as Jane closed her eyes... and again began stroking Jane's sensitive clit with the tip of her tongue... slowly... flicking … up and down... lightly stroking Jane's swollen clit with just the very tip of her tongue … flick... flick .. up … down …. Jane was squirming again... and suddenly she felt something sliding into her wet slit... it was firm.... so she knew it was not Angel's tongue... she moaned as she tossed her head from side to side... feeling the firmness slide up and down between the sweet hot sticky folds of her vulva. “Unnnnnnnn.” Jane gasped... it felt so good. She opened her eyes and placed her hands on the bed, lifting herself up and staring down. “My God.” Jane panted. Angel was pushing her nose up and down inside the wet crevice of her pussy... her head was nodding up and down as she moved her nose up and down inside Jane's hot wet cunt. No one had ever stuck their nose inside her pussy before.... and she was loving it.

Angel wanted to have some fun with Jane... so she sneezed... Of course it was a fake sneeze... but the results were the same as if it were real ...“Ah-Choo!”

“Ouuuu!” Jane gasped out-loud as she felt the sudden rush of air from Angel's sneeze... again Angel sneezed into her pussy... a little louder this time .. “Ah ah ahhh CHOOO!”
Jane squirmed... for some unknown reason it was sexy as hell. Angel sneezed into Jane's open cunt several more times before she pulled her nose out of Jane's pussy and leaned back. She reached under Jane's knees and lifted Jane's legs up into the air as she bent down a little before lowering Jane's legs back down... on her shoulders. Jane looked up.. looking at Angel.. with her knees up on Angel's shoulders.. as Angel lowered her face down between her thighs and again began to blow hot air on Jane's wet pussy. She blew her hot breath again and again against Jane's wetness before Jane needed more... until she wanted more... “Please.”

“Please what?” Angel teased her.

“Please Angel... Please suck my pussy.”

“Suck whose pussy?”

“God!! Suck this whore's pussy!!! Please!!!!” Angel moved her mouth to Jane's twitching clit... placed her full soft lips around Jane's clit.... and sucked..... Jane gasped.... and Angel sucked harder... pulling and tugging on Jane's extended clit... sucking it tightly between her lips... but only for about thirty seconds.... before she pulled her face back... her sucking lips 'popping' off of Jane's clit with a smacking sound.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned. “Please don't stop.” Angel smiled to herself as she scooted back... reaching up and lowering Jane's legs back down.. then, grabbing Jane's feet.. she tugged .. pulling Jane toward her... Jane's ass sliding toward the edge of the bed until her buttocks were resting on the edge of the mattress. “What are you doing?” Jane asked between deep breaths.

“We are going to do some more tribbing.” Angel spread Jane's legs open.. as far as she could... and then Angel stepped between Jane's legs... turned around... and with her ass facing Jane, she slowly lowered her pussy down toward Jane's... lower and lower until her clit was brushing against Jane's.... As she leaned her upper body forward, Angel began rocking on Jane.... sliding her hard clit against Jane's hard clit....only a little of their extended pussy lips were touching and sliding... this was mostly a clit to clit meeting.... and it felt wonderful. Angel began to work in a steady sliding motion with her hips.. humping her clit against Jane's clit... in this position, their clits would flick past each other with each forward motion of Angel's hips... rocking … flicking … flick …. flick ….. flick …. flick .. flick … Again, Jane began to moan with pleasure.. As you know, when two women rub their clits together... it gives each of them tremendous pleasure.... when you share your most private part with her most private part.. it's as if you were melting your souls together... as if you were trying to be a part of each other.. it is the most intimate thing a girl can do.... to touch her clit with another clit... to feel them throbbing against each other.... to feel each little twitch of her clit with your own clit... to feel each and every pulse.... every spasm … rubbing your clit with her clit induces the most intimate physical and emotional pleasure that a woman can experience. This is what Angel and Jane were doing... sharing their most intimate physical and emotional pleasure with each other.

Angel rocked her clit with Jane's clit...several minutes went by ... sliding and rubbing their sensitive love buds together... until Jane began to moan louder... Angel could tell that Jane was getting close to an orgasm. … so she did what any self respecting dominatrix would do …. she lifted herself up off of Jane... leaving Jane wanting for more....

“Unnnnnnnn Angel.... don't stop... please... please.”

Angel was somewhat amused that a woman such as Jane would give in to her so easily... or perhaps Jane was just playing along.... either way, it gave Angel a sense of power and authority. She walked around to the side of the bed and crawled up on the bed... she grabbed Jane under her armpits... and tugged... pulling her completely back up on the bed with assistance from Jane as she scooted as Angel pulled. When they were in the center of Angel's Olympic sized bed, Angel leaned down and licked Jane's lips. Jane extended her own tongue and they began to lick at each others tongues ..They were facing in the opposite direction from each other... which allows maximum tongue to tongue contact. As you know, your taste buds are located on the top surface of your tongue... that is the most sensitive part of your tongue... the flat top surface... and the best way to touch the top flat surface of her tongue with your tongue is to be facing in an opposite direction from your partner.... which is exactly what Angel and Jane were doing. As Angel hovered her face over Jane's face, she could extend her tongue downward as Jane extended her tongue upward... this allowed the tops of their long tongues to slide against each other... allowing maximum contact with the flat top surface of their wet tongues. This kissing position also was allowing Angel and Jane to push their tongues deep into each others mouths at the same time. Kissing is a very intimate thing for women. It's personal … it's private … it's romantic. It's saying that you want to be with each other... you want to share yourself with each other. … and Angel and Jane were sharing their wet tongues with each other... as Angel would extend her lengthy tongue out... Jane would extend her lengthy tongue out... so the tops of their tongues would rub against each other.. and as Angel lowered her face... more and more of their tongues would touch and rub.. until Angel's upper lip would touch Jane's lower lip.. with all of the top surface of their tongues touching together. It was a very deep intimate pleasure for both of them as they slowly licked at each others long tongues.

Angel began to move her face up and down... allowing their tongues to rub together... sliding up and down against each other... as if they were fucking... their long tongues moving in and out of each others mouths at the same time. When their lips would touch. . . . they knew that they were reaching as far as they could into each others mouths with their tongues... sliding them against each other... their taste buds going wild... as they licked the top surface of each others tongue with the flat top surface of their own tongue Their tongues moved in and out... in … out … stroking … licking … sometimes when their lips met, they would just hold their tongues together... letting the feel the entire length of each other... sometimes they would move their tongues from side to side.. sometimes up and down... as their tongues remained in constant contact. Angel and Jane were moaning with pleasure.... physical pleasure... but even more so... it was a deep emotional pleasure... it was a very private moment of girl to girl bonding... and they became lost in the moment... nothing else mattered except for the sliding and rubbing of their sensitive tongues together.

Within a few minutes, their mouths began to salivate. .. and within another few minutes, their mixed saliva began to drool out of the corners of Jane's mouth... running down the sides of her cheeks..... then the tongue sucking began... first it was Angel.. wrapping her wet lips around Jane's tongue... and sucking it deep into her mouth.. pulling and tugging on her tongue until Jane moaned.... then it was Jane's turn. As Angel pushed her tongue deep inside Jane's mouth, Jane sucked... she sucked hard.. as if she were trying to swallow Angel's tongue which caused Angel to moan... for the next five minutes they took turns sucking each others tongues deep into their mouths... Angel's bedroom began to fill with the smacking slurping sounds of their tongue sucking … slurp … smack … slurp …. It was sweet music to their ears as they licked and lapped and sucked at each others wet tongues.... Then the spit play began ….. Angel turned her face a little to the side so she could clamp her lips down on Jane's... and she sucked... sucking all of their mixed saliva into her mouth... then lifting her face a few inches above Jane's, she parted her lips.. and let the bubbly thick string of spit drool out of her mouth... falling on Jane's tongue which she had extended out of her mouth... The spit pooled on her tongue before sliding down inside her mouth … then Angel would close her lips tightly on Jane's lips and suck again... slurping their spit back up into her mouth.. and once again lifting her face a few inches above Jane and letting all of that slobbery spit drool off of her tongue into Jane's open mouth. The two over-sexed vixens repeated this lewd act several more times... swapping their spit back and forth... more and more of their wet saliva drooling out of the corners of Jane's mouth... It was nasty.... but it was time to move on to something else.

Angel scooted forward s little more until her beautiful face was above Jane's incredible tits. She extended her long wet tongue and began flicking Jane's rigid right nipple with the tip of her tongue... flicking Jane's nipple up and down as she felt Jane's hungry lips capture her own hard left nipple, sucking it deeply between her moist lips and into her hot mouth. Jane flicked Angel's long nipple back and forth with her tongue as she pulled and tugged on Angel's hard nipple with her sensuous lips. For several minutes they two hot girls sucked and licked at each others sensitive spike, stroking each others lengthy nipple with their tongues, pausing now and then to pull the entire length of each others nipple into their steaming hot oral cavity. Several minutes passed until they moved their mouths to each others other nipple.. once again licking and lapping... tugging and pulling... sucking hard on the nipple between their wet lips. Once again Angel and Jane began to moan and squirm with pleasure as they devoured each others rock hard nipple. Occasionally Angel and Jane would capture each others nipple tightly between their luscious lips and shake their faces back and forth.. pulling and stretching those long hard nipples from side to side... literally jerking them back and forth..... it was not much longer until they were sucking each others tit deeply into their hungry mouths.. sucking as much tit into their mouths as they could... sucking and tugging.... it gave each of them great pleasure. As you know, Angel and Jane both had a tit fetish.. they loved big tits.. and to have a massive tit right in front of their faces was a big thrill for each of them as they licked and sucked and nibbles on each others huge globes.

Angel lifted her face up …. tugging with her tight lips until Jane's enormous tit popped out from between her lips.... a moment later she felt her own huge tit popping free from Jane's hot sucking mouth … “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel gasped as she crawled a couple of more steps with her knees until her huge tits began to drag across Jane's equally huge tits. Jane squirmed underneath Angel as she felt Angel's long hard nipple slowly dragging down the upper swell of her big tits.... ever so slowly dragging on her hot skin until she felt Angel's nipple touch hers.. “Ohhhhhhh.”

Angel moaned with Jane …. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” She lifted her upper body up enough so that only their nipples were touching.. and began rocking on all fours... flicking those four huge nipples against each other.... picture what was happening in your mind... four of the longest nipples in the world... each one measuring more than an inch in length... flicking against each other. As Angel would rock forward, the top of her nipple would flick the top of Jane's nipple.. each of their four nipples bending against each other before springing apart... then as Angel rocked her body backward.. the bottom side of her extended nipples would meet the bottom part of Jane's extended nipples... pressing them together …. long shaft to long shaft.. then those four enormously long nipples would bend... right where they were attached to their areolas.... bending until they could flick past each other. Each time they flicked, little moans and whimpers would escape their lips. It was very erotic. It was very sensuous. Their four heated nipples began to twitch.... moving up and down on their heavy tits... sometimes when their nipples met, Angel would pause... and let those four lengthy rock hard cylinders twitch against each other... as if they were fighting... as if they were dueling... each one trying to push and bend the other as they fenced together. For several more minutes Angel rocked forward and backward with the occasional pause …. flicking and stroking their sensitive nipples together. Jane began to think that Angel wanted them to have a nipple orgasm together, but Angel had other ideas. As she rocked forward, their nipples meeting again shaft to shaft... twitching against each other, Angel raised up another inch... and looking down.. she carefully lined up the tips of their thick nipples.. then lowered herself down.. the tips of those four hard spikes meeting... and then she lowered herself down more... until their areolas were touching.. with their rigid nipples buried inside their big tits. They moaned together as Angel dropped herself lower.. those huge round dense tits pushing together.. mushrooming out to the side and top... lower and lower until Angel's full weight was pressing against Jane... their big tits pressed tightly together... then she began rocking again... forward and backward... their nipples maintained their contact with each other as their big tits moved together... Angel's huge tits would move up on her chest as Jane's huge tits would move a little down on her chest.. then as Angel rocked backwards. … ..Jane's tits would move up and Angel's tits would move down. Those four big tits were moving up and down on their chests... but the centers of their tits... right where their nipples were, remained together... like they were stuck together... or perhaps like they were glued together... Angel kept rocking … grinding her huge over-sized tits into Jane's massive tits... forward and backward... rubbing … grinding... those huge heavy tits moving together. It would be difficult to imagine they were getting hotter than they already were... but it was happening. Their tits were burning with the fire of desire. They could easily feel each others nipples pulsing and throbbing against their own. Once again, it was time to move on to something else.

Angel lifted herself back to her hands and knees and crawled forward again... feeling her big tits slowly sliding and peeling off of Jane's equally huge tits until Angel felt her tit slide completely off of Jane's tit... her hard nipple digging into the upper part of Jane's ribcage... she also felt Jane's hard nipple pushing against the very top of her own ribcage....Angel was suddenly aware of the hot skin of the underside of her huge tits pressed tightly against the hot skin of the underside of Jane's over-sized tits. “Ohhhh.” Jane moaned as she felt the firm tight skin of the lower swells of their massive tits touching.

Angel began to slide … sliding her body from left to right... dragging the underside of her big tits back and forth against the underside of Jane's enormous tits... Both women could feel each others hard nipples dragging back and forth across each others ribcage.. those four hard lengthy spikes sliding against each others tight skin as the firm sensitive skin on the lower half of their big tits slid back and forth against each other... sliding back and forth... left and right. Angel wanted more contact between their massive tits as she scooted back just a little... forcing the undersides of their big tits even closer together.. until they were mushrooming out just a little... As she would slide to her right.. her huge right tit would slide into the deep valley of Jane's cleavage... at the same time Jane could feel her big left tit sliding between Angel's massive pair of tits. They would pause for a few seconds.. feeling each others tits with their own... Angel could feel the undersides of both of Jane's big tits pressing tightly against her own right tit.. and Jane could feel the underside of her left tit trapped between the undersides of Angel's incredible pair of tits. As Angel slide a little more to her right... the undersides of their taut tit skin would slide against each other... their big tits rubbing.. hot skin to hot skin... their tits would compress... mushrooming … until Angel's right tit would slide over Jane's left tit... the underside of their huge tits sliding against each other... until Angel's left tit would be trapped between Jane's tits and Jane's right tit would be nuzzled in the deep valley between Angel's big tits. “Mmmmmmmmm Jane … that feels sooo fucking good!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmm.” Jane moaned.. “I love feeling the underside of your tits rubbing and sliding against mine.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss..... me toooo!” Angel gasped.

For what seemed like endless minute after endless minute, Angel would slide her upper body back and forth across Jane... the hot tight underside of their big tits rubbing back and forth against each other... sliding... sometimes their hot skin would briefly stick together... then peel apart as their massive tits moved against each other, over and over... rubbing... sliding … four hard nipples dragging back and forth against each others ribcage... left and right... back and forth... the smooth undersides of their mammoth tits were now covered in a glossy sheen of their mixed perspiration as they slid back and forth against each other... rubbing... pushing... mushrooming... sliding... If there had been a camera at their sides you could see their big tits sliding together... each time they reached the end of their journey, a hard long nipple would pop into view... then as they began to slowly slide in the other direction, that hard nipple would disappear under their dense tit-flesh... slowly dragging all the way across each others ribcage... then all the way back... and since Angel and Jane had four of the biggest, longest, hardest nipples in the world... each of them could feel each others hard nipples sliding and dragging across each others ribcage. Jane slowly inched herself backward a couple of inches until their heavy tits barely separated... and Angel knew what Jane wanted to do as she crawled a couple of inches forward on her knees... their rock hard nipples dragging across each others hot skin... then Angel rocked backward... smacking the underside of her big tits against the underside of Jane's big tits … 'smack'... again Angel rocked forward then backward … 'slap'.... then again and again... 'smack …. 'slap '…. 'slap'... 'smack'.. the two hot bitches were slapping the lower swells of their huge heavy tits together... they were titfighting with the underside of their huge tits... smacking and slapping them against each other!

Little gasps and moans would escape from their lips each time the firm lower swells of the underside of their big tits smacked together … “Ahhhhh.” “Unnnnn.” “Ohhh.” “Mmmmm.” Sometimes Angel and Jane would smack those big tits together and hold them against each other... pressing and grinding the lower part of their mammoth tits together.... before Angel would rock forward then back... once again slapping and smacking their four weighty tits together... underside smacking underside... the lower part of their big tits meeting head on... 'Smack' ….. 'slap'.... this sexy titfight lasted minute after minute.. smacking and thrusting the underside of their heavy dense tits against each other.... sometimes pausing to grind the huge lower swells of their big tits together.... all the time their hard lengthy nipples would drag up and down each others ribcage as they smacked and slapped the lower part of their big tits together...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!! That feels so fucking good Jane!”

“Mmmmmmmm.. Angel.... God I love fucking our tits together!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn yessssssssssssssssss”

Jane reached out and slapped Angel's hard buttocks... “SMACK!”... it was her signal for Angel to move her body forward... and she did. ...inching forward until her face was above Jane's glistening pussy..... it was time to engage each other in a suck-fight.

Jane placed her hands on Angel's ass cheeks.. pulling her dripping cunt down to her mouth as she extended her tongue and began licking up and down Angel's wet slit. Angel had already begun dragging her long tongue up and down the sloppy wet length of Jane's crevice... her tongue sliding between Jane's swollen extended labia... licking up and down.. her tongue running between the sweet folds of Jane's pussy. The two hot girls licked and stroked each others slits for several minutes.. lapping... tasting … their talented tongues sliding up and down against each others most private parts.. stroking and licking until they began to moan together in unison... each long drag of their tongues would produce an “Ohhh” or an “Ahhhh” as they licked each other... as if they were licking an ice cream cone.. their tongues moving up and down.. sliding between their damp sticky pussy lips... up and down... up … down... in what seemed like an endless motion. Minute after minute they tormented each other with their tongues.. licking and stroking... driving each other crazy with lust … pushing each other to the brink of orgasm.... Angel finally gasping... “I want this to go on forever.”

Jane moaned her reply … “Me too... forever and ever.”

As they continued to lick each others cunts, Angel spoke again.. “When you get close to cumming... say the word stop... and I'll stop... I want this to last.”

“Ok... you do the same.. just tell me to stop and I will.”

The pace of their mutual licking had increased... their tongues moving a little quicker up and down each others wet cunts... the two hot bitches in heat had purposely refrained from licking and sucking each others clits.... just a few sucks would push either or both of them into an orgasm... and neither wanted to cum yet... They wanted to use each other for their own pleasure as long as they could... which is precisely what they were doing... More antagonizing minutes passed... Jane finally gasping... “Stop!... Stop!”

Angel turned her face to the side, resting her cheek on Jane's hipbone as Jane panted and gasped..... a minute later it was Angel's voice that was moaning... “Stop!” They held each other tightly.... their hot skin melting together... the sweat from their heated bodies mixing together on their firm skin.... Angel's big heavy tits were pressed tightly against Jane's abs and Jane's massive globes were pushed tightly against Angel's hard abs... they breathed deeply... letting the rush of their impending orgasm fade away..... “Ok.” Angel whispered... and a second later she felt Jane's hot tongue sliding up and down her pussy again... in another minute Jane spoke in a soft voice.. “Ok... I'm ok.” .. and Angel resumed plowing her tongue between Jane's pussy lips.... they were once again licking deeply into each others cunts... their faces were wet with each others pussy juice as they stroked and lapped at each others pussys... This mutual process continued for more than thirty minutes... each time one of them was on the verge of reaching an orgasm... she would holler “Stop!”.... this went on and on and on... and the impending orgasm was building up inside them more and more. After Angel and Jane had cried “Stop” for about the twentieth time, Angel whispered over their heavy breathing... “Lets suck each other.”

“Ok... til we say 'Stop'?”

“Not this time... Let's see who can make who cum first?”

Jane was gasping as she answered.. “Like a sexfight with our mouths?”

“Yesssssssssssssss.” Angel moaned between deep breaths.

“I can out-suck you Angel.”

Remembering what Jane had once said, Angel responded.. “You will have to provide some evidence.”

As soon as Angel finished her sentence she moaned deeply as she felt Jane's mouth close over her clit... sucking it hard... “Ohhhhhhhhhh GAWD!!!” Angel gasped deeply as she formed her perfect lips into a perfect “O” and placed her mouth around Jane's vibrating clit..... and sucked!” Jane's fingernails immediately dug deep into Angel's hard ass.. which brought a moan from Angel's lips. The suck-fight was on … and Angel and Jane were both authorities on the art of sucking a clit. No one could do it better. They sucked and slurped at each others sensitive clits... using their lips and tongues and even their teeth... sucking and tugging... licking and nibbling... Angel would pull Jane's clit deep between her mouth.. tonguing her clit as she sucked... moving her teeth up and down Jane's clit... she was using all of her skills as she mouth fucked Jane. Jane was also deep sucking Angel's stiff protruding clit... flicking it with her tongue as she sucked it deep between her lips.... there were constant sounds of slurping... sucking... constant moaning... and then Angel began to hum. Yep. She was humming... her lips vibrating on Jane's clit. Jane again dug her nails into Angel's firm buttocks as her clit vibrated against Angel's lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss.” Jane moaned... No one had ever hummed on her clit before.... why had she not thought of ever doing that? She moaned and whimpered as her clit buzzed from Angel's constant humming and sucking. “Ohhhhhhhh GOD!” Jane moaned as she fastened her lips tightly around Angel's clit again.. and sucked as hard as she could... sucking hard and then pulling her lips back with a “Pop” as Angel's clit slipped out of her mouth. Again... suckkkkkkkk... “pop” and again.... SUCK .. 'POP” Angel began to tremble... Jane was shaking... at the same time they each took a deep breath... and sucked each others clit as hard as they could... then Jane twisted her face... getting her teeth around Angel's clit... and she bit down on Angel's swollen clit.. Angel's body jerked as she proceeded to bite Jane's throbbing clit... It was enough. It was way more than enough... and their orgasm began.... deep inside their bodies.. flowing... then rushing.... then exploding …...

Angel screamed at the top of her voice... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Jane was screaming with her... “Cummmmmmmmmmming”

Their hot cunts contracted... and jerked... and squirted cum into each others mouths.. and on their faces... until it was running down their cheeks and chins and dripping off of their skin.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Jane!! Cummmmmming!!!!”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Angel.”

For the next several minutes they would suck each others clit hard... 'popping' it from between their lips... and scream at each other.... as their cunts convulsed together over and over... one orgasm following another... gushing … draining each other....


“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!! Cummmmmmming!”

The multiple orgasms went on and on... for at least another five minutes.. until they were truly drained.... completely exhausted... panting and gasping for air... barely moving as they held each other... their faces buried in each others wide open cunts. As they lightly and lovingly kissed each others pussy, they slowly came down from perhaps the most pleasurable orgasm that either had ever experienced.... Angel finally rolling off of Jane, turning around and crawling up next to her before laying down at Jane's side. They kissed... tasting their own cum on each others lips... they licked the wetness from each others faces. Angel and Jane were spent as they lay there in each others arms... resting.
Ten, maybe fifteen minutes passed before Angel spoke.. “That was amazing.”

Jane smiled as she replied.. “Yes you are.”

Several more minutes elapsed before Jane whispered... “Are you hungry?”

Angel giggled... “Yeah... kinda... want to get dressed and go eat?”

“I was thinking more of having something delivered.”


“Love Pizza.”

“Ok.. but you have to promise to be naked when you open the door to pay him.”

Jane laughed... “Or her.” Which caused Angel to laugh.

They talked for a moment about what kind of pizza they wanted and when they agreed, Angel rolled out of the bed and called her favorite pizza place.. placing the order. After ending the phone call she looked at Jane … “Thirty minutes.”

“Let's have some more champagne while we wait.”

“Good idea.” Angel answered as she reached for the bottle of champagne and filled their glasses. As they were sipping their champagne Jane teasingly whispered.. “I guess we could have fucked for another thirty minutes.”

Angel laughed.. “Do not alarm yourself fair maiden... After we have relieved our hunger then the fucking will commence once again!”

They laughed together as they slipped on some panties... and a few minutes later they made their way downstairs and Angel gave Jane a little tour of her home. “This is the library.” Angel smiled as she walked through the double glass doors that led into the room. There were shelves on three walls that went from the floor to the ceiling. Only the wall where the doors were located did not have shelves... there were many pictures on that wall... mostly of Angel, beginning with a few baby pictures... all the way through her high school and college years and from her service in the Navy. As Jane asked about certain pictures, Angel would relate the story behind the picture. Like most of the rooms in Angel's home, the library had a wooden floor... a light honey oak that shined and reflected the light... in the center of the large room was a large blue area rug.. and on the rug there was a Steinway grand piano.. finished in satin ebony.. with a matching satin ebony artist bench.

“Do you play?” Jane asked.

“A little.”

“Play something for me.”

Angel sat down on the bench lightly laughing ..”I can't remember the last time I played when I was naked.... well... practically naked.” She placed her fingers on the keys and began to play something Jane would recognize... Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata....

Jane was impressed... “That's very good.”

“Thank you.” Angel answered as she began playing 'Hungarian Rhapsody #2'.. by Liszt, one of the most technically difficult piano pieces ever written.. and Angel was preforming it perfectly.... until the doorbell rang.. the pizza was here.

“That was amazing Angel.”

“Thanks.... now here is the plan.... you answer the door... I will hide behind the door... after you find out what the amount is, you excuse yourself and I will then go to the door and pay him...”

“Or her.” Jane said.

Angel laughed... “Or her ….it will be fun.”

Jane walked to the front door, wearing only her panties as Angel stopped and got a fifty dollar bill from her purse... then walked to the door. As Jane opened the door, Angel hid behind the door... “Hi.” she smiled at the very handsome and strong man who was standing there with the box of pizza.

“Uh... Oh.. a p .. pizza delivery.” He could not resist the opportunity to look up and down Jane's body before his eyes met hers.

“Like what you see?”

“Oh yeah.. I mean .. ah. Well.. s ..s ..sure.”

Jane smiled..”You have seen tits before, haven't you?”

“Ye....yes.... yes.”

“What's your name?” Jane asked in her sexy sultry voice.

“Uhh.. Anthony... everyone calls me Tony.”

Jane swayed a little.. her huge tits playfully wobbling back and forth on her chest. “You like my tits, Tony?”


“How much?”

“A lot! Really... like a whole lot.”

Jane giggled .. “I meant … How much for the pizza?”

He looked down at the receipt taped to the box.. then his eyes went back to Jane's massive tits .. “Ah,,uh..ur.. fif .. um ..fifteen...and..eighty..f.f.f..five.”

“Fifteen dollars and eighty-five cents?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“I'll be right back.. you wait right here.”

He nodded and thought.. 'Holy Shit.. no one is going to believe me.”

A moment later Angel stepped out from behind the door with the fifty dollar bill in her hand.

Tony's mind was reeling .. 'God Almighty.. there are two of them!'

Angel handed him the fifty dollar bill... “Keep the change.”

“Thank you.” he replied as he handed the pizza box to Angel, who stepped back and placed the box on the entry table before turning around and stepping back to the front door as Jane stepped out from behind the door and stood next to Angel.

Angel addressed Tony .. ...“One more thing... could you help us settle an argument?”

“Uhh.. well...”

“We were trying to decide who has the biggest tits... What do you think?”

“Oh... I ..I .. I don't know.”

It was Jane's turn to speak.. “What if we turned toward each other and pushed our tits together?” Before he could answer, she and Angel were facing each other with their naked tits mushroomed together... “Does that make it easier to tell who has the biggest tits?... what do you think Tony?”

“Uhhh.... both of you!”

Angel smiled at Tony … “Thank you.. we will be sure to ask that you deliver the next time we order pizza.”

“Yes Ma'am.... would love to.”

Angel and Jane moved their lips toward each other.. their tongues reaching out to each other and licking together in the space between their lips... until their lips met in a deep kiss as Angel reached out and slowly closed the door.

“Sweet Mary mother of Jesus.... Holy shit.” Tony said to himself as he walked back to his car and drove away... talking to himself as he drove ...“No one will believe this... no fucking way.”

“He was cute.”

“Very.... very cute!”

Jane grabbed the pizza as they walked to the kitchen where Angel grabbed a couple of diet cokes from the fridge as Jane opened the pizza box... “Mmmm this looks great!” Jane said as they sat down and munched on their pizza.

To be continued