By AngelDawn30


It was about 2 in the afternoon when they parked Angel's corvette and began walking in and out of the various antique shops. Angel found an old World War II Navy cap for a few dollars... and Jane had purchased some scented candles which she was carrying in a sack. Angel wore her Navy cap for a while before tossing it into Jane's bag. They were having a great time.. looking at old furniture and picture frames .. talking and laughing... they were bonding as they held hands and walked from storefront to storefront.

As they were walking down the street, going in and out of some of the antique stores, Angel noticed a magic shop across the street. “Jane, a magic shop .. lets go look.”

“I did not know you liked magic stuff.”

Angel was reading the signs in the windows ..“It might be interesting... look.. they have voodoo stuff too.”


“Yeah, you know.. like those dolls you stick pins in.”

“No, that's weird Angel.”

“Oh come on.. it will be fun.” Angel said as she grabbed Jane's hand in her own and they walked across the street. As Angel opened the door, a little bell hanging from the door jingled. They took a few steps inside, looking around, when they heard a man's voice.. “Get over there... against the wall.... Now!” Angel quickly surveyed her surroundings.. there was an older woman.. about 70 standing behind a counter, and two other women... a little younger than the old woman... standing over against the wall on her right. The voice she had heard belonged to a young man.. about 20 years old. He was wearing a ski mask, holding a canvas bag in his left hand and holding a gun in his right hand, which at the moment was pointing at her and Jane. Still holding Jane's hand, Angel did as she was told.. moving toward the wall and standing with the other two women.. pulling Jane with her. Once there she released Jane's hand and stepped in front of her... between Jane and the gunman. “Throw me your purses.”

The other two women tossed their purses toward the gunman... as Angel took a step toward him.. speaking softly.. “You don't want to do this.”

“Shut up and toss your purse... and that goes for your friend too.” He responded, waving his gun in the air.

Now as you can imagine, as an X-Navy officer.. Angel was not afraid. She took another step toward the man. “Put the gun away... and walk out of here.”

“I said shut your fucking mouth Bitch!”

Jane was terrified as Angel took another step toward the gunman. “You really don't want to fuck with me... This is not going to end well for you... now just turn around and walk out the door.”

“Shut the fuck up!” He yelled... and just as he yelled.... the bell jingled again as a couple opened the door. He turned toward them..and started to speak again.. but before he could speak.. Angel had jumped toward him.. grabbing his right arm and twisting it down.... He fired his weapon... everyone screaming as the bullet fired into the wooden floor. Before he could do anything else, Angel thrust her knee hard into his crotch.. grabbed the gun with her other hand.. and jerked it loose as he dropped to his knees.

Pointing the gun at him as she stepped back she spoke firmly... “Stay there.. and don't move... or I will shoot you... do you understand?.... I said Do you Understand?!!!” He nodded... still bent over in pain. Angel stepped back another step.. and turned to the lady behind the counter... “Call 911.... Everyone else.. get out.... You too Jane.. get outside.” They all walked quickly to the door. Turning back toward the man, she kept the gun pointed at him for the next several minutes... until uniformed Dallas PD arrived. Twenty minutes later, after getting information from Angel, Jane, the owner, and a couple of other witnesses.. the young man walked out in handcuffs.

“You scared me to death Angel.” Jane whispered to her as she hugged Angel very tight. “Don't ever do anything like that again.”

“I hope I don't have to.... come on... lets go look at voodoo stuff.”

As Angel and Jane walked around the store, the owner came up to them. She had a European accent... Angel thought it sounded like she was from Hungary or Bulgaria.. “I want to thank you for what you did earlier.”

Angel smiled as she spoke ..“I was just doing what I thought was the right thing to do... but 'thank you'.. It is very kind of you.”

“You saved my life.”

“Well... maybe... you know... I am just glad no one was hurt.”

Jane joined in.. “She is a hero.”

“Yes she is.” the woman responded... turning toward Angel she continued.. “I have something special for you.”


“Yes... come with me.” She turned around and began walking to a curtain.. then pulling it back.. and beckoning Angel to follow.

Angel and Jane walked toward her... but she stopped them... and looked at Jane. The woman s English was not perfect but it was understandable.. “Only your friend... I will keep her few minutes only”

Angel looked at Jane.. “It's all right... I will be right back.” Jane nodded as Angel walked toward the opening in the curtain then disappeared behind it.

The woman sat down at an old rustic mahogany table. There was a little round mirror on a tarnished brass stand sitting on the table as she motioned for Angel to also sit down. “I am Voodoo Queen and I have some very special magic for you.. because you stopped robbery.. and possibly saved all of our lives.” Angel nodded as she continued... “I have very special voodoo magic for you.” She placed three gold coins on the table.. “Choose... only one.” Angel picked the one in the middle. She turned it over and smiled at Angel. “You have chosen sexual magic.”

“Ok.” Angel was curious.. “What kind of magic is it.”

“Stand up for me... let me look at you.” Her eyes looked Angel over.. from her head to her shoes and then back up to the top of her head. “It's coming to me.... Have to wait for it” She closed her eyes and said some words that Angel did not recognize.. “I have it.”

“What is it?”

“Sexual magic.”

“You already said that... but it does sound interesting.. but what exactly is it?”

“It is sexual energy.. very intense.. very dramatic.. very magical... it is suck magic.” She smiled as if she had given Angel all of her dreams and wishes. “It is very good magic.”

“Well.. ok.. thank you.. what exactly is 'suck magic?'”

“For your nipples.. yes.. very fine.. yes.. this is about the nipples.”

Angel smiled... “Actually, my nipples are fine.. just the way they are.”

“Yes of course.. very fine.. yes yes... this is different... you will now be able to suck with your nipples. They will suck for you.”

“You know... I really do appreciate what you are trying to do.. it is very kind.. but sometimes I can kinda do that...a little... I'm not sure how it works or how it happens, but it's kinda fun.”

The woman went on.. “No no.. look... see this butterfly?” She pointed to a small butterfly that was made of stained glass with a clear round rubber suction cup. Angel nodded as she looked at the butterfly as the woman handed it to her. “Stick it on the mirror.” Angel placed the rubber suction cup on the mirror and pressed. It stuck to the mirror. “Now pull it loose.” Angel did as she was instructed, getting a good grip on the butterfly and pulling it loose with a little 'pop'. “That is what you do now... little suck... little pop.”

“Ok” Angel responded, not sure where this conversation was going.

“Now lick the suction cup.”

“Lick it?”

“Yes.. yes, yes.. place your tongue and lick lick.”

Angel extended her tongue and licked the suction cup.. making it wet.”

“Stick to mirror again... stick.”

Again Angel pressed the suction cup to the mirror and pushed. Again the butterfly stuck to the mirror.

The woman smiled... “Try to pull it off again.”

Angel again grabbed the butterfly and pulled.... nothing … she pulled again … nothing.. it was really stuck to the mirror... she held the mirror stand in her left hand and pulled again with her right... hard... and nothing...she then noticed that the brass bass of the mirror stand was attached to the top of the desk with screws ... frustrated, she placed both hands on the butterfly and leaned back... using her weight as she tugged with both hands... very hard for several seconds... the butterfly refused to break loose from the mirror.

“That is your gift.... nipples sucking.. very much.”

Angel was somewhat intrigued... “Soooo.. you are telling me.. that my nipples will have the same suction effect as the rubber suction cup on the butterfly?”

“More suction.. much more ... very intense.. almost impossible to break loose.”

“That actually sounds kinda kinky.. but … I don't know.. it seems it would be awkward.. I mean.. I don't want my nipples to get stuck to something... that might be a problem.”

“No no no, noooo. Not how it works... it only lasts until you have orgasm... maybe two orgasms... never know for sure... one... two....then it releases. Spell is over.”

“Ok... so how does it began?”

“Listen carefully... it will happen now and then... don't know when... only when sexually aroused... never know for sure when magic will work.. but it will happen once in a while. Only way to break spell is orgasm.. maybe two... maybe just one.. and spell goes away.”

“Hmmm, all right... so the spell only works one time?”

“No no.. no.. you listen to me... Spell will come and go.. sometimes will work few times in week.. sometimes skip week.. never know when spell will work.”

“So the spell could happen today?”

“No today.. no.. will take several days to begin... four days.. five days.. six.. you never know.”

“And is there a time when the spell will quit working?”

“Yes maybe.. no maybe.. never know for sure.... may last few weeks... year .. never know with voodoo magic.... I can break spell for you. You no want spell sometime, I can remove spell. It goes away.”

“All right Well.. it should be interesting.. and maybe a lot of fun... thank you.”

The old woman squinted her eyes and stared at Angel .. “There is something else.”

“There is more?”

“Yes.” She leaned closer to Angel and whispered... not wanting anyone else to hear their conversation. “Suck magic also works down there.”

“Down there?”

She continued to whisper.. “Between your legs.”

Angel wanted to know more but was not sure how to say what she was thinking... “Do you mean... down there.... my... ah.... you know... private parts?”

The old woman grinned.... “Pussy.”

“Hmmmmmmmmm.” Angel whispered quietly... “Are you telling me that I will be able to suck with my …. ah …. with my... pussy?”


“Oh... ah.. well.... ok... I can kinda do that now.... sorta... a little... sometimes more.”

“No no no no.... this different.. much suction. You ever place vacuum cleaner nozzle on palm of hand to feel for suction?”


“Suck magic.”

“Are you telling me that I will be able to suck... ah … down there... like a vacuum cleaner?”

“Yes …. much suction... very strong … much power.”

Angel gasped ...“Oh my God.”

“Two more things you need to know.”

“What is that?”

“Voodoo sex magic always come pairs.. always two.”

“I'm listening.” Angel responded.

“Someone else will have same magic.”


“No.. no one you with today.. someone else.”


“Not know yet... but soon.. Special voodoo sex magic always given to two.. and very soon to each other.. someone else get same magic.. today.. tomorrow.. never know.. but soon.. when right woman comes in.. I will know.. not sure how I know, but will know.. it is gift.” .. Angel nodded as she continued... “Here is warning... be careful... if you ever meet other woman... magic very powerful with two.. much more power than one... understand?”

“I think so, yes... but not sure what you mean.”

She reached out with her frail hands and took Angel's hands in hers ...“Listen .. carefully …. you and woman .. both have same spell... never know when spell begins... it come and go.. but.. if spell comes at same time for you and other woman.. be careful .. it touch nipples together.. great power... much suck.. not sure if they break loose.. maybe with many orgasms.. may take long long time... don't know... never happen before... and listen.. this is warning... if touch pussys together.. and suck magic comes... not sure of result... may get vacuumed together for long time... not know ..never happen before.. spell has much power... very risky. … but can give pleasure like you have never known... more pleasure than you can imagine.”

“Ok.... sooooo... this suck magic... if we touched our... you know... together.. they would suck together... and this suction could last for a long time..... how long?”

She squeezed Angel's hands as she answered ...“Not know... maybe many hours …..maybe many orgasms to break spell.... constant suction... this never happen before.”

Angel imagined it in her mind as she thought to herself... “My God!” She peered deeply into the old woman's eyes as they held hands ...“This other woman.. it is someone I know?”

“Not meet before. No.” .. then she smiled.. a very big smile... and whispered to Angel... “But you will... soon... this is second other thing... you will meet one you search for.”

“Is this about a case I will be working on?”

“No.. not work... you dream about other woman.. woman who is like you.. desires same, height same.. fantasies same ...breasts same.. look much like you... look like your twin... yes?”

“Yes! ...Who? Tell me about her.” Angel was very curious.

The old woman stared deeply into Angel's eyes as she spoke softly.. “You have dark side... not evil dark... sexual dark. You dream of girl who you can own. Girl you can use for pleasure...” She leaned even closer to Angel and whispered in her ear.. “Your personal whore … to be at your bidding … to do whatever you tell her to do.. with you or with anyone you choose.”

Angel gulped... what the old woman said was true... Angel did want a relationship with a woman that she could use for her own pleasure... “Hmmm... ok... but can you tell me anything else about her?”

The Voodoo Queen leaned back ...“Can only tell you one thing. When you meet her, there will be thunder and lighting. . And you will know... you will know she is the one.”

“Tell me who she is.”

“No. not good. Cannot see who it is.. not know.. but will know when I see her.. Time to go now.. thank you again. Oh, forgot two things... listen … never tell of magic.. you tell no one...or bad things happen... tell no one.. and other please take butterfly with you”

Angel reached up and touched the butterfly still stuck on the mirror.. and pulled.. nothing.. it felt like it was glued with superglue to the mirror. .. then the woman spoke again.. “Let me help you.” She touched the back of Angel's right hand.. “Try again.” Angel reached up and gently touched the butterfly that was stuck and it fell into her hand.

“How did you do that?”

The woman only smiled.. “Come see me again.”

Angel walked away.. thinking to herself.. 'Was this real.. maybe a trick ..or a bunch of gypsy bullshit... anyway.. it was certainly something to fantasize about.' Jane was patiently waiting as Angel walked to her and took her hand and the two of them walked out the door.

“What was that all about?” Jane asked.

“She did a magic spell on me.. but I can't tell you about it or the magic goes away.”

“What kind of magic?”

“Can't tell you.... or it will not work... anyway.. I am not sure if I believe in any of that stuff.”

“Me either... are you hungry?”

“I am starving Jane.”

Jane pointed to her right.. “There's a place down the street that has the best cheese fries in town.”

Angel took Jane's hand in hers... “I love cheese fries.”

Bob's Burger Bar was a small cafe with about a dozen tables inside and a few tables out on the sidewalk with big umbrellas providing some shade from the Texas heat. Angel and Jane sat down at one of the tables outside. A young man came and waited on them,... the name tag he was wearing spelled out “Rocky”. Angel guessed his age to be about 20. He was very good looking and was tall... about 6'3” and was well built with broad shoulders and big powerful biceps. It appeared that he might be a football player or that perhaps he worked out a lot. He was the definition of 'stud'.... He took their order for some cheese fries and two cokes. Angel and Jane always drank diet sodas but if you're going to eat cheese fries.. what difference does a few more calories make? .. that was their conclusion as they agreed that a regular coke would be better with the cheese fries. A few minutes later he was back with their order. Being so young he could not keep from staring at their abundant tits... Angel and Jane thought it was kinda funny. .. “Like what you see?” Jane asked.

“Ah.. yeah.. I mean .. uh .. no.. I was .. just... thinking.. was thinking about something.”

Angel joined into the conversation.. “Thinking about boobs?”

Jane tried her best not to laugh as the young man practically tripped over his own feet as he backed up.. his face turning red.. . “ketchup or ranch dressing?”

“Ranch would be great.” Angel responded as she looked at Jane.

“Ranch works for me as well.”

He left and was back in less than a minute with two small paper containers of ranch dressing. “Here you go … anything else I can do for you?”

“Soooo.. you name is Rocky?” Angel asked.

“Yes Ma'am.. Rocky.”

Jane wanted to have a little more fun... “Well Rocky.. perhaps you can settle a disagreement we were having.”

“What?” He was squirming.. and they suspected he was getting a hard on.

Jane looked at Angel and then at the young man, “She thinks her boobs are bigger than mine... but I kinda think mine are bigger... what do you think?”

Angel was snickering as Rocky kinda fumbled around as he tried not to look.. “Well.. ah... I don't know..”

Jane smiled at Rocky, “It's ok to look Rocky... tell us who has the bigger boobs.”

Rocky looked at Angel's tits then at Jane's tits.. his eyes wide open as they darted back and forth between Angel and Jane. “Oh..well... uh .. both are.. ah...”

“Really big?” Jane asked.

“Hell yeah.”

His response amused both of them as they giggled. “But who has the bigger boobs?”

Rocky took a long look.. still squirming... “I would say.. it's a tie.”

“Ok Rocky.. thanks.” Angel smiled at him.

“Anything else I can help you with?”

“No, we're fine.. thanks.” Jane smiled. As they ate their cheese fries they noticed Rocky whispering to another young man who was a co-worker.. he was pointing at them and they could read the other boy's lips … 'Holy Shit'. Again they giggled.. it had been fun to tease the young man and they left him a generous tip as they left. “I think we made his day.” Jane said to Angel.

Angel laughed.. “He will remember this for the rest of his life.”

They walked back to Angel's car and drove away.. they stopped and had a pedicure and a manicure... Jane had her fingernails and toenails done in a bright red, while Angel chose a hot pink color.. then it was time to go shopping for shoes.. not that either of them needed more shoes... that was not the point... it is one of the things girls love to do... especially with another girl off they went to the Galleria Mall.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier in the day Amanda and Lisa were waking up. They had spent the night fucking each other until they finally fell asleep in each others arms. It was already after noon when they finally crawled out of bed. As they were dressing they talked about what they wanted to do tonight... maybe a movie.. maybe dinner... then Lisa had an idea.

“Hey Amanda, let's go to Girlfriends.”

“The lesbian bar?”

“Sure, I hear they have good music and a great dance floor with an incredible light show.”

“Ok Lisa... I have some things to do first.”

“Yeah, me too. I have to work some more on my paper for Psychology class.”


“I know.. it's due next Friday.”

“Ok Lisa.. I'll be back about 7, then we can decide what to wear.. I feel sexy today.”

Lisa laughed.. “You are always sexy Amanda.”

They kissed and Amanda left as Lisa went to her desktop and began working on her paper.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a little after five when Sara called to tell Wendy she would be over about 8 o'clock.

“I'll be here waiting Sara.”

“We are going to have sooooooo much fun Wendy.”

“I'm planning on it... see you at eight.”

“Bye Wendy.”

“Bye Sara.”

To be continued